Primer, Pt. 6: On Dealing with the Nonsense

It’s no secret that if one’s fundamental character is antithetical to what is accepted as social commonplace; one’s moral compass is pointing in a different direction to that which most other people’s moral compass points and one’s attitude to life and the universe is in direct opposition to what is held as the present norm, then difficulties will arise. Difficulties in one’s daily life, career, personal relationships, even how one spends one’s evenings. If one takes a serious stance against the forces subverting and destroying the society at large, it becomes exceedingly difficult to just “go with the flow,” so to speak.

On the news in Britain, for instance, you don’t need to wait very long before you’re set upon by the BBC to feel sorry for “migrants” or “minorities,” who, in the eyes of the establishment, have as much right to live and benefit from this land as the native population who have defended and improved it for millennia. Of course, this is nonsense, but the liberal establishment, or “Cathedral” as neoreactionaires have coined it, is of a worldview which is inclusive, mass-orientated, materialistic, and has methods and aims which are ultimately detrimental to the well-being and longevity of you, the European or Anglo-descendent, and your group. This anti-Anglo-European agenda is very obvious, and it can be extremely irritating (to be polite) for those of us who are capable of considering what our societies could be in the future – what mankind is and could be – due to the following of this worldview.

The introduction of women to formerly male-only workspaces, amid other factors, has changed the very ethos of much of the Western Proletariat, from a masculine, strong force, to an effeminate, catty sub-plebeian class of zombies castrated by political correctness and other forms of social terrorism. The forces subverting the West, however, are not coming from below. They are out of reach for common people, and this has been done deliberately.

Your typical chauvinistic racist working man believes the problems in society to be, typically, politicians being greedy, and politicians being power-hungry. The idea that most of the problem right now is being articulated and fueled by intellectuals in universities is foreign, and extremely nonsensical to the common man. After all, university is for the clever people who know what they’re doing. That newspapers constantly pick up on the failings of degenerate politicians and lawmakers only fuels this tunnel-vision, hence what isn’t news to the Reactosphere, like decades of ideological progressivism or the misuse of various philosophical theories such as Hegelian Dialectics, remains hidden and, again, out of reach for the common man.

This is one very important fact. The scenario we find ourselves in has largely been formed via ideology and especially philosophy. It’s one thing for the common man to complain about low wages, but it is totally another for an intellectual to espouse anticapitalistic rhetoric garnished with notions of minimum wage, ethical treatment of workers and “power to the people.” Once ideology is introduced to the scenario, the game changes completely. We are now playing a rigged game, which is not in our favor.

It’s been said by former radical socialist, now Burkian conservative, Peter Hitchens that the only reason why he, in his younger days, would support mass immigration (and in turn wage compression, pressure on infrastructure and so on) to the detriment of the native proletariat wasn’t out of compassion for either the immigrant or the prole, but because this conflict could be channeled against the established (at the time) conservative zeitgeist. And this is still the case for the majority of mass-immigration advocates, even if unconsciously; indirectly.

The forces in motion are largely existent for a purpose, to fulfill an aim, to meet a goal. If not deliberately, then as an unconsidered consequence. The destruction and desacralizing of the family unit, for example, has disastrous long-term consequences as well as startling implications for the here-and-now. As is the case with moral relativism. But these things, most of the time, aren’t considered in the long-term by their architects or supporters (hence liberalism is self-destroying) – but they are utterly alien to people who could potentially rally a proper defense against them. The masses, as they have proven themselves to be throughout history, are ignorant, stupid, violent, short-sighted and incapable of prolonged intelligent thought beyond feeding and fucking. Individuals are often the opposite, but crowds, the masses, the common rabble, acts as a blind, rabid feral dog without thought of the next generation or even the latter stage of its own generation. This trait can be a strength when the bad must be flushed-out of a society via violence; but so is it detrimental as this idiocy can be taken advantage of and utilized to meet an end or avoid another. It must be understood that the present crisis is largely to be blamed on intellectuals and theorists who are either ignorant of the long-term consequences of their actions, or are demonically malevolent. Taking into account the damage that has been done thus far, the only cure for the either is the firing squad.

That our scenario is presently out of reach for the common people presents an interesting picture for those of us of a more academic or intellectual temperament who aren’t hell-bent on the destruction of the human species. The forces which need obliterating are within the grasp of the Reactosphere, the Tradosphere, the alternative Right et cetera. Of course, we all have our opinions on how any “battle” should be fought if at all, but nevertheless the option is there for us. Ideology and harmful philosophy cannot be trumped by random acts of discrimination, or spasms of violence, or any economic/materialistic incentive. Ideas which have been proven wrong in reality must also be proven wrong in theory, and further; in spirit.

