Consequence Time

Once upon a time, I used to be a pretty avid South Park fan. From about 14 to 18 years old I watched all the episodes I could. I stopped watching the show in the past few years for several reasons, but perhaps one of the biggest reasons among these, is that show is just not keeping pace with the times.

South Park was pretty famous for its over the top, and “edgy” humor. In all fairness, however low class and tasteless it sounds, I still like a lot of the older episodes (Towelie? Escaping to Mexico in an electric cart?). But I really can’t stand the new episodes, especially as I’ve heard they have tried to tackle the rise of the SJW phenomenon in the past few years. Sure the over the top gore, low class, and just plan simple age of the show drove me away, but the biggest thing is they are not artistically equipped to deal with something like an SJW, something which is slowly but surely heralding an entirely new age.

It was really easy to be very cynical, “radically centrist” and practice a sort of softcore comfortable nihilism ten or fifteen years ago. Go to the mall, buy a house on a mortgage, and complain about how the mainstream left or the mainstream right are essentially mismanaging the end of history, because there is no point, but the beauty of this arrangement is, there didn’t have to be a point, as long as there is a suburb to run away to, and good living conditions to come home to.

South Park of course, is just a show, and probably one that will end in  a few years at that. The reason I bring it up is to use it as a sort of proxy for a whole class of people who represent that outlook of make fun of everything, value nothing, but be horrified when the world comes knocking. The SJW is indeed a horrific creature, but they believe in something, and they are aware at some level that an action has a consequence. These milquetoast leftists, “radical centrists” and soft core nihilists don’t like SJW’s because they signal a slow return to an age of values, however deformed. The whole “South Park” mindset is just mocking everything, seeing the world in total absurdity. Perhaps here there is some relation to existentialism (I wouldn’t know for sure, I have only ever read Albert Camus’ “The Stranger”). But look at the world. It is absurd, but it is not. It is absurd in the sense you have people worshipping the wrong things (social justice, egalitarianism, strange foreign death cults), but in terms of a world where people stand, fight, die, suffer for their race, god, an idea, or whatever, the world is becoming rather de-absurdified. Shitlords and SJWs on twitter and the ‘chans. Trump vs Sanders. Muslim Migrants and Native Europeans in small towns going to de facto war. ISIS and Russia. These things that weren’t as prominent ten or twenty or thirty years ago have exploded into an extreme crisis everywhere. And you can’t run. You can never run. “It,” the crisis, the war, both physical and moral will find you.

Here, “anti SJWs” and other milquetoast people, from centrists, to cuckservatives, to mainstream liberals are relegated to the trash bin of history. The old order of a soft nihilism, of laughing at the world from the comfort of the couch, while enjoying an implicit order of sorts, is giving way to a world, externally much more chaotic, but internally highly organized along clear lines: Christian, Alt Right, SJW, pagan, Muslim, White, Black, and so on. People who are discomforted by the radicalism of Black Lives Matter or SJWs and express this sentiment only for reasons of personal comfort are not truly our friends as they stand, and perhaps in some ways they are worse. They may be of use if they become right wing, but then they wouldn’t be valueless and absurdist. Sorry centrists and milquetoasts and moderates. There *are* values that are fundamental. There is actual brutal suffering in the world, just as there can also be goodness and beauty (again).

Centrists and milquetoasts, your era is over. Your question is, do you want a society of honest labor, god, and traditional European/American values? Or do you want a society of transsexual Africans forcing you to pay a white privilege tax? Embrace one of those two, or embrace actual, brutal nihilism, and all that entails. This soft core apathetic mild embrace of nothing is not long for this world.

It’s a moral and spiritual war out there. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Outcast Kaitsar

6 thoughts on “Consequence Time

  1. “Sure the over the top gore, low class, and just plan simple age of the show drove me away, but the biggest thing is they are not artistically equipped to deal with something like an SJW, something which is slowly but surely heralding an entirely new age.”

    I haven’t watched of their recent episodes in a while, but South Park’s style of humor works when what they’re mocking is absurd or preposterous, but it’s not the most absurd or preposterous thing someone could do. In other words, they take something and exaggerate it for good fun to make a point.

    But you can’t exaggerate an SJW because there’s no room left for exaggeration. You can’t satirize a SJW because they take satire and turn it into a literal belief. You can’t make a joke about them because there’s nothing to joke about. You can’t lampoon something that represents the height of madness. You can’t make a subtle joke about someone who openly and proudly says 2+2=5.

    1. Whats even worse is they seem to have become more left wing over time. I remember there immigration episode back in 2004 being pretty right wing for a mainstream show (the one were the future people start ruining South Park). So once upon a time there were able to deliver a more effective and meaningful satire than they do nowadays.

  2. This is an excellent article and captures something I think many are bound to miss. South Park is protesting polarization, protesting extremes, but these extremes are NECESSARY to usher in the end of the age. We simply could not have a viable Reaction dealing with the leftists of the 1930s (hence why the right became so deformed during this period). We needed the screeching SJWs and all their ridiculousness, we needed minorities to start having a real say in how the left operates rather than just being a sheltered class.

    Right is a pole of virtue and order. Left is a pole of sin and disorder. it follows then that further right we go and the further left they go, the greater our advantage will become in the aggregate. Death to the center.

    1. You missed the more nuanced point about nihilism not being a stable ideological reference point. However, given your Anime girl display picture and your edgy name, I’m not surprised you’d miss the finer things.

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