Thoughts on the Future of the White Man

Western Europe is exploding into flames under the weight of the “refugees.” To the south in Syria a US-Russia confrontation rages, having the potential to explode into something even worse any minute. To the east the Asian nations bicker and quarrel over islands and engage in petty nationalist disputes, not unlike the Europe of 110 years ago. Just like the Europe of 110 years ago, the slow creep of liberalism can be spotted (did you know Taiwan elected a feminist as their president?) Africa teems with an exploding population while businessmen from China move in to eat up the resources. In America the Ferguson effect is causing a surge in crime, while schools and universities push the latest gender-bending schemes out of some crazed left wing academic’s mind. In cyberspace Facebook and Twitter are clamping down on anti-immigrant rhetoric like the good global citizens they are. Perhaps someday they will come for us in real life and haul us off to camps while our neighbors cheer them on, or just look away in solitude and fear. Truly, the world is burning.

We don’t have a voice. The National Party was locked out of elections in France. Same with the Swedish Democrats and Sweden. Twitter and Facebook and other avenues of mass discussion will seek to censor us soon enough. European nations enforce hate speech laws. Everywhere you turn the enemies of white people rule supreme in our own nations. Conventional politics cannot fix it – for even if the system allowed it, most people are still not ready to make that radical commitment yet. Will they ever? What is the future of the white man in such grim circumstances? This can go a few ways. Let me first put up a scenario of what won’t happen.

White people will not go extinct. Ignoring the fact that Eastern Europe has increasingly nationalistic and isolationist governments, even in America the trend is for white people to increasingly view themselves as discriminated against, and to tend towards more conservative positions as they become the minority. Did you know that even as of 2012, 58% of white millennials thought racism against whites was a problem?

And this was all before the Ferguson and Baltimore upsets? Sure the phrasing is Marxist (what is a “racist”?) but the sentiment is fundamentally there at some levels. Most white girls on dating websites still prefer white man in pretty substantial numbers. The left benefits greatly from the culture of silence. The culture of silence is many times more destructive than the culture of critique, but we will get back to that later. Rest assured pessimists, that most young white people are not perpetually self hating race mixers.

“But Andrew, how can white people have kids in this anti-white system?”

Did people have kids in Maoist China? If people in Maoist China can do it, you can certainly do it, even in SJW Land (just be sure to home school and choose the right crowd). Tens of millions of people died in Maoist China, yet people still had kids even at the height of the cultural revolution. How many people have modern SJWs killed? A few maybe, but then again take basic precautions. Do not exaggerate our political repression either, in some ways it is almost as bad as understating it. There are white people who are still at ease being white, and they will have kids, and they will marry other white people. Somewhere, some place, white people will survive. Even if we end up a nomadic people going from country to country like a certainly highly tribal group…

Once this scenario of utter extinction is out of the way, what can happen to us? The basic scenarios are boiled down to: “We Win.” or “We lose.”

What would losing look like?

Losing would mean the reduction of white people into minorities in their countries. Losing would mean the left’s domination of all culture and institutions of society. Losing this hard would require at some level our spirit to be broken. Even if we just extrapolate current trends, there is still some kernel of hope. The alt. right grows. Nationalist parties grow: and perhaps from these more base expressions of right-wing sentiment it can eventually flower into something more religious and traditional.

What would winning look like?

There are several examples of an old guard being taken down by a new guard. Some could claim the lack of super majority support for nationalist parties in Europe spells our doom, but realistically most people are politically apathetic even in times of great upheaval. To steal a page from the American liberty movement, it only took 3 percent of the population to actually wage the revolutionary war. At the time of the American founding, large sections of the population – perhaps up to half – could have been apathetic or even antagonistic to the founding of America. Yet now a days most white Americans feel obligated to show patriotism of some kind, even liberals. There is an element of “if you build it, they will come,” here. One could view the dedicated intellectual activism of people like Richard Spencer or to some extent the TRS troll army as a peaceful version of this 3 percent idea. Finding more people to join this vanguard should get easier as crime rises, the economy declines, more shocking events like Cologne occur, etc.. This vanguard though is predicated on open channels of communication. What happens if Twitter and Facebook and the government clampdown?

