Keep Calm And Carry On

A friend once told me that in his urban school out in the Midwest, when students had to organize into three sports teams for the school, they fell solidly into either white, Hispanic, or black groupings. I know people in real life who when they were younger had small gangs of other kids there age that looked after each other, especially when it came to dealing with blacks. Some studies (1) show that white Americans become more conservative when they are informed they will be a minority. In Germany the lukewarm right AfD has increasing support (2) in part because of its more right wing immigration slant, especially in this time of demographic crisis.

What does all this mean? If you read my article about wealth causing a decline, regardless of the race or civilization, we can generally see good materiel conditions and relative safety produce anti reproductive and anti right wing behavior. This situation, to the extent it can be fixed, will be fixed on its own time. Modernity and urbanization will become victims of their own success. White/European tribalism has minimal need to exist when most people still have a warm house in a reasonably safe area to return to. All this will likely change when the crime rate starts soaring to astronomical heights, the attacks on white people in Europe evolve into full blown warfare, and the general economic conditions deteriorate. Wealth and safety creates leftism and naivety. Poverty and danger will produce more right wing views among those who survive (excepting the people who fall into drug induced nihilistic despair). White people and traditional western society will assert itself once the non west forces itself upon western people. We can help this process along for sure, but ultimately it is out of our control. The wealthy society will eat itself with or without our help.

With this in mind, spending many many hours and sweat and sleepless nights perfecting right wing strategy may not be the best course. Now naturally a degree of leadership is needed. We do need artistic symbols and intellectually and religiously solid arguments. Someday, we will need a degree of organization.

However, at some point you hit a point of diminishing returns. I can spend the rest of my life organizing a military structure down to the most minuet detail of the lapels on a uniform, and achieve nothing if this army consists of only one or two men. Your army doesn’t need better organization–it needs more men.

The reason I bring this up is the recent scuffle at the Radix Journal comments section over Matthew Heimbach (apparently) being dis invited from the Become Who We Are Conference. Who is right and who is wrong here is unimportant. What is important to note is that to fret over strategy (media acceptability vs ideological purity) is at the point of minimal return. The fact of the matter is most people don’t care about alternative right ideas, or they actively despise them as of now. Changing minds is hard, and in many ways only harsh brutal reality will sort out many moderates and mainstream liberals. We can have superb organization as right wingers, and it wouldn’t matter much in the metrics that count for civilization. Highly nationalist factions have big influence, if not outright control in several Asian nations, but the birthrate is abysmal, and to quote Reactionary Expat “East Asian youth’s are heavily pozzed”.

Man must first see a necessity for tribe and religion and order before he can be convinced of it. This is part of the reason why the Alternative right grew from almost nothing in 2008, to at least something right now, with what is going on since then with recession, race riots, and so on.

If I could only leave one bit of advice for the American alternative right, it would be this: relax, light a cigar or pour a drink, and wait. Be prepared to wait. Things will take a while to develop in America. But when the astronomical crime rate and near total break down in law and order come, many people will rediscover reality fast, and from there we can begin applying our organizational techniques.

If you are in Europe however, disregard this. Your situation is extreme now, to say the least. Prepare yourselves and friends.

All the best, everyone.



Outcast Kaitsar

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