Marxism has been a disaster globally, but the essence of the worldview; mass-orientatedness, inclusivity, materialism, degenerate femininity, baseness, squalor; has not been bested on the intellectual level by any mainstream alternative. Contemporary conservatism is not conservative by-in-large; it is essentially the liberalism of twenty years ago. Conservative pundits and figures regularly espouse egalitarianism, democracy, tolerance, mass public spending and so on, when a true Right would despise all of the aforementioned. A true Right is a traditional Right, something antithetical to the modern world; hence the lack of one within the remit of anything “normal” or “bourgeois.” Nevertheless, this again presents the importance of the alternative Right and its various manifestations; we are not normal or bourgeois in any sense. We are free from the chains of normalcy, and thus we can exercise our remit where any potential alternative has failed – and we are already doing so to a degree via the internet, via various political parties, via staying true to ourselves and who we are and what we want.

Surviving modernity on the base economic level is not an issue, nor is it difficult for the most part. We are still living within successful civilizations whereby there are resources and helping hands aplenty should we need them. Any individual reading this and capable of understanding it is also capable of sustaining oneself. Whilst living in a rather spiritually desolate time, we do also live in rather simple, straight-forward times materially.

“Dealing with” the modern world on the interior level is something else entirely. As implied at the beginning of this piece, handling a society of a spirit which is so antithetical to our interior orientation is a difficulty in a multitude of ways. I myself have even gone as far as to consider suicide as a means to escape such a place and time I feel so strongly against. It is a deep feeling; purely intuitive. One can make arguments and rational statements about why things are “bad,” but what it comes down to ultimately is a pure, honest divide between what most of us are as people; our temperaments, personalities, characters, spirits; and what is extrapolated and encouraged by the society around us at large.

One part of our temperament, though, as those who want something else; something cleaner, more honest, rawer, stronger; is a resilience. A legionary resilience. Oswald Spengler’s maxim “Loyalty is stronger than fire” burns true for us. And even if we have forgotten this, even if the external conditions have beaten down on us and choked the flame of courage which is in our hearts, it still burns and it always will. This is who we are and we cannot lie to ourselves about who we are.

If one is so weak as to fall to pessimism and patheticism, then you aren’t one of us. You don’t deserve what you want. History is made by those who deserved what they got, and just as the liberals and agitators driving our societies over the edge of a cliff will suffer immensely when they begin the fall, so will those of us who are ready and waiting prevail. We know what civilization is, we know in ourselves what we need; we know what humanity is and what it needs. And the one thing it does not need is the present epoch, and so it will cast it away in the near future.

I said previously that the present liberalism is self-destroying, and how could it not be? Mass immigration has brought millions of outsiders into our lands upon strictly financial lines; the entire ethos of the society is centered around money and hedonism – a short chain which will inevitably collapse at some point as societies are cyclical. They rise and fall, and the present age is no more privileged or special than the last. Mass multiculturalism and multiethnicism are bubbles waiting to burst. Conflict and evil are one half of human nature, and there is no way in this reality that all these different groups, with different moral codes, different worldviews, different existential philosophies, will play nice forever. Human history has taught us better than to be so stupid. I could go on but there really is no need to, just look outside.

Returning directly to the title of this piece, “On  Dealing with the Nonsense,” I’d say to those who are like-minded; those who are of a like-orientation: stay strong and have faith that these idiots are wrong. And they are, we know this; we have done the studying and the thinking and the contemplating, as well as the living and the seeing and the hearing. We are right and the evidence both in theory and reality proves us so. To politically change our scenario right now is a battle that was lost some time ago, I’d say, which leaves us with ourselves. Self-mastery and self-discipline ought to be rediscovered. We must make-do with our external situation and not let it get the better of us internally. This to be done actively, consistently and untiringly. We must lead by example.

Obviously, Julius Evola’s Ride the Tiger is a well-known philosophical analysis of a certain Traditionalist existentialism which goes far deeper into spiritually “surviving” the modern world than I (or scarce few others) could. I’d encourage the reader to look there or to any of his other works which deal with pointing out a “path” for those of us who are not of the present social temperament and character if one is so inclined.

The one thing lacking within many individuals in these spheres is a true inner confidence and power. I would suggest the addressing of that to be the first step on the path beyond being able to simply make arguments and rational points. I wouldn’t trust myself if I weren’t internally strong and organized, and I wouldn’t expect others to either.

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2 thoughts on “Primer, Pt. 6: On Dealing with the Nonsense

  1. You’re way too optimistic. When they send the military hunting down White people, you’ll need more than “spiritual struggle” to content with Modernity. Preferably, an Exit strategy. Prepare for the worst imaginable; you may still be surprised.

    1. I didn’t imply only “spiritual struggle” can “contend with modernity,” but it is one dimension of the crisis. In any case, you’re way too pessimistic; you’re a fool if you genuinely believe Europe and her children are doomed. Look at our history. The past seventy years of stupor and blindness are nothing compared to the thousands of years prior of a warrior spirit. This is something which has been dipped down, of course, but it cannot be destroyed completely – and it hasn’t. The alternative Right and rising Nationalism throughout our lands are just two examples of that.

      If you honestly believe our own militaries will kill their own people en masse over some nonsense espoused by politicians, again, you don’t know your history. In the coming century all levels of society will struggle, including the military level in which we will see divisions and coups. In any case, if you can’t defend your life, you don’t deserve it.

      Of course, the worst is yet to come, but it’s all cyclical and we will rise again one day.

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