Uncharted Waters

This is not going to be a long argumentative post, rather just a short expression of frustration, anger, and horror at various levels regarding the invasion of Europe.

The typical formula for these type of events, mass demographic transfers and diversity, is the various social groups eventually end up in a war of some kind.

This assumes that both sides fight – something I am not sure will come out of the modern European.

Modern Europeans and their descendants in the US are not warrior like anymore, not like the west was even 200 years ago. We are materially wealthy now. We live middle class lifestyles with middle class jobs which totally require conformity and blandness in thought. Furthermore we live in an age of Anarcho-Tyranny when governments won’t arrest criminals, but they will arrest people who fight back against them.

Now, even if to consider, as Kevin MacDonald has pointed out, that Northern Europeans are just innately less tribal than everyone else on earth, I would say that we were capable of being very tribal until about World War Two. I am quite sure that a certain degree of poverty encourages a more realistic outlook on human nature.

Maybe Europeans will become more aware of the situation once they are all out on the street living in cardboard boxes.

Unless they just switch to killing themselves with drugs and booze.

Or if by the time that happens, Europe is less than 50% white, and it’s game over.

These are dark times we live in, but worst of all, is that these are uncharted waters of degeneracy, ethnomasochism, and all around awfulness. There is no formula we can use to predict the future. Maybe in a few weeks people in Europe will hit the boiling point and start brandishing guns and clubs and repelling the invaders – and their collaborators in the police (modern European cops by and large look rather effeminate and prone to retreat).

Or maybe we will just lie down and take it because we have work at the office tomorrow, facebook, and heating and television, the Muslim ghetto a few miles away be damned.

My question to my readers, especially those on the ground in Western Europe, what do you intuitively think will happen next?

Outcast Kaitsar

5 thoughts on “Uncharted Waters

  1. “Modern Europeans and their descendants in the US are not warrior like anymore, not like the west was even 200 years ago. We are materially wealthy now. We live middle class lifestyles with middle class jobs which totally require conformity and blandness in thought.”

    I feel you’re being far too broad. Most of the population where I live is not “middle class.” The working class/serville and worker caste is not supporting of the actions of European governments, and they hate foreigners; but they are too stupid and unorganized to actually mount any form of solid defence culturally, intellectually, economically or physically. The potential is still there in the English and, I believe, European, working man, it just needs directing. Moreover, these lifestyles do not “require conformity and blandness in thought,” they cause it.

    Things will continue to spiral out of control, and you’re right that desperation will grow as time goes on. This is the biggest threat Europeans have faced for an extremely long period; and liberal niceness has failed to bring about a solution. Either we give migrants everything they desire at the expence of our group, or we put our group’s interests first and react to the situation cruelly and without the fear of offending or upsetting anyone. There is no middle ground: one is either for or against; uncaring of one’s group and its form, or caring of one’s group and its form.

    1. I am well aware the working class still retains most of their common sense, but I mean the middle class in particular, which runs society (not owns, but runs) and gets to direct the discourse, they seem heavily corrupted right now.

  2. The wave is going to grow. Western European countries will be forced to either ignore what will be just action by the Hungarian government (violently squashing this parasitic horde) or kick them out of the EU on principle.

    What we are seeing is Europe breaking along the familiar east/west divide. Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary do not want these migrants even passing through their countries, but the elite in the West want more and more immigrants to finish off any hopes of a right wing electoral victory there before the wave of discontent hits on the back of the next economic crisis. They want countries where whites are a minority.

    I think we will look back at this moment in 20 years time and say this was a defining moment for Western Europe, whether those countries had any future or not.

    As for the east, watch the upcoming election closely. Something has the left (who were so sure of Golden Dawn’s demise) very worried. After all, the party scored 6.9% with all its leaders locked up during the last campaign season. Now Lesbos burns, Athens is overrun, the memorandums continue by the hand of treasonous leftists. And Kasidiaris, Michaloliakos, etc. are out of jail and on the stump, visiting the areas abandoned to the hordes.


    Note also that nobody is covering what is happening in Ukraine. The country is on the verge of a coup by the ever-strengthening Right Sektor who are on record now calling for the overthrow of the ‘internal enemy’ Poroshenko, which will trigger an all out ground invasion by Russia.

    I am pleased with the uptick in Christian-identifier language across the board. Eastern Europeans are rejecting this migration madness harkening back to the siege of Vienna, the Ottoman Empire, the threat to the European faith. A positive sign, and the more Western Europe demonizes countries like Slovakia, the Russia effect is bound to occur where a popular anti-West sentiment arises. Anti-West sentiment brews into anti-Liberal sentiment. Perfect breeding ground for Reactionary authoritarianism to make a debut. We may see the return of crowns within our lifetime. The question is will Europe west of Budapest be a smoking mud wreck by then?

  3. Right now I’m still kind of processing it all… It’s funny how most reactionaries are American, thus write about overseas degeneracy, thus making me feel safe in a Schadenfreude kind of way.

    But yeah, I guess not. Makes sense. For now I don’t dare make any predictions, apart from inevitable CHAOS.

  4. There is a huge amount of anti immigrant activity going on in Europe. The media over there censors it is why we don’t hear about it.

    The Euro folk aren’t quite ready for a civil war but if Vox Day who lives in Italy and travels quite extensively is correct and I have no reason to doubt him, well heck let most his words for today’s blog post


    Quoth Vox Day
    I can’t possibly do justice to how angry people are here. I mean, I quite literally can’t post what I am hearing people of all ages, of all political identities, saying about the invaders and their own politicians, or as doing so would be in violation of numerous speech laws, including those of the USA.

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