I honestly don’t have a professional answer. The best I could offer would be to look to countries that strongly suppressed dissidents like the USSR or China. The USSR eventually collapsed due to a crumbling economy, political ambition, ethnic/religious warfare, and overall bad administration. Chinese communism did not collapse, though this is in part because it reformed itself beyond recognition after 1978. So if full-blown repression starts, another approach perhaps would be to accelerate structural factors that could lead to a fall, like a poor economy or inefficient administration. Perhaps voting in the worst candidates and worst policies would be something we could do. In Europe the migrant crisis is already causing a break down of the old order of slow dispossession. Even liberals, with their different brain chemistry will eventually have to respond to the massive threats. How many of us used to be liberals?

Indeed, things seem grim now, but we must remember all is not lost, especially if there is still relative free speech in places like America. Even if they clamp down, the most hard-line regimes that suppressed dissent almost always either reformed beyond recognition or collapsed.

So I do have a degree of optimism. The next few decades will be brutal for sure. But we have to keep our spirits up. Do not let the silence culture make you think you are the only one doubting modernity.

Outcast Kaitsar

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Future of the White Man

  1. We are ALREADY a broken people. We are going to suffer an age of humiliation, repression, decline and loss. We have no allies. Everyone wants to see us go down. And they will gloat and laugh in glee and rub it in, even as our own decline makes things worse for them too. We brought on ourselves through our flabbiness, decadence and stupidity.

    But we will survive. And in the dark age to come we will reconnect with our own heritage. Our enemies will remove their mask and be made clear to us. Our sense of collective resentment and betrayal will grow. And this will fuel a revival. And then some day we will reconquer what is ours. But that will not happen in our generation. We must prepare the ground and sow our seeds knowing some future generation will benefit.

    We must relinquish our conservatism, because there is little left that is worth conserving. The system itself is inherently against us, so conservatism now just defends the very system that is killing us. So we must becomes radicals and revolutionaries. Our job must not be to preserve, but to destroy. We must rub raw every resentment, widen every divide in order to promote polarisation of society.

    If you do nothing else, then have 3 children and teach them their heritage.

  2. I can’t for the life of me remember where it was, but I got into an in-depth discussion on some blog about the coming clampdown on the internet. Glad you have picked up on this rising undercurrent as well. Germany now essentially has PRC internet.

    Within perhaps as little as a decade, the entire Reactosphere will have to move to the dark web. It is vital that these networks remain operational for the years to come, and we should certainly endeavor to expand them to as wide a breadth as possible before the fateful day arrives.

    1. This may sound a bit LARPy, but I honestly would like to see someone inside the alt right set up real life contacts across several points in the western world, and establish something akin to the Samizdat operations in the former Eastern Bloc. I think we need to consider some form of physical communication and distribution.

      As for picking up on the censorship trend, I actually have to tip my hat to Jokeocracy on Twitter (May the duck ride in Valhalla!) who said we should prepare for a mass purging of Twitter soon.

      1. I think those connections are already beginning. The first iteration was blogs linking and rebounding off each other, but slowly, discussions are occuring, a network is forming. A formalization of this will follow in the coming years I’m sure. I’ve found myself in contact with people from very disparate locations in just the last few months. It’s only up from here.

  3. A supermajority is not a precondition of a successful political movement; it is an outcome. I take this to be the key insight of the NRx writers, and I think it is correct. At the heart of every political movement lies a “propaganda,” a Committee for the Propagation of the Faith. The established propaganda enjoys some very great advantages, both in reach and powers of suppression, but insurgent propagandas are very hard to destroy. The established propaganda is necessarily tied to defending the interests of the world as it is, and this means it must bear a large load of tired lies. The insurgent propaganda doesn’t have this responsibility, so it can be much more lively and exciting.

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