Jonathan Bowden, Lancashire BNP meeting, Sept ’09, Pt. 4


Here in the North, in the South, in the East, in the West, outside England, within Britain and elsewhere; clear them out! And the Tories will do no good either — you’ve got to clear them out. And the Liberals are just a block in-between the other two that gives the other two their ideas — all the sort of destructive ideas that Phillips is in favour of, and that I talked about earlier – you’ve got clear them out as well. There needs to be a new start. And it won’t be U.K.I.P. and it won’t be the Greens, even though there are good ideas which are Green, and the idea of leaving the European Union — the U.K.I.P. option — is an attractive one which should be supported. But there is really only one option for this country, and this is to vote for a party which is patriotic; which is British; which is elitist; which is nationalistic; which believes that the only socialism — or the only social concern — that really is validated by history, by genetics, by identity, is patriotism. Patriotism is the only thing that ties people together within a group in their difference. It aligns people together, it can overcome the breaches and divisions of class within our society. The blue of social conservatism, opposed in short-hand to everything U.A.F. says that they stand for; the red of socio-economic concern, particularly for people at the bottom of the prior economic pyramid. The Tories have no concern for such people at all; the conservative definition of patriotism excludes half of the population from the very beginning. We must bring the two classes together, we must bring the north and the south together, we must bring the red and the blue together. And if you look at the Union Flag, there’s plenty of white in the red, white and blue.

Let’s say to all of the politicians that’ve ruled us for forty-five or fifty or sixty years that we don’t like Mister Phillips and his equality commission. That equality in relation to others in relation to us, is inequality in relation to us and we don’t favour it. That we don’t favour political correctness. That we don’t favour the ideologies that have been imposed on us, which are a soft form of Marxism peddled by New Labour and their friends whether they’re in the trade unions, or whether they’re in the board rooms of European companies – they have friendly contact in the European Union. That we don’t agree with what has been done in the last fifty or sixty years, and there’s only one way in which that can change. There is only one way in which our people can rescue the plight in which they find themselves. And that is to vote for this political party. To support tendencies of the Right, and of patriotism and of national renewal.

To realise: what will this country be like in a hundred and twenty years on present trends? What will the health service be like? What will the level of taxation be like? What will an average inner comprehensive school be like in eighty years, never mind a hundred and twenty? Look at what they’re like now. In South London now, schools have two hundred cameras inside them; schools have metal detectors to take the [?], the knives and the guns off the students before they go in — and that’s before they’ve even got in! But, as we’re told, G.C.S.E. and other standards rise every year. The standards go up, but they can’t read and write, and that lessens the jobs they can go to, and when they emerge from these pits they end up talking like Jamaican gangsters on imported U.S. television programs. This needs to change, and the only way it will change isn’t through fantasies, isn’t through marching like the English Defence League in city streets, it’s through voting, and it’s through politics; it’s the only chance we’ve got. Two-thirds won’t even vote in the European Elections. They can’t moan if they don’t vote, and the only vote that’s meaningful is for the British National Party. The only vote that threatens the establishment is for this party; is for the tendencies of opinions that it represents. And when you vote, you’re voting against what Brown stands for. You’re voting against what Obama institutionalises. You’re voting against what the European Union stands for. But you’re not just voting against, you’re voting for… you’re voting for what you are, you’re voting for this land, you’re voting for this village/town, you’re voting for this region, you’re voting for what your grandfather and father fought for. Vote for them, vote for yourself, vote for the generations who are coming, and always support strength, and identity, and freedom of speech, and England and Britain forever! Thank you very much!

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