My take on the Jewish Question

EDIT: To preface, I had previously removed this article due to its (in my opinion) poor quality. It was, however, well-received in the brief period it was first visible, thus I have since reposted it.

Here we are, at the most controversial point of debate that has emerged in the last five decades, and was a dangerous and virulent topic for centuries before that. As to whether or not Jews are the prime architects – if there are any at all – behind the perceived decline and destruction of the various Western civilizations is a topic impossible to even mention within mainstream currents. Political correctness has castrated the majority of those who might dare to blame such a victimized group for such grand evil, but, there are those who have retained their balls, so to speak.

That is not to say that insulting a group of people requires gall and strength – quite the contrary – but that is not what the Jewish Question even presupposes. It is an honest analysing of history. There are, of course, the vulgar, petty, hateful undercurrents (as there are with most things) but I will say now: those undercurrents are secondary and ultimately irrelevant if our purpose is to see the truth. Absolute truth. Devoid of the social consensus of the day-to-day and the constantly shifting opinions of men. A truth which exists utterly bearing no mind to the actions of politicians, agitators and fools. Without going into ontology and metaphysics, this is our standard here. The dissecting of the Jewish Question ought to be done with clean gloves void of bias, polemic or agenda. To those who confuse the clean and dirty gloves, well, I’m afraid you were lost from the beginning.

There is good reason why Jews and the perceived decline of the West are often linked. One of the factors which is supposedly degenerating this civilization is the ideology of progressivism and its various manifestations (Marxism, anarchism, identity politics, socialism, et cetera), and it is noticed very often that a huge number – disproportionally so – of historical ideologues of these strains were of Jewish ancestry. Jewish individuals are often to be found at the helm of base and squalid institutions such as pornographic studios, banks, social think-tanks, progressive universities and mainstream magazines and newspapers. This isn’t frightening or shocking information. This information can be found via Google searches and reading the names of journalists and writers who advocate multiculturalism in Europe, or the destruction of white privilege in the US. This information is not hidden. But why is it so? How is this the case? What is it about Jewish people which causes them to seem to have such a predisposition to these things? To degenerate industries which corrupt morality and skew ethics, and progressive politics which are aimed at obliterating the very idea of “civilization” and everything the West has produced hitherto?

The rather tasteless and nasty anti-Semitic sentiments in people begin and end here. Those of this shallow type see these things and do not go beyond them. It becomes, in the mind of a paranoid anti-Semite, “Jews do bad things, therefore Jews are bad, therefore I do not like Jews.” When in actual fact, the better course of action is “Jews do bad things, whites do bad things, but Jews do them more in proportion to their number, why is this?” It’s obvious that not every Jewish individual is some blood-sucking demon bent on the genocide of Europeans and the turning of the world into a soulless hotel which only exists to serve a Zionic elite. This is an image, however, which has not been conjured out of thin air! Stereotypes and prejudices do not magically appear from nothing! They must be maintained and reinforced, and they have been, consistently, for decades.

I’d suggest that Jews are – as it is in the name – Jewish, but in a very particular sense. Jewishness as a character trait; a style; a way of being. We’re entering the realm of spiritual orientations, now. Reality is marked by twos; and the antithesis to Jewishness is an Aryan-ness.

Aryan-ness is an orientation, a way of being, which manifests, like Jewishness, on the plane of character, of temperament. It is an attitude, a style, of looking “upwards.” Overcoming, heroism, triumph, honour, and all these now mythical virtues, mark what it basically means to be Aryan in spirit. Look to Julius Evola’s The Doctrine of Awakening for an explanation of this via the setting of ancient Buddhism. This idea of dualism (and the dualism between Aryan and Jewish) is within the realms of esoteric traditionalism and other areas of – essentially – Hermetic thinking. (This is an area which requires extensive study outside of just this post, by the way.)

Jewishness is marked as the opposite of Aryan-ness. As a sly, deceitful, lowly, materialistic path which draws upon the most base of human natures. Where Aryan-ness alleviates man from his mortal self, Jewishness confines him there. The typical traits we see in modern media and entertainment, as well as broader sociopolitical climates in the West, are marked by a Jewishness.

The Jews as a group are of their nature. There are exceptions to every rule, but broadly speaking, this is the way they are culturally, psychologically and (to a lesser degree) spiritually. It’s how they have survived throughout recent history; via manipulation, greed, slyness and cunning. There was a time where the Jews were less like this, but their – as far as the collective is concerned — feminine, base nature has been extremefied by more psychological factors described in Gustave le Bon’s The Crowd. This is a nature which has consumed the West, and the Jews, via their culture and temperament, are reaping the benefits.

We live in an age of mass-orientation, mass-consuming, mass-living and mass-baseness. I would not say this strictly requires architects, as the aforementioned book by le Bon states, crowds — large bodies of people — are worldly and mass-orientated by their nature. Jews are largely similar and take advantage of this situation via politics, finance and the resulting consumer culture of multiculturalism and the reducing of everything down to the lowest level and most prime instincts.

It’s predictable that not an awful lot new has been said in the thus far under a thousand words. But I am grating against many currents within the alternative Right who suppose the soul cause for the Western predicament is Jewishness and Jewishness alone. I’d suggest otherwise: Jews are riding the wave caused by globalism and large population-driven societies. If all Jews were somehow removed from the scenario tomorrow, we would still be facing a dilemma in regard to our various Western identities, traditions and cultures.

As stated, there are Jews at the helm of forces which are further speeding this decline – disproportionately so, as said – but the present crisis is so all-encompassing now, that various factors which were previously seen to be separate are now one.

Globalism, mass-culture, liberalism, Marxism, Jewishness are all essentially one thing: a worldview which is more-or-less bent on reducing existence itself to the lowest common denominator. It is a worldview which is self-perpetual, self-sustaining and ironically self-destructive when faced against those who are of more “barbaric” temperaments and don’t or won’t care for niceness.

The present epoch represents a battle between two great styles. One masculine, individualistic, heroic and Aryan; and one feminine, collectivist, sly and Jewish. Which will win? Time will tell.


3 thoughts on “My take on the Jewish Question

  1. Every day it seems, I stumble upon another great Reactionary blogger. This was an exceptional piece on this question, walking the fine line of a reasonable response where on both sides are ravines, one of paranoid lunacy, and the other of politically correct blindness.

    Added to my blogroll. God bless, brother.

  2. Very even-handed post. Some points
    (1) I always had an impression that the”Jewishness” that you described is to some degree a byproduct of the diaspora, and certainly something more to do with culture then anything like genetics. Being a minority group in a somewhat hostile culture for generations has to warp something about the group. For about 2 millennia Jews lacked a homeland and largely lacked any sort of warrior/military class. During pogroms Jews would meekly allow some percentage of the group to be killed rather than fight back and risk an even greater number being killed. To some extent this changed with the founding of Israel, so today the average Liduknik has much to do with a liberal US Jew then a Southern NASCAR fan has to do with a Cape Cod WASP (the former in both cases work out, shoot guns, like the military, and are prone to dislike certain ethnic groups).

    (2) Paul Gottfried notes, among other things, the difference between the more assimilationist Jews from Western and Central Europe with Russian/Polish Jews who were more likely to be communists or zionists around 100 years ago (both options avoid assimilation into Christian culture in different ways, Hasidism would be another option)

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