Further Pondering upon the Migrant Crisis in Europe

Before I begin, I’m deliberately refraining from using the phrase “European Migrant Crisis” because these migrants are not European; they are Middle Eastern and African. Of course, Western media is using certain words to create an image which is then normalised in the minds of the plebeian classes. The constant use of words like “asylum,” “flee,” “suffering,” “distressing,” “crisis,” “struggle,” “help,” “aid,” and so on, used in conjunction with scenes of young children (some dead), crying mothers, warzones, et cetera, creates the image of a poor, oppressed people who we have some moral duty to help. It’s all getting rather boring, to be frank.

Where will England be in a century? What will the country be like? Going by present trends, we’re likely to become an Islamic republic with a dwindling native population. Obviously this won’t happen – Europeans; the British; will kick back before such a thing occurs – but this the future the liberal establishment is aiming to bring about based upon present trends. All forces which previously existed to maintain the existence of English society have been destroyed, or are presently undergoing vicious, unceasing attack. The family unit, authority, respect for the elderly, patriotism, faith in one’s leadership, loyalty to one’s family and community, et cetera, are all either deteriorated or deteriorating ideals within the native population of this island. Of course, the degeneration of the Western Spirit began quite a while ago, but up to before the Second World War, there still remained within European societies the fundamental ingredients for each each group to self-perpetuate. These ingredients have now been tossed into the trash.

The love for the outsider is not symptomatic of a healthy society which wishes to remain existent. Human nature is partly tribal, competitive and in-group identifying; and if one group wants to consciously dodge these unpleasant but fundamental truths, it will find itself destroyed by another group which does not.

We are seeing now the largest movement of people since the last World War; Germany itself – ironically enough – is planning to take some eight hundred-thousand migrants within the next year or so. Other European countries are also taking in their tens of thousands of these lowly wretches. This is, to my knowledge, the first time in human history that peaceful, prosperous civilisations willingly blew-out their own life-flames

The liberals advocating for the taking-in of thousands of foreigners are ignorantly acting purely in the short-term based upon their well-directed moral compasses. Human life is sacred (though not all equal) and I can comprehend the short-term desire to assist those individuals in genuine need. However, a huge number of these migrants are not people in need, but healthy, battle-ready young men; not women and children. The long-term implications of the taking in of thousands of migrants are quite simple:

1) Most of the migrants are Muslims.

a. A significant portion of the present Islamic spirit is violent, chaotic, fundamentalist and feral. ISIS have already admitted to sending over warriors disguised as refugees, and that isn’t to mention the shocking number of such individuals actually born and raised within European countries. I, myself, actually support religious fundamentalism to a degree, and the vast majority of the criticisms Islamic fundamentalists have of the present West are true. However, the Islamic world – to the mind of anyone who isn’t a Muslim – is the Middle East, not Europe. Europe was built, defended, nurtured and cared for by European people; our ancestors spilt blood and bled for this land – for our land. Europeans have inherited this space, and to give it away is to give themselves away. It is suicide both physically, and metaphysically.

b. Muslims out-breed Europeans drastically. The repopulation rate any society needs in order for it to maintain itself every successive generation is two point one children per pair of heterosexual adults. European birthrates are below this in every case; our numbers are getting smaller. Islamic birthrates, on the other hand, are very high. Within a century, the Islamic population within Europe will outnumber the native population of Europe.

c. Muslims are not Christians, pagans or atheists. Islamic metaphysics are different to the Christian, European metaphysics. Middle Eastern people perceive reality in a different way; they view life and death differently, they view the universe differently, they view humanity itself differently, they view society differently. Different ethics, morals, systems of logic, behavioural patterns, social norms, spiritual traditions, language, humour, art, et cetera. They are different; they are not the same as we are, and where there exists differentiation, there exists the potential for disagreement, for argument, for conflict, for violence. Thus human history and human nature are what they are; it’s natural, but so is the urge for self-preservation which ought to label outsiders as threats and therefore unwanted.

2) Most of the migrants are men.

d. Men are violent. Men are the warriors, the conquerors, the raiders, the rapists, the slavers, the pillagers, the warlords, the fighters, the aggressors. This is perfectly natural and just – it is absolutely how it should be (and inescapably is). Men – especially poor, religious, ultraconservative men – are not talkers. They are not ones for liberal niceness and tolerance and kindness and mutual respect. In fact, to the minds of said men, those things are a sign of weakness; a sign that the people exhibiting those things are weaklings and can be beaten. And that’s absolutely true.

3) A portion of the migrants are horribly uneducated, and – surprise, surprise! – will reproduce.

e. A large number of the migrants from Syria – notably the women and children – are illiterate. What implications does this have if massive numbers of these people could settle in a high-literacy, high-cultured country like France or Italy? They will need to be educated. How much will this cost? How long will it take? On the topic of women and education; and considering the birthrates of these people; how much will it cost to house families of migrants? To feed them? To educate their children, as well as children yet unborn? What happens when the eight hundred-thousand migrants Germany wants to house (assuming they’re split fairly evenly between men and women) have children? 2 or 3 children per family, as is the average? Over one million new individuals who will require food, water, healthcare, education, jobs, et cetera – and this is all within the next five years! It will not be logistically possible regarding resources, space and time to adequately help these people. Again – liberals are not considering the long-term in the slightest, the utter morons.

