What Causes Decline?

Various right wing groups all have their theories as to why society is in decay. Among the answers you will hear are:

  • Hostile Jewish intellectuals
  • White pathological altruism
  • The decline of Christianity
  • The decline of paganism
  •  Cyclical civilizational decline
  •  Wealth

This essay will mostly explore the last one. I want to say off hand that wealth, more than the other factors, causes societal decline (such as LGBTBBQWTF culture or racial self-hatred). But is this true? This article aims to at least provide a partial answer to that question.

Defining Degeneracy

For the sake of this essay, degeneracy will be considered the following things:

  • Sexual deviancy that steers people away from procreation
  • Racial/ethnic self-hatred
  • High crime rates
  • Weak informal social order (Temples, families, etc)

Basically, the sorts of things that are counterproductive to group survival.

Where is the decline

This is the world. Now, if you happen to be reading a site that is proudly reactionary, chances are you agree that Western Europe and its offshoots such as America are societies in decline. If we take a look at the fertility rates (1), as far as I can see, there are few western countries with a fertility rate of 2.1 or above (and keep in mind this includes in many cases nonwhite immigrants). In America, we have the Ferguson effect (2) of soaring crime rates in urban centers, in Europe, one word: Rotherham. Western European countries generally have low church attendance (3), and almost all western nations allow abortion (4). Overall, this paints a bleak picture, especially in light of the migrant invasion of Europe that is currently underway. These places have in common still mostly white populations, general affluence, and high HDIs. But on this own this tells us nothing. Let us take a look at two other regions.

Eastern Europe fares somewhat better on some metrics, worse on others. The number of people who attend church or identity as religious is fairly high in about half of Eastern European countries (3,5). Abortion is still legal in most of Eastern Europe except Poland. The fertility rate however is still abysmal in much of Eastern Europe. Poland and Serbia are near the bottom of the list for fertility rates (1). Crime rate can be variable. I honestly wouldn’t trust many crime statistics, as many police departments both in the east and west are quite corrupt and keen to cover up the real crime rates. In general, from what I hear, most of Eastern Europe has lower levels of street crime than the United States. At any rate, I have yet to hear of a Rotherham coming out of Poland or Russia. The HDIs (Human Development Index) of Eastern European countries are still rather high, though somewhat lower than Western Europe (6). Overall, while Eastern Europe is generally more homogeneous than Western Europe or America these days, on most other metrics it would seem Eastern Europe still falls flat on the most key issues of self-survival, which is reproduction. Still, at least for now, there is no massive nonwhite influx. Countries like Russia also have laws against LGBTBBQWTF activism, which would never pass west of Warsaw. So there are some bright spots.

Still, this paints a pretty bleak picture of white people as a race, as totally unwilling to have children, and tolerant of social degeneracy. It might be tempting to point the finger solely at white pathological altruism as Kevin MacDonald would have it. I would say not so fast. There is one region left we have not explored.

For our purposes, Asia will consist of Japan, Taiwan, (South) Korea, and in some cases, China. Especially with Korea and Japan, they are nonwhite populations who have attained western wealth and industrial technology. How does Asia stack up?

We’ll divide this into three categories:

  • Sexually non reproductive behavior
  • Fertility Rates
  • Diversity/Race hatred

Abortion, as one example is legal in China, but restricted in Korea and Japan. On the other hand, men in Japan are increasingly uninterested with the ideas of marriage or even a girlfriend (7). Also, if the anecdotes I hear from Japan travellers are correct, besides the formerly legal under-age porn shops, there are machines which sell used girls underwear for men. Even in the modern west, you would be hard pressed to find such a thing. At least with Japan in particular, the sexual deviancy situation seems even worse in some regards than in the white world.

Fertility rates are low. South Korea and Japan have abysmally low fertility rates, along with Taiwan. Mainland China is a special case owing to the notorious one child policy, so I won’t consider China. Here, the rich Asian nations actually do worse than the west. The US (Around 2) and Russia (1.6) and France (Around 2) still have fertility rates considerably higher than Japan (1.4) or Taiwan (1.12), for instance. Then again, these countries are also very crowded, so keep that in mind. Poorer Asian nations are a mixed bag. Vietnam has a 1.8 fertility rate, but Laos has a 2.82, Cambodia is 2.6. In general, the poorer (in Asia), the higher the fertility rate. Even China with its one child policy clocks in at around 1.6, higher than Taiwan.

Perhaps the place where Asia excels is the diversity spectrum. Japan is over 98% Japanese (8). Korea is so homogeneous the CIA doesn’t even bother to provide exact numbers. On the surface, this would seem great.

But once upon a time, even America came close to those numbers, and Europe was totally white. Sometimes small trends are worth looking at, and soon we find that the liberal disease is even slowly infecting the rich Asian countries.

Korea has a small but growing diversity problem (9). Japan, on paper, is slowly accepting some diversity nonsense (10). It doesn’t matter that most people vehemently oppose this in Asia right now. Once upon a time forced integration and mass immigration were bitterly opposed in America and Europe. But even just doing these small things, bringing in some immigrants, or having some diversity corporate nonsense, it’s a start. You can find diversity activists in Korea now saying the era of ethnic homogeneity is over. It’s not just Western/Jewish elites who push this, the virus slowly but surely spreads to the affluent Asian countries. Also, if you think the media only pushes white girls to miscegenate with black guys, think again.

What do the rich parts of Asia and the West have in common?

  • High HDI’s
  • Urbanization

Maybe in a 100 years the Laotian peasant villager will laugh at the infertile and nearly dead Japanese nation. Maybe the Iraqi Arab will laugh at the low birth Iranians. If Laotian’s can have babies, but Japanese can’t, and if Caucasoid Arabs have more kids than Caucasoid Iranians (and Iran is better off the Iraq), maybe it isn’t just racial. Once upon a time the homes of Europeans and Americans were full of little white children running around. This isn’t a white thing. I think given the evidence, in general, more wealth and urbanization leads to social decline in any culture, not just white ones.

Such is the irony of the rise and fall of civilization. Cities give us technology to both build us, and also give us the same ideas by which we will destroy ourselves eventually.

And the cycle keeps turning. Still, I am open to this view being challenged. The urban/affluent idea is not set in stone for me, and I would like to see more debate on it.


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