Index of Christian Apologetics


People have been asking me for this, for a while, so sorry for the delay. I do spend about as much time a week job searching, responding to emails, and studying statistics and other stuff as a full time job, so while it’s easy to put out a video every day, stuff like my existence of God videos take a long time. I am not complaining, just offering an explanation. Also there is a mountain of stuff to cover and I can’t hope to get to it all, at least not in the near future.

Anyways, people keep asking me where to start and what resources are available if I want to learn more, and it’s tricky since there is just so much stuff available on a myriad of topics, thus this list was born. It’s far from finished, but my goal was to create an itemized list of apologetic materials by topic. The list includes books, articles and YouTube videos. Obviously this is all very long and represents hours of material but hopefully you can look through the index and pick what you want to look at.

I intend to expand on this in the future and do videos about specific topics, but this at least gives me something to offer people when they ask me about it. By the way, I know that almost all the materials are from a Catholic or Orthodox Standpoint but well, simply put, these Churches have the hierarchy and structure to support large numbers of scholars and apologists, they also have dedicated apostolates for that purpose. Also, these two have been around the longest and have defined things the most and produced the most content.

Aside from that I, being a Catholic, am biased towards them. Bear in mind that the Orthodox are not heretics but are in schism with Rome, there is no aspect of their theology that is heretical or fundamentally different, there are cultural differences and a refusal to accept the Pope, but their sacrements and ordinations are valid.

Generally good websites:

Part 1: Evidence and History

Books on Evidence For God and Christianity

  • Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig
  • The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

Christ Myth Theory and the Historical Jesus

Dr. Phil Fernandez, Debunking Jesus Myth Theory:

Non-Christian Sources for Jesus

Debunking Horus-Jesus Connection, Jimmy Akin:

Textual Reliability of the New Testament

Comparison of New Testament To Other Ancient Sources:

Dead Sea Scrolls and Old Testament:

Dead Sea Scrolls and Septuagint:

Part 2: Basic Christian Doctrine (All Denominations)


Catholic View of Baptism:

Orthodox Baptism:

Lutheran View of Baptism:

Books on Christianity

  • Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
  • What’s So Great About Christianity by Dinesh Da-Souza


TULIP, Catholic Answers:

Statements of Faith

The Apostles Creed and the Old Roman Symbol:

Sola Scriptura

Orthodox View and Response of Sola Scriptura:

Sola Sciptura, Patrick Madrid:

According to Scripture, Tim Staples:

Part 3: Basic Orthodox Catholic Doctrine

Apostolic Succession

Apostolic Succession:

Orthodox View Apostolic Succession:

The Seven Sacraments

The Catholic Sacraments:

Orthodox View of Sacraments:


Virgin Mary, the Woman I Love, Fulton Sheen:

Why Be Catholic

Why be Catholic, Catholic Answers Radio:

Do Catholic Doctrines Contradict Bible, Catholic Answers:

Does it Matter What Denomination You Are?, Catholic Answers:

Biblical Interpretation

How do Catholics interpret the Bible?, Catholic Answers Radio:

Orthodox Rules of Biblical Interpretation:

Basics of Bible Interpretation for Catholics:

Afterlife and Salvation

River of Fire, Father Kalomiros:

Catholic View of Salvation, Catholic Answers Radio:

Orthodoxy 101 – Salvation:

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory:


Catholic View of Theosis or God Became Man, So Man Could Become God:

Theosis: The True Purpose of Human Life, Orthodox:

Man Becomes God (Theosis): A Basic Introduction To The Ancient Orthodox Teaching On Theosis:

Theology of Suffering

A Catholic Reflection on the Meaning of Suffering:

Redemptive Suffering:

Orthodox Theology of Suffering:


Explaining Saints ,Catholic Answers:

Orthodoxy 101 – The Virgin Mary and the Saints:

How Saints are Chosen and Declared:

Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Answers:

Catholic and Orthodox Social Teaching a Comparison, Johan De Travenier:


Debunking the Urban Legends:

Another Good Debunking:

Part 4: Spirituality

How to Pray the Rosary:

Jesus Prayer:

Lenten Observance:


Praying with Icons:

Spirituality of Icons:

Catholic View of Icons:


What are Sacramentals?:

Orthodox View:


Hey I am Argent Templar some randy in my early to mid 20's from Ontario, Canada. I am a recent convert to Catholicism (2014) of the conserva-trad variety. My politics can be described as Far Right. I cover a wide range of topics including video games, movies, politics, history, philosophy and religion.

4 thoughts on “Index of Christian Apologetics

  1. As a convert from the Orthodox to the Catholic Church, I can assure you that they are, indeed, heretics, at least materially so (and, in most cases, formally so). We know the definition of heresy; Aquinas pithily defines it as “a false opinion about matters touching on the Faith.” That is the matter of heresy; the material heretic has a false opinion on defined points of divine and Catholic Faith – the Filioque, Papal Infallibility, Original Sin, the Immaculate Conception, etc. – and the formal heretic knows that the Catholic Church has defined those elements of the Faith, and knowingly rejects the definition. There is no doubt that the Orthodox have false opinions on matters touching the Faith – in most cases, deliberately and obstinately so.

    Obviously things have gotten loosey-goosey since Vatican II, and JPII unfortunately put out a Catechism and a new Code of Canon Law that contain instructions or teaching that are contrary to Divine Law (and, in fact, heretical), chief amongst these the Ecumenist view that we can be in communion with the Orthodox. We have a different faith from the Orthodox, they routinely condemn Latin dogmas as heresies, and they even repudiated the Council of Florence (which their own Emperor and hierarchs agreed would be Ecumenical, and signed), all of which makes them to be heretics. JPII’s Catechism and Code of Canon Law are not infallible; the constant and infallible teaching of the Church is that neither heretics nor schismatics (and we agree that the Orthodox are at least the latter) are to be given the Sacraments of the Catholic Church under any circumstances, as this is against Divine Law, and the infallible Council of Florence re-emphasized this with regards to the Orthodox. The infallible Second Council of Lyons also clarified that the Orthodox were heretics for denying the eternal procession of the Spirit from Father and Son.

    1. I still have some stuff to include, I just find this is becoming the topic I cover the most lately, largely because I try to do something different, its why I do character profiles and movie reviews, because I could just drone on and make the same video every day about the same topic. But I try to make points other people haven’t and cover topics that aren’t on the radar as much. Do I always do a good job? Probably not but what audience I have seems to appreciate the variety.

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