4) The countries from which these people are fleeing will be worse-off.

f. Interestingly enough, Bashar al Assad in Syria is better than the opposition, which is largely made-up of crazed religious loons and oil-thirsty American vampires and their cronies. As we saw in Lybia, with Gaddafi, the Western elite is full of absolutely idiotic, immoral, short-sighted, loathesome individuals who, at this point, deserve slow deaths and shallow graves. Turning flawed but functioning societies into barren hellholes rife with struggles between warlords and the death of many innocents seems to be a new favourite past time of Western politicians and their puppet-masters, and it’ll be exactly the same in Syria. Sorry Bashar, but you’re a dead man. Your end is guaranteed, and I’m sorry the Western masses are too lazy and too stupid to look past the misinformation and propaganda which tells them to support destroying you and your country at the behest of nonsensical, utterly stupid American political/oil interests. You, Putin and a few other of the non-Western leaders need to get things together because the future doesn’t look bright for the likes of anyone opposed to the madness being espoused by the Western intelligentsia and political, economic and informative realms.

g. Only Muslims can solve the problems Islamic countries suffer from. The West – let alone it having no place to even try – cannot fix the Middle East nor any other country which is fundamentally opposed in all areas to the Western spirit. I’m not espousing total isolationism, but for the umpteenth time: some people do not want to be “freed.” The Islamic spirit is far more attuned to undemocratic society, more authoritarian social norms, more patriarchal social structure, et cetera. I’ll repeat myself: these people are not the same as Europeans; they are outsiders and aliens in a profound sense which transcends the temporal material conditions of their civilisation(s). Only Muslims can fix Syria, Lybia, Iraq, et cetera, and form stable states attuned to their spirits and their way of life. That vast swarms of individuals are running away from these countries does not bode well for the countries themselves. Those societies need workers, builders, leaders, teachers, doctors, and most of all they need the advanced social institutions which enable the realising of all these archetypes and more within actual society. It is possible – it can happen – the Islamic world and the Middle East are not doomed for an eternity of degeneracy and chaos; things can change. But change requires action. And the right kind of action is sorely lacking. Until migrants go back home and forge civilisation the hard way, no good will come of this.

The present actions of European governments are damning the native populations and societies to death, as well as failing to actually help anyone who desperately needs it in the long-term. Saving a few lives now, and giving aid to a few thousand foreigners means nothing compared to the rejuvenation of entire part of the world which is sorely needed. But the scale of the necessary changes is mighty, and could take decades if not centuries to be fully realised. But alas, Western commoners are far too pampered and far too healthy and educated to actually consider the long-term, and are seemingly pathologically prone to the simple short-term as it’s the easiest and “nicest” thing to do. “Ew, not the perilous, nasty, difficult-but-effective-in-the-long-term way! Gross!”

I’ve made this point elsewhere, and it deserves extensive attention, that one of the primary reasons we see European people acting to seemingly exterminate themselves, their culture and their people, is due to lethargy. Happy, prosperous, peaceful, liberal, tolerant, inclusive societies are not the norm as far as human history is concerned, they are actually the exception; most of human history involves drama of some description. Drama, not regarding how high taxes are, or who’s won a Grammy, or how daft that X-Factor contestant is, but drama in the sense of group versus group competition; the dance of life and death which living creatures entertain in the grand theatre of Mother Earth. What we’re observing is a large number of people who have only ever known comfort and safety, who are then, out of lack of experience, assuming this to be the norm for everyone globally. And obviously it’s those pesky oppressors of various sorts keeping everyone down *sad-face* and suppressing this perfect norm to pop up for everyone, because it’ll be the same everywhere because we’re all equal and the same and we all want freedom and liberalism and expensive coffee, high public spending, television, coca cola, progressive politics and nice shoes. The individuals holding “Refugees Welcome” signs are deluded fools who are signing their own civilisations away to a mass of outsiders who will take what they want because they have absolutely no reason not to.

In any case, no matter the further decisions of European, Middle Eastern or generally Western governments, Europeans will be forced relatively soon to defend themselves and their homelands. I predict we’ll see mass chaos and civil breakdown in major cities within the next twenty years, maybe sooner. The forces in motion have overstepped the line, the people who have made the decisions which have led to this nonsense have overdone it; to try and stop the scenario now would be like trying to push toothpaste back into the tube. Whatever happens next, it won’t be pretty.


2 thoughts on “Further Pondering upon the Migrant Crisis in Europe

  1. Much sooner. Your demographics about reproduction rates are correct. The offspring of the “refugees” will overburden Europe with a couple of years. Even more alarming than the though of the coming chaos is the thought of what happens if there is not chaos: that will mean Western man (and woman) are dead.

  2. The best and most comprehensive assessments of the migrant crisis I’ve read.

    The demographic change is so different, fast and unnatural that conflict is unavoidable. It’d be the same even if the migrants were Christian Europeans. That number of men arriving overnight is going to cause some serious mate competition. The fact that they’re completely alien to us just compounds the problem.

    For too many Europeans the problem will have to brought right to their doorstep for it to convince them. Good. Bring it on.

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