Not Enough Art

You know, I think  most of us can agree that the basic philosophical premises of the far right have been established: HBD, the academy lording over society, leftward drift being more than just Cultural Marxism, the importance of sexual restraint, and finally, for a daring few, the role of the merchant in all this.

So, we’ve got the basics. Now, why aren’t we exploring new things? What do I mean? Well, in all fairness let me start by saying I am guilty of this as well. Thus far, I have added very little new stuff to the far right, and I am basically attention whoring. Fair enough. Still, hear me out. We have a ton of blogs about this or that societal decline, or racial violence, but how many blogs do their own historical research? How many artists do we have? Now how many snarky political commentary pieces do we have?

I think there is a problem there. Yes, I know modern society sucks. How about telling me something new? If we look at other intellectual movements, part of the way many of them rose to prominence is they also had artistic expression behind them. German Romanticism is the most obvious example to me, but I am sure you can find others. Where are the painters? The musicians? The writers?

You see, you can argue with a snarky blog post you read all day about Tumblr-tacular issues. What people can’t argue with, is a painting or a story that is well crafted, and speaks to their soul. How do you think German nationalists took power in the 19th century? How did the left take total control of America in the 20th? You could argue lynching and slavery facts, what you couldn’t argue with was a left wing story like To Kill a Mockingbird. To this effect, I will be penning a short story here and posting a link on my blog. I can’t paint or write music, but I can write, however crudely, some stories.

My advice to fellow reactionaries? Instead of waiting for the day of the rope to come when American finally invades Iran and triggers global nuclear warfare after the petrodollar melts down and the ultimate chimp-out happens; why not instead put your artistic talents to work? Even if you convince no one, you will be expressing yourself, and you might feel better. And remember, you can argue with this, but you can’t as easily argue with this.

Stay tuned for some amateur story writing by me.

Outcast Kaitsar

5 thoughts on “Not Enough Art

  1. The mainstream right is blinded by its obsession with being right, as in being factually correct. Most mainstream conservatives are in that slightly-higher-than-average IQ spot where they smugly think that just being right is enough, and that bludgeoning people with facts and white genocide infographics will convince them. Then they get completely mystified and indignant that it has no effect. We’re not living in an age of reason.

    Between that, and whining it actually just pushes people away. No great movement ever sailed on a raft of facts. Faith, philosophy and truth, yes, but not facts by themselves. Great art, literature, poetry, allegory, oratory – that’s what stirs people’s souls.

    1. I agree totally with your statement.

      I think the far right needs some more well defined leaders, especially artistic ones. As for the whining, I agree, besides sounding highly effeminate, it makes the far right sound shrill and unreasonable.

      Those white geNOcide memes never did anything to convince me, and if anything, made me think white separatists were stupid. I didn’t start accepting the concept of white genocide really until the level headed Mike Enoch over at the Daily Shoah brought up the phrase a few times. Also, I prefer masculine politics. Most “white nationalists” seem to beg at the altar of modern society for their white’s only (And filled with blonde girls) country. To me, it seems a very effeminate way of doing things. Part of the reason I chose George Wallace as my gravatar was he was a very assertive man on the issue of race, and he also must trigger lefties like crazy.

      I think someone on the far right should learn how to paint. The only painting I ever did was a deformed MS paint document that used the black and yellow colors of Anarcho-Capitalism. I always admired paintings of 19th century ballrooms with submissive, feminine women, and men wearing imperial uniforms. So maybe there is an atheistic to be captured there (Neo-romantacism?).

  2. What really tippd me over the edge further into the Right was the work of NobodyTM. His videos are simply impossible to argue with precisely because they aren’t reasoning with you. They begin gliding over unused and malformed existential muscles and force you to feel in ways you haven’t felt in a long time or sometimes ever. In short – his videos “Red Pill” you through the backdoor of your psyche.

    Even then, his videos are most effective on those who are already either open-minded (which are very few people) or are already somewhere on the Right.

    Work that is similarly affecting yet more accessible should be part of the artistic goal of the Far-Right.

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