Back to the Future

…was an enjoyable 1980s movie. Of course, we don’t live in 1985, or in an enjoyable time. I would argue that the next half century will see enormous violence actually, though this violence can come from different directions (or all of them at the same time, possibly). Indeed, recent events in my life have made me perhaps a bit terrified at the future in general. This piece is going to be an off the cuff opinion (note to readers, my next article should have something to do with USSR history, so be sure to hold me to it!) about what I think things will look like for the rest of this century.

I think before we go any further, we need to agree more or less, on a basic premise of facts. I will therefore lay out what I see as some basic trends in society, which are going to color how I view the world:

The Era of Comfort Coming to an End

Here is a symbol of 20th century American consumerism, the much famed shopping mall

Early 1980s

Here is another mall, this time from the inside:

Again, 1980s

Now here is a derelict mall from the 2010s:


Why the hell do I bring up something as mundane as a shopping mall? Well, you shall see very soon. Consider the society in the top two photos, what did those people in America have to deal with?

  • Jobs were much easier to get before 2008. People could get middle class jobs without having a serious technical education.
  • Consumer credit bubbles popping was a far away thought.
  • Housing and food where much cheaper, and gas was only 1 dollar in places.
  • In general, people looked forward to the future for technological and social “progress.”
  • The world had a simple US versus USSR cold war morality.
  • America was a lot whiter even in 1985 than it is now.
  • The race riots of the 60s, and the energy scares of the 70s had passed.

All in all, while there were problems (as always, especially considering that society has been slowly drifting leftward for centuries), the level of physical comfort was high for most people, and was expected to grow only higher. Almost none of the above conditions exist now. Jobs, even simple ones, can be very hard to get. The world is filled with multiple complex actors, inflation is high, yet wages are stagnant or declining, and overall, the future looks bleak. Especially considering the millennial employment crisis and declining labor force participation, we might even be looking at a lost generation for people my age.

If things keep up this way, the era of comfort will surely come to it’s full end within our lifetimes. The era of two cars, cheap gas, easy middle class employment, and suburbia may be at an end. So much for retiring at 65 in a nice suburb.

The Tribe Matters More

The two biggest superpowers after 1945 were the USSR and USA. Both were organized on the lines of a central political ideology. Both wanted global change. These two superpowers were involved in almost any global event or dispute in the 20th century. If there was a tribal war in Oogaaboogatunga land, you could sure as hell have bet that the KGB and CIA would be there, with a possible international confrontation to boot.

But now the USSR is gone. What replaced it is again a superpower, but this time without an ideology. Quite frankly, this is normal. What is not normal, is that the other pole of this ideological world view, the USA, still stands as #1 as of March 2015. For all of human existence, people organized into religious, racial, or linguistic tribal units to survive the world. In time these units became towns, regions, nations, etc. While there were obviously empires before 1945, people recognized the racial and religious component to society. After 1945, it became all about Democracy (read, Cultural Marxism) versus Communism (Just straight Marxism). In general, the tribe was steamrolled under concerns about ideological superpower competition. Yet, ever since the end of Cold War 1.0, we need to look only to Iraq, the Balkans, Ukraine, Libya, and so on, to see the resurgence of ancient hatreds, and old tribes. The superpowers do not control the tribal conflicts, the tribal conflicts control the superpowers. This trend will only get worse as western nations become less white, and the money for our social engineering schemes runs out.

Leftist Singularity Nears

This is a simple one. Never before have we gotten this close to a leftist singularity. In the era of civil rights, “transphobia” and worshipping homosexuals would seem far fetched. Now trans rights is the “new civil rights struggle” and homosexuals are worshipped as a pinnacle of modern virtue. The 1960s seems tame in comparison to these latest batch of SJW garbage. Now shut up you white, cis, hetero, neuro-typical shitlord.

Information Travels Faster

It also travels freer. Trends can change faster now thanks to the internet. Some movements, like NRx, would not exist without the internet. The era of liberal dominated mass media is coming to a close. New intellectual possibilities show themselves, but only to those who will tread into the land of crimethink and even beyond that.

Now what? I think I have laid down what I view as basic trends, if you disagree, so be it, but in this case, my  amateur analysis will be of no interest to you.Now, as to what will happen, I will split it into three parts. Let me start with my homeland, the United States first:

America is becoming less and less white, and more and more dysfunctional. Our economy is largely based on nothing, our debts are unsustainable, and government spending on healthcare and entitlements is always growing. The labor force participation rate always seems to decline. The fact that the death of the petrodollar looms does not help. Since there are no active right wing practical political movements in America, America will just slowly crumble into dust, as infrastructure gradually falls apart (How many millennials are becoming machinists and welders? How many are becoming Political Science and History majors?). This process could take anywhere from 5 to 30 years, though for the sake of being cautious, I would say around 20 years is when I expect America to just finally fade away. Expect more race riots and violence as time goes on. I am sure within five years, there will be at least one, if not multiple repeats of race riots on the scale of the Rodney King riots. The Trayvon riots were tiny, and Ferguson was much larger than those, so the general trend is towards more racial violence over time. Getting into a war or other conflict with Russia or China would accelerate our demise, especially if it went nuclear. After that, America might just devolve into various tribes, city states, and rump nations. What happens after that is up in the air, though I suggest Neoreactionaries and the far right be on hand to explain why liberalism failed, so it is not repeated.

Europe seems bound to go to hell faster. Already there is repeated violence by Muslims against non Muslims in Sweden and France. In general, I would guess that by the end of the decade, there might well be an uprising of Muslims in countries in Europe where they are more than 10% of the population. For a while, politically correct governments will try to ward this off. While not a full blown civil war, perhaps something like 1980s South Africa (state of emergency, township uprisings, terrorism, and street battles) could emerge. If it does, it could not last longer than a decade (South Africa, which was much more right wing and tougher than the modern west, was did in basically by only 5 years of this). After that, Europeans will either have to surrender, or start doing some increasingly nasty things to defend themselves. I don’t imagine Europeans will surrender to Islamists. What will happen after 2030 or so is unclear to me. Perhaps new crusades, religious/race war, genocide, mass deportation, and so on are all possibilities.

The world will get more unstable in general. China may or may not make a move in the Pacific. At this point, I would rather delegate to the wonderful blogger Mitchell Laurel as he seems to have a better grip on this kind of stuff, even if I disagree with him a lot. I can say there will be more violence though, and America’s status as the world hegemon will end very soon (possibly this year, but certainly no later than 2020).

There you go, there is some off the cuff opinion on what I think the world will look like. I may expand on some of these points in the future. Until next time.

Outcast Kaitsar

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