The Current Chapter

Do you follow Alt. Right Twitter? I do a little bit, though I haven’t been on Twitter in a while. Really, the medium is rather toxic: you can say something long enough to offend or alienate someone, but usually not have enough space to say anything meaningful. Maybe the Alt. Right getting kicked off of Twitter could be a positive in that regard?

However this post will not focus on Twitter or the theory and practice of memetic warfare. It is rather an evaluation of Alt. Right attitudes: the good, the bad, the ugly, and at the end, some attempts to predict the future.

NRx has largely (though certainly not entirely) left the Twitter format. The standard bearers for the Alt. Right tend to be more identitarian. I don’t have any hard data, but I would also guess a lot of Alt. Righters of this strain are under 30 generally. The Alt. Right has made big waves with memes such as #cuckservative or #whitegirlsaremagic. There are some positive things to be said for sure about a young, energetic, tech-savvy identitarian movement:

  • Ability to hijack online culture and force the mainstream to pay some attention to long suppressed racialist ideas.
  • Young people are more willing to embrace the radicalism that this age demands.
  • Anonymous culture, beyond protecting one’s job and family, also enables total ideological freedom.
  • Race is important. We must get over delusions of total color-blindness.
  • The satire and counter-cultural nature of this young movement also makes it appealing to other young people.

But you put something in, you have to push something else out as well. I think there are decided negatives to a youth based internet movement which have not been adequately addressed:

  • Online culture sometimes discourages engagement with the real world, which is bad for both personal and political development.
  • The actual opinions of people in real life can sometimes be unfathomable to those in the online Alt. Right.
  • Radicalism, while necessary, can descend into rampant counter signalling, which is unproductive.
  • Anonymity, while necessary for most people (unless you’re a total bro like me), also blurs lines. People put much less value and thought behind words if their name or face isn’t tagged to it. It’s much easier to shit-talk when it’s not your actual name on the line.
  • A lot of the race-focused Alt. Right seems to ignore or outright detest Christianity. Besides being a political non-starter in much of the West, you cannot ultimately build a system that inspires morals and courage out of white skin worship.
  • The prevalence of young males lends itself to what Andy Nowicki would call “White Vagina Worship.” In all fairness I am guilty of this myself. This creates problems in dealing with the real world..

I won’t name names here, but you can easily find people on the Alt. Right Twitter and blogospheres who think people who put their Christianity first, above race, are “cucks.” You can find people who will malign Roosh V for “stealing white women.” Now I am quite well aware that Roosh is a degenerate, but if he levels the criticism that some Alt. Righters engage in white vagina worship and white knight for some white women who are quite frankly idiots, him being Iranian-Persian does not invalidate the point. This is an example of youthful rage and energy being misdirected to unproductive ends.

So we have examined some pros and cons of the present, racialist Alt. Right for advancing a Right-wing agenda. I don’t want to entirely rip on the Alt. Right either – they have done some great work getting ideas out there and exploiting the system against itself. This article is not done out of hatred or mockery, but more just an offering of advice to fellow travelers on the right. Now a prediction: The Alt. Right will fall.


Let me clarify the statement, Alternative Right as a generic term for radical anti-liberal thought, that is here to stay, and will probably only grow with the increasingly chaotic state of the world. But the Alt. Right as a specific internet moment of memes and white activists will fall. In the end, its youth might partially be its undoing. One way or another, the star of popular revolt and “mainstream” attention will fade. The obsession with race only, while attacking religious people and ignoring white degeneracy when it happens, cannot last. But in light of the Trump failure in Iowa (regardless of whether it was  rigged or not), we need to take away a major lesson: To be resilient.

We will fail. A lot. We will be suppressed, a lot. Our priorities will change as we grow older and become wiser. But we should not be discouraged and think the worst when a movement fails. Paleoconservatism is basically a dead ideology which never had its chance to shine. Now the Alt. Right identitarian branch rules the radical Right debate, and have made much more cultural progress. Eventually they might fall. But if they fall (and its quite possible they could adapt themselves and stay relevant for a long time), something new again will come along, learning even more from past mistakes and taking us closer to our final goals. We are right, and the number of people doubting modernity only grows. We must be careful not to invest so much of our emotional or mental health into some candidate or some internet moment in time. The fundamental anti-modern sentiment is there, and cannot be crushed, from Patrick Buchanan, to Nick B. Steves, RamZPaul, the shitlord down the street, and everyone in between.

