A discussion between myself and Hotherus, Pt. 3: the State of Europe and the Personal Crisis

Hotherus: The Second World War, far from leading to a spiritual regeneration of Europe, only left it vulnerable to the consumerism of America and the communism of the Soviet Union. But clearly that was not devastating enough to truly wipe the slate clean. Something even more devastating, something on the order of the Black Death, may very well be in our future. And this time things could be different as America is in decline. A rejuvenated orthodox Russia could lead the way for Europe, assuming Russia isn’t itself destroyed in any potential conflict. I don’t particularly like that scenario, but that might be the only option. Of course the great danger of “allowing” things to descend to that point is that Europe itself may simply not survive.

Unfortunately the actions of the main Traditionalists seem to indicate is that that is exactly what they expect will happen. Both Guénon and Schuon joined Islam and left Europe. Evola retired from public life and declared that there was nothing that could be done. Who am I to argue with them?

The only way to avoid catastrophe that I see is for order to be restored in and through the Church. In order for that to happen there probably would have to be some sort of coup to replace the current leadership. I’m certain there are many disgruntled elements within the Church, and wouldn’t be surprised if there is an attempted coup and/or major schism at some point. The real question is if there is anywhere in the Church a significant element that could revive Tradition.

If catastrophe is taken as a given then I don’t know if it’s worth trying to save Christianity. If my own life circumstances had been different I could easily see myself being involved in the Church leadership now, dealing with many of these questions. But I left the Church long ago and do not see myself ever returning. Perhaps part of the reason for that is that I know it cannot be restored, at least under current circumstances.

Adam: As for Russia and Eastern Europe leading the whole of Europe to a brighter future? I don’t think it’s impossible, but I don’t think it’s likely; especially considering the devouring, bloodsucking jaw of the U.S. military is still functioning, as is the Soviet-esque E.U. which is hell-bent on enforcing cultural totalitarianism over the whole of the continent via subversion and economic terrorism. Things aren’t looking good, as far as the material, temporal conditions are concerned. I’m of the opinion, with the Traditionalist School, that this is literally the lowest point in human history thus far in terms of the collective spiritual state of almost all races and stratum of society.

However, it is the case that after the Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, comes the Golden Age; the Age of Heroes. Every cycle ends and begins again, and the present epoch is no more privileged or “special” than the last. Things will get worse before they get better, in any case. One doesn’t need to understand metaphysics or high philosophy to see that almost the entire world is in a state of chaos, of turmoil, of sheer confusion.

Perhaps our role is to survive the long night and greet the men of the new dawn? That is definitely an option open to us, and I believe it isn’t at all unrealistic or fantastical to assume so. “Riding the tiger” is a very specific mode of operating, but it is another viable way of “surviving” the present state of exterior affairs. We, as individuals cannot hope to steer the whole of the world onto a “better” course, largely due to the material conditions we find ourselves in: there are resources aplenty which satisfies the notion that “things are okay” in the minds of the majority of people’s day-to-day existence. People like to complain about politics and culture, but really, as long as there is food on the table life is bearable for the masses. You and I aren’t really of that category; we genuinely require some spiritual and cultural stability to function properly, and to remain at the least content whilst breathing. For me, my human life is of lower value than the life which it could ideally become under a traditional setting, which is itself closer to the divine than the mundane. “Living” in the sense of how we see it goes far beyond not going cold or hungry. It’s a very “dramatic” orientation to have as far as present conditions are concerned, because the present conditions are antitraditional and antipriest and antiwarrior, and so on. Like I’ve said, this is a lonely place for those like us.

Whilst this may be the case, how do we respond? Well – as we all have free will – I choose not to adopt a kind of defeatism or pessimism, despite the direness of our situation. This is the attitude we are forced to adopt: an attitude of defiant strength. We are what we feel ourselves to be, and we refuse to let the external conditions change that. Uprightness; heroism; sureness; confidence; et cetera. I am here, and I am alive, and I will not lie to myself or to others about who I am. It is the world which is in the wrong – not I! This is a kind of stubbornness, but it is a necessary hardheadedness because the alternative is what? Defeatism? Extinction?

Again, it’s a choice; we have options here. Evola spent his life pointing out our options, hence his importance – there are multiple “ways,” and they are all there for us to take advantage of as the mainstream no longer allows us a “way” due to its antitraditionalism.

Back more to your actual points though…

A revival of Christianity could occur via Eastern Europe. However, I’m of the opinion that there is nothing which would prevent the doctrine from degenerating again as the ages pass due to the very nature of the religion. Its mass-orientatedness; its feminine obsession with “love”; its inclusive nature; and so on. Christianity functions on a small scale where every participant agrees to the rules of the game. Once the game gets big enough, however, contrarian elements arise and take advantage of the situation. The same goes for many movements, religions, ideologies, and so forth, all over the world. Democracy and communism are similar in this way.

I think what ultimately matters is one’s personal equation. One’s personal orientation. One’s personal state. We must let go of the external, which is now ice melting though our fingers as we grasp it, and turn inwards – even those of us who are warriors. Keep in mind that individuals in traditional societies were not concerned with the group consensus, but the group consensus was concerned with the individuals. Many great men forming a great culture, not a great culture forming great men. This is part of what needs to be remembered by most in the alt. right and other spheres, and is unbelievably absent from the even the most astute commentators.

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