Primer, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2: Introduction & the Modern West

I’m about to attempt a rather stretched pulling-together of things for the novices out there, as well as for my own sake; to outline my positions as best I can without taking too long. A kind of joining of dots. Whether or not I am successful; whether this will be extremely long-winded; or even if I am correct are all currently adrift (as my mind usually is, in a very wandering, meandering, chaotic fashion). I will likely add to this, or change things, or delete things, or whatever, as time progresses. Nevertheless, let’s begin.

Firstly, let us introduce, for you novices, the notion of “decline” on the scale of a civilization or a culture.

Most of our era truly believe that current values within the zeitgeist are how things should be. The values of liberalism, democracy, socialism, tolerance, diversity, sensitivity, acceptance, inclusiveness and so on which are supported by the mainstream, are to the vast majority of Western peoples, the correct way: the right way and, most of all; the moral way. Multiculturalism, for example, is something utterly supported by the political elite in the United Kingdom. 13% of the U.K. is non-white, that is to say, not of the native culture, which has its religious roots, for example, in several millennia of north-west European paganism from the Celts, Picts, Saxons and so on; several centuries of south European paganism from the Romans; and over a millennium of Christianity from mainland Europe (notably the Normans). Multiracialism – a significant portion of the country being of non-native race; people of different religions and cultures – has only been a feature of these islands for just under one century. That is not a long time in terms of the rise and fall of civilizations.

I hear you now: “Race and culture are not synonymous!” I have covered this in an older post on Tumblr (the second half). To put it shortly: the case which you, the liberal, says is factual – that culture is not dependent on race – has a slight problem. Cultures exemplify the common traits between individuals; whether or not the individuals all have similar experiences, or undergo certain circumstances, all play a part in the make-up of the culture they develop. The trouble now is that the immigrants and descendents of immigrants that live in Western countries have nothing to do, culturally, with the country they are now living in. Two things can happen: a) they retain their own culture by immigrating in large enough numbers and forming communities that are distinct from the native culture, which causes social fragmentation and a brutal divide between them and others, and b) the reason they immigrated at all was on materialistic lines: consumerism quickly swallows these immigrants and they do nothing but add to the pile of soulless, empty, materialistic product-obsessed plebeians, whose emergence is one of the many symptoms of “decline” (more on that later). And all this is just one example – immigration – of the current liberal zeitgeist causing issues. No, liberalism is not to blame for the crisis in which these people find themselves in, but it does nothing to solve it, and in fact, it worsens the situation by sapping the cultural lifeblood of these people.

What saps the lifeblood? What is the cause? Consumerism, which is a manifestation of materialistic tendencies, allowed via a huge number of cheap resources supplied by capitalism. Here, we begin to move beyond the political “left” and “right.” Again – more on this at a later point.

There is actually a current within not only Western society, but within many groups globally, who believe that these values are, in fact, not the correct path. Issues like those pointed out above are scorned in the mainstream. Try going onto a TV show like Question Time or one of those fancy American talk-shows and saying something like “Mass-immigration is nothing but destructive” and see how long it takes for you to get death threats or receive physical harm from people so obsessed with ideology and group-think, that they cannot mentally process the possibility of themselves being duped by intellectuals who do not live in the real world; of being wrong.

I’m typing this as a guy who grew up in a single-parent, lower-working class household in the suburbs of a small city. Growing up I was surrounded by crime and nefarious types. Drugs, weapons, struggle – you name it, I’ve damn seen it. And believe me, people like Owen Jones and Russell Brand do not understand the consequences of the policies they advocate, nor do they truly know the people they affect. The nanny-state, mass-immigration, socialism, are all tragic because they are movements/ideas founded on good intentions, but which cause awfulness when implemented in reality.

The previous part intended to introduce talking points and bring about the asking of questions. Now, we will clarify the questions asked and questions answered in the first post:

1) Multiculturalism was presented, as one idea of many which is accepted by the contemporary Western zietgiest, as a flawed concept. This introduces the possibility that the broad masses have either been mislead or are just flat-out wrong. I’d dare suggest it is a bit of both, and that the two possibilities are the same thing at a certain point.

