Popular Traditionalism?

Appealing to the common swine?! Are you insane? Or, better yet, are you some sort of knee-bending poofter content to get a bad taste in your mouth if it means better sounds in your ears?

I’m mostly responding to this – not to be critical or nasty, I’m poking fun with a smile – which I found to be a thought-provoking little segment in a few ways. Firstly, welcome Lawrence John to WCR, he’s a top lad; secondly, White Man Marches are a proletarian manifestation of tribal racism channelled as a contrarian reaction regarding privilege theory and identity politics; thirdly, it was all the Jews; lastly, making elitist, psycho-spiritual, hierarchical philosophy-turned-politics accessible to the masses is not only difficult, I’d say it isn’t actually do-able at this point.


This point has been made by me at many other times in many different ways: the alternative Right and all its various branches is not one solid, stable mass. This is a strength as well as a weakness. Oh, dear reader(s); but this is the tip of the old ‘berg. Let me indulge in some messy mind-spewing…

What is the alternative Right? What are the problems with contemporary Western society? How could these problems be solved? Should these problems be solved? Can these problems be solved? Who will solve these problems? When will those people solve these problems? Where do these people come from? Does it matter? Why shouldn’t I become a hermit? Why shouldn’t I fight to actively change external society? How esoteric do we go? Nationalism or Traditionalism? Metaphysical subjectivism, or metaphysical objectivism? Does metaphysics even exist? What does metaphysics have to do with saving the white race? What does race have to do with it? Why is it always those fucking hook-nosed bastards? Fucking eagles.

And so on. Now, depending on where you are in the alternative Right, your answer/response to each question will be different. This much is already known, but it is important and the differences between people in these spheres must be kept firmly in mind.

My Position

Traditionalism (with a capital “T”) is essentially a worldview which emulates a continuous process of transcendent Becoming within a given civilization. That is to say that literally everything in the society is aimed “upwards” and is looking towards the invisible metaphysical realm of Being. Hence, for example, the caste system is present in some shape or another in all Traditional civilizations; the society is arranged in a pyramid where each ascending place is closer to the divine than the one below it. One cannot have a Traditional society in this sense without placing huge importance on spirituality and the invisible metaphysical dimension, because those realms are what physical reality is but a mirroring; a manifestation; of. As above, so below; physical, material space is the earthly, “lowly” echoing of the “higher” space of metaphysical timelessness and divinity. The society essentially becomes a physical, mortal representation of the principle of Becoming which in turn strives upwards towards Being. There is a Hermetic element which looms out of such a style of civilization, and obviously goes hand-in-hand with how “deep” such a view is in comparison to the hedonist-via-consumerist-via-materialist civilization we in the West are presently suffering from.

How is this in anyway important in the minds of the people involved in any White Man March? I’m not just asking Lawrence this, but anyone who calls himself a “Traditionalist” and genuinely believes this worldview to be possibly made accessible to anyone but the oddballs and wierdos among the society. If one is active and encourages the sort of “action” represented in a White Man March or even an American Renaissance convention if one is so inclined, then one needs to suddenly adopt a more populist/mass-appealing element as one suddenly attaches oneself to a cause which has aims and goals, and the support of others is necessary in realizing said aims and goals. Political parties such as the British National Party, Liberty GB, Jobbik, Le Front National, et cetera, are participating in the squalid orgy of mass-centricity and thus cannot hope to enter anything spiritually and philosophically Traditional which draws legitimacy from Monarchy and/or philosopher kings, as they’re – in their very essence – counter-propositional to Traditionalism. (In any case, those organizations don’t even claim to be Traditional, but nationalistic/patriotic/counter-progressive/et cetera, and there is a reason for that.)

Traditionalism is never artificial; it is never planned, forced or constructed. It cannot be in any sense as it encompasses literally everything in a given group. For such a system to be implemented in the modern West, the slate would need to be absolutely wiped clean. Mass entertainment would go; mass media would go; mass information would go; healthcare would go; mass education would go; public schooling would go; Hollywood, Broadway and the West End would go; much of our present technology would go; everything representing modern moral codes, ethics, ways of thinking, modes of logic, et cetera would go. Traditionalism is the articulated starting point of a given society where there is spiritual balance, thereafter, however, it deteriorates as we’ve seen via observable history as well as ancient texts speaking of the cycles of the Four Ages. Tradition in this sense can occur again, and I believe it will in various forms, when the present cycle ends.


If one is to adopt action from a Traditionalist standpoint, it can only be in an elitist, non-mass-orientated manner which shocks and attacks and essentially draws its energy from a fixed reference point of self-understanding (rooted in a connection to/embodiment of Traditionalism and its consequences) and thus rises above and beyond the now and the temporal.

To actually fight back physically and in consideration of anyone but oneself, politics is the answer. But I’ve made this point before; Traditionalism is not simply politics. It has that angle, to a degree, but it is first a spiritual and philosophical understanding of reality, which then manifests via social organization and the decree of people with power.

Groups such as National Alliance, National Action, the EDL (to a lesser degree), et cetera, are an expected occurrence. They largely draw from tribal racism – which isn’t some worthless idiocy – that serves as a kind of socialism. Here we see the conundrum trying to tie Traditionalism with such an attitude. Traditionalism is spiritual hierarchism; racial (in the sense of biological reductionism) tribalism is clearly rather detached from it. But this conversation is only important to a very few people, in any case. The majority of people who are against progressive liberalism (what I call “the forces in motion”) are not Traditionalist. They’re typically nationalists, conservatives, patriots, and ordinary people who cannot understand why their leaders have betrayed them and turned their lands into something alien.

