No Choice

Though I often mock or criticize some of the more plebian aspects of white nationalists, and I myself have several objections to nationalism, national socialism, Nordicism, and so on, its important to note I actually don’t hate these people or anything of that nature. If my writing comes off as ever promoting division among Europeans and their descendants abroad, that is not the final goal. When I discuss American particularism or so on, this is not done with the intent of weakening the West as a whole for the sake of America the particular, rather that a West composed of multiple, strong localized identities would be a better avenue to pursue than a single western culture.

All these things noted, in light of the current invasion of Europe, any sort of nationalist, even the most base and visceral and unintelligent (to say nothing of the plenty of intelligent nationalists) kind basically has my support. The fact of the matter is the situation in Europe is so extreme, that any sort of gradations between far-Left/anti-white, and hardcore racialists, is disappearing. In the coming war which will have to occur in the next decade, I want any nationalists and racially/culturally conscious Europeans to know, regardless of my minor criticisms, I basically stand with you.

For in the fight between the Islamist and the base Nationalist, I will easily support the latter over the former, whatever disagreements I may have. This may seem self explanatory, but I feel since I have written not very charitable things about Pan-Europeanism and Nationalism, that this needed to be said.

All the best guys, you are going to need it.

EDIT: Changed position of former and latter because of Typo, I *DO* support Europeans, I do *NOT* support Islamists

Outcast Kaitsar

2 thoughts on “No Choice

  1. Thanks bud.

    Despite my crude humor, I try to be a thinking white nationalist. The quest for identity as a generic North American huwhyte isn’t straightforward. I feel kinship — of varying intensity — for most European peoples around the world.

    I feel an especially strong kinship with the other outposts of the European diaspora: Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc. I remain open to positive possibilities in these lands for people like me. The future will be weirder than we think, and our peoples must be willing to pursue unlikely opportunities. Passivity doesn’t solve the challenges ahead.

    1. I think there are plenty of intelligent nationalists and identitarians, like Richard Spencer, or even the TRS guys (if you can get past their humor). I basically agree with some form of white separatism, though racialism is becoming sort of secondary in my worldview.

      As for American identity? That’s really a good question I have tried to address multiple times before. I guess the answer I have right now is just do things, either art (like painting) or a craft (like carpentry), and see what comes out–and when they ask “who created that” you could say an American did. But then again, it is just possible that America is awful from the start, and we need to return to Europe. I would like to see more alt righter’s tackle just what exactly are “White American’s”, if anything?

      And finally, in terms of practical action, I cannot recommend Vox Day’s “SJW’s lie” highly enough. Even if the book is a bit milquetoast at points, there is still some pretty solid advice there on how to come off to society.

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