Out of the Darkness

No, I am not Alfred Miller, my actual name is Andrew Martyanov (not to be confused with the few other ones in America).

I can hear the cries already.

“You fool, you have destroyed your life forever now and SJW hordes will descend on your house!”

Lighten up.

Why did I make this minor but important change? You see, I can’t sit by any longer and allow this, the migrant crisis, the forced trans acceptance movement, and all this to continue without any opposition. The left is powerful because they control the mainstream, and secretly, we want part of the mainstream. My using of my name is a big middle finger to the idea of the modern mainstream. Maybe I will get fucked. But Europe is literally being invaded, and America is in dire straits. People used to offer up a lot more (including their life) for their cause and country. I feel I can offer up my name. I hope all of you follow in due time. Don’t let the left enslave you. A fair number of people will listen to what we say, but only if we stop pretending that the red guards are right at our door.

Practical considerations and new directions

  • To the accusation that I will be forever unemployable now–I am studying a blue collar trade. I have heard people in my class literally talk openly about Islam and homosexuals in less than “acceptable” terms. I am going blue collar, and I recommend those who want freedom of mind and spirit should strongly consider learning a trade as well.
  • I live in America. Even though I am not a classic liberal, we still have the first amendment which protects me from the government (in theory), and also important, the second amendment, which enables self defense against those who will bring you fatal harm.
  • The quality of my writing at points has been rather poor, stupid, etc. Really, I just typed a lot of stuff to piss people off or sound cool. I want to move much more into professional, well thought out writing. If you have disliked something stupid I have said in the past, I invite you to give my new writing another try. A lot more thought will be going into my further writings.

That’s really all I have to add about what really is a minor change. I hope the rest of you join me and Adam on this train. If people were willing to die at the gates of Vienna for the west, shouldn’t we at least be bothered to use our names?

Outcast Kaitsar

4 thoughts on “Out of the Darkness

  1. For the record, this is a strategic error and an unforced mistake. Pseudonymity is an asked and answered question within the Reactosphere. Answered in the affirmative, for a variety of reasons. I wish you the best, Alfred.

    1. May I ask why it could be seen as a “strategic error”? Is there some strategy I’m unaware of? I think Andrew is acting more upon principle than anything else; he’s also outlined how he’s not really at risk concerning employment and such. What’s the catch?

      1. Perhaps I overstate my case for I cannot presume to speak for Andrew’s strategy or even that he has one. Neoreactionary strategy is to fly under the radar in everything we do, whether that be infiltratation of enemy institutions or the creation of our own (or, usually, both). We are not contending for electoral solutions. We’ve no wish to influence anyone’s vote. On the contrary, we’d prefer every not vote. We’re happy to speak at movement conferences for the purposes of edification, but that will be under adopted pseudonyms.

        There is a tacit admission in this view that the enemy (the Left, the Cathedral, the Polygon, the Gov’t Media Academic Complex) controls all worthwhile ground and institutions. All that it doesn’t control is me, my family, and few people around me. They have all the power, nothing to gain, and everything to lose. Running a world dominating empire, in addition to be psychotic, is actually unprofitable. It’s only a matter of time before it crumbles.

        The strategy is as advertised: 1) become worthy; 2) take power; 3) lead. Seeing as we’re all in the early stages of step 1, putting our real names behind our scribblings is at least unnecessary and potentially harmful. After all, just look at all the good having their real names out there has been for all these guys.

        The basic idea is a good one: I am a gentleman. “I hold my views honestly and am happy to engage in honest, good faith debate with others about the merits of those views. I apologize for nothing. I’ve no reason to hide behind a pseudonymn.” But it is a trap! Your enemy has no intention of obeying those rules. His view is that you are evil. And there’s no honest dealings with evil. And to prove it: Just look how far the paleo right has come in the last 50 years. Derbyshire, Gottfried, Sobran, Buchanan, Revilo P. Oliver, Steve Salier. Extremely worthy men… powerless and much maligned.

        Look, everyone has to evaluate their own risks. If Andrew is going to be in business for himself, that insulates him somewhat from the witchunters. If he’s outside the US, perhaps still more. But no one is immune. Sure your customers love you and appreciate your work… but what if Antifa decides to protest one of your customers for having the bad taste of hiring in unrepentant xenophone, homophobe, patriarchal, elitist shitlord? How many can a small businessman afford to lose?

        I say, get the message out there: Build your own future with your own people and do not contend the tightly held and well-trod ground of our enemies. If a few square meters becomes available, by all means grab it up. But that is not the principal strategy.

  2. I admire your position. I am a tradesman in England and most of my clients are fairly well off academics and public sector types. I don’t promote my views on my business website but often have little chats with clients where i can drop in a few well dressed hate facts. Not claiming any conversions but it is a tiny little exposure to alternatives for these pampered folk.

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