Don’t let Iowa and the coming Twitter purges get you down, guys. The Alt. Right is just one chapter down in a long struggle. With each chapter we learn a little something more and get a bit farther each time.

Outcast Kaitsar

15 thoughts on “The Current Chapter

  1. Sounding an optimistic tone. I like this. The Twitter shutdown is definitely on the way, that is if Twitter itself doesn’t implode looking at recent stock projections. If the established powers think this will stop the radical right however, they’re more stupid than we gave the credit for.

    1. Well in part, I have been somewhat depressed lately, I have been listening to way too much Common Filth radio, so you could say I am trying to find positive signs wherever I can.

      On the topic of the radical right: I think the anti liberal mindset is more a general attitude than anything. That’s why I am not really concerned if the present racialist alt right falls apart, something intellectual will have to fill the leadership of the anti liberal ideology. I know in the late 20th century it was the Paleoconservative movement, but I don’t think history was quite ready for them.

      And if Twitter kicks off the right all at once, that might well destroy them. I would imagine someone like Milo has more twitter views than your run of the mill SJW account.

  2. The immature anti-Christianity of the Alt Right shows that, broadly, it will go nowhere unless its adherents grow up. As a traditionally minded Catholic, I will be the first to admit the Church and Protestant denominations have their problems. However, the low-IQ race worshippers conflate the relatively recent history of Christianity with 2000 years of solid doctrine and philosophy.

    1. I think we also sometimes forget other races have souls too 😉

      Having a youthful right wing is great, but we sometimes need adult supervision, which is severely lacking at this point in time.

      While I am not a christian (at least yet), I refuse to associate with any movement that, as a whole, engages in Christ bashing. Part of this article was me getting mad at someone on twitter saying race is our first priority and must trump all other moral or spiritual considerations.

      If that’s the #AltRight, count me out. Methinks there is a third way between bland milquetoast conservatism and immature racialism.

      1. I’ve dabbled in the alt right, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Too much vitriol, and they just react to everything the left does with impotent rage. They don’t understand that it’s the metaphysics, stupid; a white ethnostate (laughable pie in the sky nonsense IMHO) is only as good as the people in it. Whatever one might think of the truth of Christian metaphysics, they are good society. Race worshippers think they can make modernity work as long as white people run it.

        1. This alludes a bit to the issue of maturity and anonymity. I don’t want to entirely counter signal the racialists either: I mean if you really look at the science, HBD is true, and mono ethnic societies tend to be happier than diverse ones. Even if you remove white people form the equation, you could take the Mexican-Black gang wars in LA as proof of the CH Maxim Diversity+Proximity=War. But just because HBD is true, and white people deserve space for themselves, doesn’t meant that race is more important than god.

          The problem is, to make such a nuanced point doesn’t line up easily with the signalling nature of large parts of the right. I am pretty sure someone reading this on /pol/ or TRS will accuse me of being a race cuck, while someone reading this on a radical traditionalist site will accuse me of being reductionist. True answers to complex questions in the end require maturity, something simply not possible in an overwhelmingly under 30 movement. Also when everyone is anonymous, there is no incentive to respect each other or to keep it serious. I am not saying everyone needs to dox themselves, but we do need to consider this angle, this deficiency in the right wing.

          Managing the right is an insanely difficult task. You have to be real without falling into the Buckleyite trap of chasing respectability above all else. On this question, I have few answers, as I myself am only 20: a nobody in the middle of nowhere.

          1. Maturity *is* the key issue. Too many of alt righters I’ve read think they’re hot stuff because they’ve skimmed some right wing philosophy or HBD stuff (no disrespect to either discipline). If someone wants to contribute, they need to sit down and listen to their elders and focus on what they can really do effectively. The troll/twitter culture keeps these kids plugged in and stuck in their own little internet ghetto. I’d also posit that many of them are still *rhetorically* liberal; a lot of their arguments are in the spirit of their counterparts, where the patriarchy or whites is replaced by Jews or other minorities. They are all too often concerned with everything being political, especially art and literature–it must be right wing to be good in their view. I’d be sympathetic to them if they weren’t all angry, atheistic twenty somethings.