The vast majority of people – the masses – live their lives in their own lives; in the here and now. If we have just under one century of peace and prosperity, then the people born within that see this as the norm; as the default; as it is all they have ever known. The people have not been subject to many of the more nasty sides of human nature, and thus they see them as something external and completely alien. This is not the case. Human nature is equal parts good and bad; right and wrong; kind and cruel: it is simply the exterior cultural climate in which the individual lives which exemplifies certain sides of this. How one tunes a guitar, human nature is tuned. It can be done up to a certain point by, for instance, propaganda, but the tuning of human beings mostly lies on two things: the availability of material resources; and the interior, spiritual state of the individual. These two forces interplay, of course, but those are the key realms.

To bring this into our modern context, a human being living in the West will have experienced a good life, on average. He has clothes, food, shelter and security aplenty. There are exceptions to every rule, but this is the average. The same here applies to the majority of first-generation immigrants. They will experience an abundance of material resources which keeps them, and everyone else, happy. The trouble is that there is no spiritual, “higher” bond between these people beyond material tendencies. This is now climaxing in horrid racial violence in the U.S.; the immigrant crisis in Europe; and Islamic fundamentalists clashing with Western degenerates; just to name a few conflicts. These three examples, though, were allowed in the first place by a war-torn West who needed labour after the second World War, and secondly by tolerant liberals who wanted immigration, and thus accelerated the rate of migration into Western nations all in the name of “equality.” Both materialistic, worldly plans.

The masses have allowed all this because the conditions have been okay so far – we still have a functioning society – but these things will not last. As pointed out above by those three examples of racial and cultural tensions, cracks are appearing in the narrative of “everyone is equal and everyone wants world peace.”

2) Consumerism is the primary driving force for not only mass-immigration, but for the daily life of most Western individuals. Of course, again; this is not to be taken absolutely, but gently; broadly. Modern man lives to work, and he works to buy things. He purchases his pleasures and lives for sensual experience. Drug culture, party culture, club culture, sex culture, pornography, et cetera, are all manifestations of this drive to wallow in hedonism. To reduce life itself down to the lowest common denominator between diverse peoples: physical pleasure.

If that’s good for you; if you think that’s all existence is about – then good for you. Interestingly enough, modern man, you’re a fucking cuck. The ancient and heroic peoples understood that – yes – there is the animal part in all of us, but it is not everything. It is allocated a place and it is restrained. Even the orgiastic rites of ancient Greece existed to fill a religious – transcendent – function; they existed beyond just having a good fuck, they attempted, although degenerately so, to push man beyond his there-and-then temporary self. Consumerism and hedonism presuppose that there is nothing beyond the self and the ego, and that a life is “good” as long as one is “happy.” This was not enough for the ancients, so what has changed? Well – the availability of resources tends to do interesting things to groups; the psychology of crowds is startling in comparison to the psychology of individuals. More on that a later time.

3) Champagne socialists do not represent the lower classes nor understand them. The rise of the intellectual class in the West is a sign of the superficiality of information to the minds of people. Knowledge is now a commodity, and it is a tragedy. Students spend hours in classrooms theorizing about class-relations, oppression, critical theory and so on, and not enough time living in the real world around real people. You, my silly progressive mass-immigration advocate; go down to your local workman’s cafe on a weekday lunchtime and ask around for the working man’s views on multiculturalism, Islam, the boat people crisis and so on. You will be horrified – but you fucking deserve it. Contrary to popular belief, the working man is not stupid nor ignorant. Racism is not a symptom of low intelligence. It can manifest in a kind of sub-personal tribalism, yes – that is a part of human nature – but these things are not a product of nothing. There is a tangible difference between groups; there are higher cultures and lesser cultures: this is the diversity of the human races. Only an intellectual-type can achieve the level of mental gymnastics in order to side-step these glaring truths.

Our society has existed in a state of nihilistic peace for so long that true human nature has been forgotten, and the people have become a mass of soulless, mass-produced objects. This, however, is an illusion which is breaking. The signs are there, and the awful spectacularness of mankind will once again be out in the open, as described. What is the right “state” though? The right “condition”? Tradition. More on that at a later point.

> Part 3


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