Practical Survival

These are some scattered thoughts on getting through the next 30 years.

Adam Wallace and his community have wonderful tracts from Evola and others like him about the spiritual side of surviving the modern world. This is going to be nothing like that. This post is just merely going to look at some ideas for practical survival in the next 30 years as society slowly degrades. Let’s begin by setting things straight.

A sudden collapse, while not impossible, and certainly more likely than it was 20 years ago, is still not very likely in the Untied States. Things may be different for Europe, but this post will mostly focus on US and Canadian conditions. If the world is turning into shit, it is becoming more like the first Mad Max (still functional, if highly chaotic), as opposed to the sequels (total free for all world). This is roughly the thinking a lot of us would do well to adopt. In this vein, all suggestions will be called “adjustments” as opposed to “preps.” Now, I am going to provide four different info boxes here to cover several aspects of society we should plan for.


  • Lost generation of millennials.
  • The middle class will mostly disappear.
  • Structural unemployment.
  • Economy lousy enough to doom people, but not bad enough to spark revolution or civil war.
  • Massive amounts of debt, high inflation, and overall unpredictable pricing and money trends.
  • Decline of the Dollar.

If you don’t have a STEM or Business degree, don’t kid yourself, chances are you will never live a fully middle class life like the baby boomers did. Don’t despair — ’tis a soulless and emasculating life anyway. Where did the stereotype of the weak, cucky WASPy guy come from? At any rate, it is doubtful you would want to work for a large corporation in the future, considering the massive reach of HR departments and political correctness. The solution, in short, is either going to be small business, or self employment.

What can you even do for self employment? People are idiots and will spend money on useless crap. You can look on the internet for new ideas, one possibility is learning programming by yourself and creating web applications. Another is do some type of service for old people or affluent people. Another approach to take would be more physically intensive and blue-collar, but lend more skills. Adam Wallace has said that a lot of the work he gets is just by word of mouth. One idea would be to find an older person willing to teach you some type of trade (Carpentry, welding, etc). While not a guarantee, trade skills are generally in demand, and perhaps doing some informal work in this field may eventually lead to some formal work. The easiest place to start would probably be auto repair. Just go into your nearest reputable auto shop, and offer an extra pair of hands for free, and take it from there. Yes it will take a while to get things going towards any paid work, but it has to start somewhere. Hard does not mean impossible, and a constantly easy life often tends to make a man a cuck.


  • Center-Right is exterminated as any sort of opposition force.
  • Possible legalization of infanticide and pedophilia.
  • Leftist crack-downs, up to sending people to prison.
  • Increasingly aggressive propaganda efforts in media and education.

Keep your head down, don’t participate in any politics except maybe at the local level. Don’t go around thinking you can organize a white pride march, or sing the praises of Hitler while yelling “14:88.” This is a good way to attract lots of bad attention. If you get singled out, stay calm, and fight back with rational points, and don’t cave too much. Caving only gives the Left more of what they want. When they smell blood, they want more. Remember, if you do a lot of self employment stuff, that should, in theory, help mitigate a lot of the damage that could otherwise be done. If America by this time happens to have hate speech laws… perhaps some money in the right places might convince some people… otherwise, brace for prison. I doubt they would ever have someone in prison longer than a year for something like hate speech.


  • U.S. becomes majority non-White.
  • Asians grow to 15% of the population.
  • Gang wars between Hispanics and Blacks.
  • Suppression of any efforts by whites to defend themselves.
  • Possible anarchy or even small scale warfare in some very bad cities like Detroit.
  • Government efforts mean that there are no fully white places left, not even small towns. Everywhere will have at least a sampling of diversity.

If you have to choose a minority group to live around, it should be the Asians first, and then the Hispanics. Avoid poor blacks at all cost. While a Hispanic area would be crime riddled and generally awful, at least there would be no “knockout game” or other random violence and hatred. See if you can’t get a legal handgun, and try to form a small group. It does not have to be, and really it is better if it is not, explicitly racial. Just form some small “self-defense” group of like… 5 people, keep it small, and just walk with each other at night and do the best you can. If you become the next Zimmerman, do not despair – he made a million dollars of it, and you can too.


  • Continued rise of far Left and SJW politics.
  • Possible rise of the “edgelords” (neo-Nazis, militant nationalists, et cetera).

Overall, the picture looks very bleak for straight white males, but we still must have a few cards to play. We have to make do the best we can. To each point of negative facts, I will post some possible solutions.

Feminism might be the only place where the Left loses any steam. Most people realize it is a fucking joke. That being said, the left will push harder on every other front. Do not pretend the law or nation cares for you anymore. You will probably see all kinds of activity pushed underground, into semi legal areas, or so on with this massively stifling atmosphere of leftism. The only silver lining is the government is as incompetent as all hell, and this will only get worse as we get browner in America.

NSA spying sounds horrifying until you realize that far from letting them monitor everyone, it overloads intelligence agencies with massive amounts of useless information. At any rate, a lot of people going to work in intelligence in America are Ivy League ditzes. Use some common sense, and you should be able to stay under the radar of this new totalitarianism. If worst comes to worse… just ask yourself if Officer Tyrone, or Sergeant Garcia, really has that same Anglo-Saxon commitment to honesty and high trust law enforcement. Perhaps some bottles of liquor or cigarettes or cash or gold as a “gift” would help out. I don’t officially encourage you to do it.

Outcast Kaitsar

One thought on “Practical Survival

  1. “The easiest place to start would probably be auto repair. Just go into your nearest reputable auto shop, and offer an extra pair of hands for free, and take it from there.”

    This is excellent advice, and not just in terms of finding employment, but also for learning some useful basic skills. If society does collapse, having an array of practical knowledge on hand will be immensely helpful to you and your family.

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