White Nationalism by a Better Name

White nationalism is a bad idea. No, I do not mean that nationalism for white people and white nations is a bad idea, but white nationalism is. So what could I possibly mean? How can I support nationalism or tribalism for white people, without being a “white nationalist”? Before you accuse me of being a crypto-Jew, an anti white infiltrator, and a destroyer of pan European brotherhood, let me conduct some thought exercises to illustrate how pure white nationalism is not enough:

Whites are not Interchangeable

First off, it is worth pointing out that even among the various European populations, there are genetic differences. Granted they are small, but they are large enough so that North Western Europeans are more titled towards altruistic behavior (which in turn seems to generally lead to richer societies) than their brothers to the south and east. Kevin MacDonald pointed out as much out in his own book the Culture of Critique, this divide within Europe. In general, if you want to build a society with Anglo Saxon cultural norms, as America was, and should be again, it will be better to have Northern Europeans. This is not to disparage Southern or Eastern Europeans (for god’s sake, I am Slavic myself), but I don’t think millions of Poles or Russians or Italians could bring to the table of Anglo Saxon society what millions of Teutons and Celts can. We are all great peoples, but we also should not kid ourselves that we are all exactly the same. Now, in America the standard rebuttal is that “white” has become an ethnicity in America. Yet we still call Hispanics, even the white ones “non white,” so there is even today in America, some crude distinctions between white people. If you still think all white people are the same, please contact your local Castizo and Criollo population — I am sure they can set you up with Latin American governance and Southern European levels of law and commerce. If you want that, this is fine (Southern Europe has very much worth admiring), but most white Americans have Anglo Saxon expectations of law and commerce, and we need to plan for our population intake of new white people accordingly.

“White” is Not a Nation

Ukraine? Bosnia? Kosovo? Ring a bell? These are all places where in the past 25 years whites have fought each other. I can basically agree that white people should try to limit the killing of each other, especially in the face of grave threats like Islam (or a certain ethno-religious tribe), but to assume all whites around the world will ever act as one tribe is foolish. Tribes have strange borders, and indeed these borders are largely racial, but they are also ethnic, linguistic, geographic, and cultural. Fellow American (apologies to my non US readers), do you have more in common with: A white Mexican who attends La Raza meetings and is involved with endless activism for their darker skinned cousins, and for illegal immigrants? Or a well integrated native English speaking East Asian? I also get the sense that even Americans realize the idea of “white nationalism,” is silly.

OK, I just went all Culture of Critique there. I know what you are thinking: “Alfred, you are just a foolish anti-white crypto-Jew trying to rile up old, totally irrelevant differences between a race that is totally the same across all ethnicities, just so you can prepare the soil for your Judeo-Asiatic pan Eurasian empire with Aleksander Dugin as King, Netanyahu as Prince, and you in charge of Asian death squads meant to hunt down our blonde girls.”

Or possibly something like that. Either way, we likely have a disagreement. Unlike our certain tribe however, I have an alternative, and one that I think will work better than just “white nationalism.” I don’t know where I got it from, it was 6:20 AM and I was waking up for an early dentist appointment, and it just hit me.

Anglo-Saxon revivalism.

What the hell is Anglo-Saxon revivalism? The short answer is that it is a celebration of the Anglo Saxon, law oriented, seafaring and commercial mindset, while acknowledging it’s flaws. Like it or not, this country was great when it celebrated these things the most. Unlike last time however, we will be damned sure to purge the Puritan influence out of this (Sorry Massachusetts, you can’t be part of this). The idea of America becoming a particular people again, with a specific heritage which makes them different from all the other white people in the world, and something that is relevant to already established American history… well, that is an image that might work better for intellectually minded people, than just constant spamming of blonde women in European folk dress and “white geNOcide” memes.

I will have to develop this concept further, but I think white nationalism is not enough. To my non US readers, you will have to find your own fate, but I can certainly say that the future of non Hispanic whites in America, is not in some pan European superstate.

OK, now you can leave your hate mail accusing me of being Alfred MillerBERG.

Outcast Kaitsar

7 thoughts on “White Nationalism by a Better Name

  1. >“Alfred, you are just a foolish anti-white crypto-Jew trying to rile up old, totally irrelevant differences between a race that is totally the same across all ethnicities, just so you can prepare the soil for your Judeo-Asiatic pan Eurasian empire with Aleksander Dugin as King, Netanyahu as Prince, and you in charge of Asian death squads meant to hunt down our blonde girls.”

    10/10 Auspicious Alt-Right Memes tier. [That’s not a thing but it would be funny if it were]

    1. What can I say, TRS and the Shoah has warped my mind. Though I realize most of what they repeat there is 4chan stuff, and (un)fortunately, I have only ever been on 4chan a few times.

      1. /pol/ has been a shadow of its former self for a long time. You haven’t missed much if you’ve moved on to the edgier wing of the alt-right.

        1. I suppose so. I remember when I was younger I was a bit scared off 4chan because I heard of people posting illegal stuff on there (mostly about children). I was considering becoming a /pol/ack for a time, but M00t becoming a cuck made it seem useless by that time.

          I have to say, TRS is one of the best things to happen to the alt right. I wonder where those guys could be in a few years? The echo meme is already spreading like wildfire, and they give off a hip and most of all, funny image, which makes them seem more relate-able than either stormfags or esoteric LARPers*.

          *Not that I have anything agianst LARPers.

  2. Nonetheless, despite small genetic differences, whites do genetically cluster together:

    From Sailer:

    “Cavalli-Sforza’s team compiled extraordinary tables depicting the “genetic distances” separating 2,000 different racial groups from each other. For example, assume the genetic distance between the English and the Danes is equal to 1.0. Then, Cavalli-Sforza has found, the separation between the English and the Italians would be about 2.5 times as large as the English-Danish difference. On this scale, the Iranians would be 9 times more distant genetically from the English than the Danish, and the Japanese 59 times greater. Finally, the gap between the English and the Bantus (the main group of sub-Saharan blacks) is 109 times as large as the distance between the English and the Danish.”

    So, whites in general are closely related.

    This does not mean that Britain should not remain British or Sweden Swedish — various sub-white ethnicities do have the right to maintain their own character.

    In the USA, however, most whites, genetically, are Anglo-German.

    And 95% of US whites seem to have no African or Amerindian ancestry:


    What does all this mean?

    While maintaining ethnicities is important, there is nothing wrong with whites realizing that whites have interests.

    What I find most interesting is that Cultural Marxists seem the most invested in discrediting whiteness. They have entire departments – “Whitenesss Studies” – that are used to discredit white nationalism and to divide whites so they fight among themselves.

    1. Oh, I agree 100%, don’t get me wrong. It’s just I am a bit hesitant to refer to “white” all the time, since white people often kill each other in wars even to this day in Eastern Europe, and again, the case of the white Hispanics (real ones, not Zimmerman).

      So, I am not against the idea of “white interests,” the left hates pretty much all white people (minus the ones in Latin America) equally, and we do have many common enemies, but I think it’s a matter of nuance. When referring to issues about western civilization as a whole, I say white, when it’s America in particular, I have several different terms I use.

      Again, these are all just suggestions. I haven’t quite figured it out myself. You are welcome to keep commenting along my journey.

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