These are the people involved in White Man Marches; who attend BNP, Liberty GB and, to a much lesser extent, UKIP meetings; who read the Daily Mail or the Spectator; whose parents voted Conservative or BNP, or Labour even though Labour have destroyed their town or city; who don’t want foreigners in their lands; et cetera. These people are on our side. The alternative Right, with all its intellectualism and pontification and academic leanings, is inevitably on the side of these people.

Your average prole cannot appreciate or understand much intellectualism (the consequences of which are explained here) but this is not to say they do not deserve an explanation for what has happened beyond “blacks, Jews and politicians.” Ignorance is being fuelled by political correctness, economic worries and a sort of sneering attitude mainstream academics have towards the average man.

The alternative Right can bring light to the darkness, not only for fellow intellectuals, but to ordinary folk who don’t have a clue how their countries can be saved. Let’s not confuse ourselves, however, we must distinguish between the brighter and duller; the intelligent and the unintelligent. We must consider the divide between the esoteric and the exoteric. The trouble we presently have in regards to any “action” is that we can only focus on the former. Focussing on the latter means repackaging an anti-masses ideology for the masses, and “getting the word out” that not all intellectuals are idiots.


3 thoughts on “Popular Traditionalism?

  1. I liked this essay, and you clearly know your stuff when it comes to the esoteric nature of pro-Tradition ideology. I do have some disagreement however as it pertains to what we can do.

    “Traditionalism is never artificial; it is never planned, forced or constructed. It cannot be in any sense as it encompasses literally everything in a given group.”

    I think precisely because Tradition is not artificial that we can quite easily form an organic grouping, whose roles and stations are already in metaphysical existence (warrior, aristocrat, etc.). I despise mass movements, though the instability that they create may be beneficial for our cause in the long run. This said, I think there is a segment of the population, undoubtedly a small segment, who can be appealed to without compromising our ideological theory.

    Consider, one of the reasons that Reaction is not a marketable ideology is that it cannot promise the great immediate luxuries of Liberalism and other political positions. As you say, a slate which will be inevitably wiped clean will lack those high-time preference goods that people love so much. With this in mind, it seems apparent that only people gifted with a uniquely rightist perspective, for whom even their own lives are not paramount commodities, could be Reactionaries.
    However, I look at the state of man. Young men in particular, who have had their entire sex rendered obsolete by technology and subsequently have lost all political and legal advantages once rightly afforded to them. For a while, sex, drugs, and fast living may satisfy all of them, but it seems inevitable that some will eventually need for more. Such is the raw material by which a warrior caste can be forged.
    We can offer such a caste something of incomparable value, and that is status. These men, of the middle and working classes, have zero status, zero respect, zero dignity in this world. In exchange for providing a system which will once again grant them the glories of Traditional manhood, a small segment of Occidental men (and a small segment is all we really need if the coming end of the epoch is going to be as devastating as we think) will be willing to man the battlements, ready to die, the ultimate legion. Such is the wish of man who has never known purpose, even if he doesn’t realize it.

    1. I generally agree with your comment, Mark, but it must be kept in mind that the Tradosphere is one part of the broader alternative Right; it isn’t it in its totallity.

      Moreover, do those of us who are “switched on” as far as Tradition is concerned have roles open to us? Absolutely. Our ideology/wordview/perception is constructive, creative and strengthening in its nature. It’s all about raising oneself up; transendence. This can be done personally and internally via, to bring Evola into this conversation, one’s own personal equation; “riding the tiger” is one such equation I’m sure you’re familiar with. Can this be extended to other people? Yes, it can, via education and information. This operates on the scale of individuals, however, and is itself an alternative path due to the fact that external society no longer provides that path. Again, I’m sure you know what I’m getting at.

      What I’m basically saying in the above article is that populist nationalism and the like is not compatible with Traditionalism. The latter does have exoteric dimensions and manifestions (nationalism itself could be said to be one, in a certain way) but the central core of Traditionalism is the esoteric dimension. You cannot have a complete understanding of Tradition without understanding the relevance of metaphysics and so on in regards to it.

      Of course, in ages past, the esoteric dimension and how it was interpreted was the interest and duty of the priestly caste. Now, however – and this deserves extensive attention – the information age has, I think, given other castes access to the priestly. I, myself, regard my caste as that of the servant; but I can see the crisis civilization is in, and by educating myself via the internet, I can understand the crisis from different angles and have only found my convictions strengthened. Perhaps there is a streak of priest in me, which has flourished due to the availability of information in the present era? I think that’s the case.

      In any case, this age does bring about the possibility of more individuals finding the alternative Right and/or Traditionalism, and with that, action can be undertaken individually.

      As far as wider society is concerned, as far as the present cycle ending and another beginning is concerned, my conversation with Listener a while ago ventured into that area: http://westcoastrxers.com/2015/06/27/a-discussion-between-myself-and-listener-on-the-state-of-europe-and-the-personal-crisis/

      I do think the question of action is important. Perhaps we ought to discuss it via Skype or something instead of comment sections? It’s down to you. My Skype ID is unionabsolution should you want to.

      1. Unfortunately, for the near term, I am residing in a country where I would want to guarantee a secure line to discuss such things through a medium like Skype, due to the laws of the state and the nature of particularly what I have already written extensively on. I shall note down your ID, since I hope to leave my current residence sometime hopefully soon. I travel pretty extensively.

        I look forward to further communication in the future, as soon as my situation allows.

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