            1. Yes and no to your objections: Again it’s the insane difficulty of managing the right, young people are too immature to make solid judgements (I am guilty of this myself: one day I listen to some Common Filth Radio and literally think the end times are just around the corner, next day I go on twitter and feel that very soon the alt right will be mainstream. An fully grown adult would probably sense reality is somewhere between those two extremes.), but on the other hand, look at the mainstream conservative establishment, National Review is a joke. Even Paleoconservative publications sometimes sound out of touch, since Paleoconservatism these days seems to be more an over 40 type movement.

              Am I angry? Yes, sometimes too much.But what am I supposed to think about the rape of Cologne? Celebrating homosexuality and AIDS culture? Sometimes I feel our problems are caused because we are too restrained, we want too much to be part of bourgeoisie society, made all the more rage inducing by how little tolerance modern liberals have for any dissent. On the other hand, anger, besides eating you up, can just be counterproductive. Perhaps anger demands a specific context to be used in?

              I suppose I should shift my job from trying to answer questions to simply asking the right ones, and then letting someone older and smarter someday sort them out.

              Honestly, to let you in on a secret I don’t really have any answers. But does anyone on the right have any?

              This site was started in the hopes that by putting different strands of right wing thought together, we could get some good juices flowing and figure something out. I do think we inch closer to that goal every time one of us posts, but at least for me, I know I have a long journey ahead.

              1. Admitting you don’t have all the answers is very important for anyone interested in questioning the narrative, and that’s what the identitarians go wrong; they presuppose they have all the answers. I’m very much in the same place you are, just asking questions to try and find out what’s really going on in the world before I even try to think of answers. For now, I just try to focus on literary matters; I don’t see myself as much of a political theorist.

                1. Generally, this issue is why I try to put more statistics in my writing than I used to, to try and provide some solid reference point not based on pure emotion.

                  On being not a political theorist: I totally understand the sentiment, the problem is everything is becoming politicized, and all around worse. Even in my small place I am noticing more homeless people and drugs seeping into the community. The local schools recently passed some initiative to promote transgender bathrooms or some nonsense. Everywhere you go it seems SJWs try to cram their narrative in everyone’s face.

                  Here is the scary part: how many of us know what *normal* people think? Will the left eventually burn itself out and an intelligent right will arise to counter them. Is there a lot of anger among normal young people? Or are (white) people, total moral invalids who will sit and gleefully see everything good in the world burn to the ground because of the dominance of the left wing in academia, media, culture, etc.

                  I will say this much: the silence culture created by the left wing makes the radical left seem larger in number than they actually are.

                  1. I’m under the impression the organized has been dying since the collapse of the Iron Curtain, and the irrational cultural version we live under is the last stage of it. We will only be able to tell once we get several decades of hindsight.

                    1. Maybe. I think in Europe the situation is dire however. This migrant crisis and how Europeans will respond to it in the next decade or so could be a make or break moment for western civilization.

                      In general, even in a heavily left wing country like Germany the approval ratings of Merkel have gone down, and more people are immigrant skeptic than before, but it’s still not a solid majority from what I read, and whether or not this will translate into a will to fight back should ISIS come in and start taking over German cities or towns is something I can’t answer.

                      I think countries like Poland, Russia, and a few of the Western European countries like Denmark will survive, but the futures of Germany, France, Britain, and America seem very up in the air right now.

                    2. It’s uncertain for sure, but the West has had its crisis periods before. This is an organic pattern. That doesn’t make it any less disconcerting, of course, but the West will live on in some form.

  3. Timely article as TRS just got shoahed by their host for doxing and harassing. The alt-right will become no-platformed from most of social media by the end of the year so it is imperative that we coordinate our efforts with this on the horizon. TRS has been expecting this for quite some time which is why “standard pool parties” (IRL meetups) have been used to promote meatspace networking, which has been a massive success in my personal experience. As our message resonates with a wider audience it is inevitable that we will be driven (more) underground but “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold onto the lost position, without hope, without rescue…”

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