Down with the PBS Generation!

The middle of the last century was a comfortable time. The well paying job down at the office or factory was not yet filled with HR bitches, the pay was steady, and work was easy to come by, even if you had no skills. Sure, even if the crime was getting crazy, you could always run to the affordable suburbs and continue the easy life out there. Politics was a steady diet of binary false choices: Democratic (New Left) vs Republican (New Left minus twenty years), USSR (Marxism) vs USA (Cultural Marxism), Bill Buckley (Proto Cuckservative) vs Gore Vidal (Liberal Degenerate). The job paid, the kids went to school, congress debated politics in a decidedly centrist and generically patriotic fashion, in the name of democracy, kids pledged allegiance to America and not those damned evil reds in Russia, the “fairness doctrine” meant “both sides of the debate” had equal representation. Sure there might be some problems with the blacks and minor illegal immigration and airline hijackings by those weird people from the middle east, but rest assured a rustic, non racial yet implicitly white America would live on in this world of comfort, easy choices, consensus, and mutual struggle against the anti democratic forces of the world (Be they Fascist or Soviet).

Well, we all know how that turned out.

Look at most baby boomers in America today. Why is their refrain “get a job”? Why do they still blindly hate Russia even though now a days it is easily more conservative, white, and Christian than the Untied States? Why do they still complain about “radical politics”? If they are right wing, why do they still tend to qualify hatefact statements about Negros with some mumbo jumbo about civil rights?

If you were born before 1975, you got to live in some of the easiest, and most comfortable times in human history. Never before had such economic prosperity been witnessed, and it will likely not be witnessed again for decades, if ever. Such an environment lends itself easily to middle class values. In turn, the middle class mindset is about stability, predictability, going along to getting along, and above all, in our day and age, having no moral center. Suburbia and television are god, and the shopping center is the church.

These people, our elders, while they may be decent people, quite frankly on most topics political, they are fucking useless and helpless. They are glued to things that either never were true, or were once true, but no longer. The politics of the younger generations, people my age, promises a future of radicalism, both left and right. Even if I detest SJW and far left politics, I can at least say that they are not into cushy middle class platitudes. They want revolution now, we want reaction now. At least we both do not want a two party centrist middle class congress in charge that keeps the gas cheap while civilization and the internal spirit slowly crumbles. Think I am overreacting? The whole crisis now with immigration, race riots, fuel prices, the economy, and debt, was caused in huge part by the centrist boomers who kept pushing these massive issues down the road because they didn’t want to deal with them.

No more running. What we the young share in common, is we are what I would call a “chan” generation. Our politics is radical, it is blunt, and we will never be middle class. Even if the radical poles hate each other, it is of a different nature than what I will call the “PBS” generation of people over 45 or so. This indoctrination was helped in huge part by the dominance of television, the most destructive and degenerate form of mass communication ever devised. Newspapers and Radio are fairly cheap to set up, thus providing a broad spectrum of views. Internet is really easy and cheap to use, providing an even wider range. However television infrastructure is massively expensive. Furthermore, a medium that provides images and emotional visualization, while not providing any ability to cross check or object to content like the internet, lends itself perfectly to brainwashing.

Out of this long rambling story, the moral is this: The Baby Boomers cannot be saved, they must be left to peacefully die. To hell with centrism and the post WWII middle class. The crisis is at critical levels: feminism, Islam, immigration, race relations, debt, corruption, low trust. No more running, no more pushing uncomfortable reality under the floorboards, and no more fetishization of consensus oriented culture. Society was hard before 1945, and it will be hard again. Hard times call for hard men. They do not call for middle 20th century mass media tropes. It is better to be a hard man and live a worthy life than to die in a hospital after working 40 years with the company while the city burns and your family is raped by roaming gangs. In the end we all die. Get over it. Find god, and live a worthy life – don’t cower in fear upstairs watching reruns of Bill Buckley’s Firing Line while complaining about the demise of the America you used to love back in the 1980s.

Just had to get that out of my system.

Outcast Kaitsar

3 thoughts on “Down with the PBS Generation!

  1. Brilliant piece. Energetic, focused, powerful, aggressive; enjoyable. You’re on top form with this style of commentary, Alfred.

    I’ll resist the temptation to complain about the term “chan generation,” and instead ask that you find an appropriate image to head this piece with so I can display this post in the Featured portfolio.

  2. Great article. i’m a member of the pbs generation. i’m not trying to save my ass by saying these things. i did my share of compromising but i never felt right about it and i never believed any of that bullshit. i did think, however, that it must be me that was so ill-suited to the time i lived in. Surely, so many people could not be wrong. my desire to live a Christian life also colored my actions; not Christianity as it truly is but the Christianity that i was taught was true. i am today a Christian; but the Christian i was at 19. not the Christian i became trying to follow the devil’s ethic propounded by the protestants i had as my role models. if anything has turned our generations against Christ, it is the devil’s theology as propounded by modernist Christianity, both protestant and Catholic. i really am sorry we are left with so little guidance and i do not blame the alt-righters for rejecting the Christianity they have been taught in favor of the old folk-religions. if there was anything i could say to them it would be that they do not need to reject Christianity to be faithful to our traditions. our true traditions are those of a Germanized Christianity not a judaized bastard made-up religion that leads only to the death of our people. my sons are not of this modernist world, thank God. i do not know how this happened, for i have only truly awakened in the past 10 years myself; but the grace of God is powerful and is not bound by years and generations as we know them. Thanks be to God for you and your website. i have just found it today but i’m sure it will become one of my go-to sites for thoughts and guidance

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I also don’t hate your generation, its just more they strike me as not being (with some notable exceptions) equipped for the challenges the west has been facing since we started this new century.

      As for Christianity… its a huge toss up and debate for me. I think I am generally, if slowly, heading in a more Christian direction. Thinking about the whole issue ever since Argent has started his apologetics series has really made me think about the nature of the world, the nature of truth, and human intuition vs human observation vs human feeling, etc, etc.

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