Blending In And Rising Above

After watching the outcome of the ‘[h’]White Man March’ that occurred in Liverpool, England 3 days ago, one may feel dismay and frustration towards National Alliance and similar organizations. It has become glaringly obvious that the skinhead movement, and the various white nationalist offshoot movements have completely failed at improving the prospects of ordinary, working class and middle class whites, or making a positive impact on the sociopolitical culture. The only thing that skinheads and white nationalism have succeeded in doing is attracting disenfranchised social outcasts on the fringes of society who are more interested in being a part of a subculture that validates them and gives them a sense of identity and having a safe space to rant about things that they will never actually try to improve. This has been very much to the detriment of people like Jared Taylor, who would like to bring up racial issues and discuss them in such a way that would actually influence normal people.

u w0t m8?
u w0t m8?

To truly become a leader, you must first follow. It is unlikely that we will be able to influence normal people if we position ourselves as outsiders, and in most cases, we aren’t. We are not special because of our political beliefs. We do not deserve special treatment or respect, simply because we are “redpilled,” and normal people know this. In the words of Alex Kurtagic “Impress to inform — don’t inform to impress.” To drastically change the way the people around us think about race, nationalism, traditionalism, and religion, we must first gain their respect, especially when it comes to those areas.

One thing that we must not forget is that, although it is necessary to gain the trust and respect of the masses, our duty to lead them remains. We are ahead of the curve, and although we cannot expect the rest of the population to realize this initially, we must act on it. We start by blending in with the masses, and then, by engaging in self-betterment, quietly organizing and networking with one another, we ascend the masses, and lead them.


Hello, I'm Lance Edain. I'm from the South, of both transplant and native stock, and I'm interested in politics, history, and philosophy.

3 thoughts on “Blending In And Rising Above

  1. Greg Johnson from Counter-Currents, a smart guy but one I have a a very mixed opinion of (he seems to think any religious or philosophical system that originated south of the Alps-from Christianity to Platonism- is a Jewish plot to subvert the Germanic peoples) has said that the people alt-righters should try to emulate the most are Mormons, a view I think you’d agree with. I will admit to liking a few Skrewdriver songs without feeling any guilt, seeing as liberals make school-kids sing Woody Guthrie without reflecting on the horrors of Communism.

  2. The approach itself is inescapably problematic. It falls prey to populist theory and I don’t think this is a realistic or even ideologically positive route to take. We will never win over the masses. We shouldn’t even try. The goal should be to recruit those who actually have potential, those who have the rightist mind, and make ‘New Men’ out of them.

    I’d say ultimately we need three types. We need a warrior caste. We need a priestly caste. We need an aristocratic caste.

    The groundwork of an aristocratic caste is already being constructed, and I don’t think a priestly caste could emerge until this epoch has reached its end. Our problem is the warrior caste. I describe this not as an army, but a cadre. It won’t be huge, but it must be determined, disciplined, radical, and more than willing to be martyred if necessary, similar to the 1930s Legionary Movement. This is the reason I think connecting to both the Manosphere and the alt-right, skinhead groupings can be useful. Gems of smart, disaffected men can be cultivated from these sources and refined into useful political soldiers, much to their own benefit and our cause’s. Political tracts are great, but initially, someone is going to have to enforce this stuff, precisely because the masses will never ascent to it. They won’t resist of course, they’ll just be in general disorder.

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