Middle Class Reaction

Working class reaction

Once upon a time, white solidarity scared me. Once upon a time if you told me you thought white countries should be for white people, I would have called you an outdated racist. Obviously, I hold the opposite of these opinions now. How I got there was complex, but I can tell you this much: I didn’t get there with cheap pleb tier sloganeering about all white people.

“White nationalists” (Or as I prefer to call them, white separatists) have been around for many decades in America now. Yet this thing happening right now, the alt right, has really only been around since about 2008ish. Yet, in our short time span, I feel our little corner of the alternative right has achieved far more than some Stormfag Neo Nazi’s ever could. And this is considering that we are as right wing as our Neo Nazi competitors/uneasy allies. What changed?

Well, something else happened in 2008. Can you guess? Recession. Who are among the hardest hit people who got slammed by this recession? Young middle class people without STEM degrees expecting middle class white collar jobs. What do they get instead? Working at McDonalds if they are lucky, sitting at home all day doing nothing if they are unlucky. And I imagine if you take a poll of a lot of the alt right people, especially the more recent arrivals, you will find many many young people who at least partially fit this description (like yours truly).

Back in the 1970s and 80s, when racial violence was bad, possibly even worse than today in America, white Americans could just retreat to suburbia and continue living the easy white collar life. But there are no more easy well paying white collar jobs, and we are running out of places to run. It is one thing to piss off a semi literate working class man who got fired from a low skilled job, and fancies himself parading around town with Swastikas in his BDU. It is totally another to have someone who can understand the social norms of the middle class (who largely inhabit academia and the media), and work with actual ideas, intellectual history, and so on. You see, Stormfags, you and me may both distrust Shlomo over there, but you will just parade around white geNOcide posters and Celtic crosses while I will go into how Shlomo was able to take advantage of easily guilted American WASPs. And I will do all this without whipping out some lame quote or numerology (White pride world wide, 1488!).

What is happening now is that the white middle class has been totally shit on by other parts of the white and “white” middle and upper classes. This is not something that has happened before in living memory for most people. And in some sense, this is good news. If people of our generation, instead of slaving away in an office, being grabbed by the intellectual balls by HR departments that will fire you at the slightest un-PC quip, are instead at home, thinking, working through possibilities, they will figure out ways to weaken the system. “White nationalism” doesn’t for the most part appeal to middle class mindset people, mainly because most middle class people are smart enough to understand that “white” isn’t a nation. Hence middle class people look into traditionalism, pan nationalism, Identitarianism, American nationalism, Southern secession, and my personal pet ideology, Anglocentrism.

The future of the alt right, and perhaps of our entire race and civilization rests with how us, those in the former/aspiring middle class act. Leave the Stormfags to LARP about how everything will  be alright once the Shlomos are ovened. Our fight is more profound, more intense, and will take more out of us. But if we want to really have a shot at having a society that more or less conforms to our biology, and to thousands of years of human history, it must be us who wage both the internal war to improve ourselves, and through that, organically, an intellectual war will be waged against the middle class slave state.

Outcast Kaitsar

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