Primer, Pt. 9: End

It appears that the entirety of this series has been rendered obsolete. That isn’t a decrying or negative statement, but rather an observation. I began this series in mid-2014 as an attempt at elucidating my own worldview, a “making sense of things” – at the time I’d only just then found the Reactosphere on YouTube and it was like finding a goldmine. Almost two years on, too much having changed to write down, and looking back upon what’s written, I can surely say that I was onto something from the start. Intuition seems to be a gift I’m blessed with, and even if I’m not the best writer – far from it – or the most academic or studious – extremely far from it – I have a good “feel” for things; I visualise information as emotions, colours, shapes, movements, etc. – it’s difficult to describe. But I digress. This is better summed up by this.

What’s occurred thus far in this piece is demonstrative of the series’ usefulness running its end; the talking of myself as opposed to external ideas and so fourth. This is a pagan quality, however; the extrapolation of Fallen Man as opposed to from where he fell; from man as opposed to elsewhere. From the volk; “ur”; the earth; the ground; “As below.” Not the chthonic from Man’s perspective, but the chthonic from the perspective of the Firmament. Fractalistic dualism. Et fucking cetera. And not from a sort of egotistic or narcissistic place; but what’s closest to me is myself and my interior machinations, as flawed as they are.

This is of course a process, I’m not even in my twenties yet, so I’m sure I’ll get muscle cramps from hunching downwards eventually and have to stretch upwards. I’m already aware of these things regardless, but I’m not actively interacting with such things beyond the simulated nature of “reading” and “discussing.” It’s quite illusory, but I know it is as such. If this writing thus far appears esoteric… so what? [Rhetoricae quaestio.]

If the Anglican or Catholic Church or perhaps another Western entity was in healthier shape I’d jump to it in a heartbeat. But, as we’re all familiar, that isn’t the case. A schism is needed in the mainstream Western Churches between those who are pro-European identity and those who are otherwise, to put it simplistically. One could contextualise it as “Right” and “Left” respectively. A counter-Reformation is in order, so to speak. (Almost as edgy as “counter-Revolution.”)

In related Evolian news:

The elimination of every presupposition also causes a crisis for much of the Nietzschean doctrine of the superman, which is no less unilateral because of its frequent emphasis on aspects of life contrary to those just posited by Guyau: will to power, hardness, and so on. In all strictness, to be purely oneself and to have a fully free existence, one should be able to accept, will, and say an absolute “yes” to whatever one is – even when there is nothing in one’s nature that approaches the ideal of the superman; even if one’s own life and destiny do not present heroism, nobility, splendor, generosity, and altruism, but decadence, corruption, debility, and perversion. A distant reflection of this path is to be found even in the Christian world, in Calvinism. It is the doctrine of the fallen man, broken by original sin but redeemed through “faith”; of man simultaneously justified and a sinner, in the face of the Absolute. But in a world without God, the result of such an attitude is to leave oneself in an extreme trail of strength and denudation of the I. Hence the Nietzschean claim of having “rediscovered the way that leads to a yes and a no: I teach you to say yes to all that strengthens, that gathers energy, that justifies the feeling of vigor.” This claim is justified only when the corresponding command is transposed, internalized, and purified, detached from any specific content and especially from any reference to a greater or lesser vitality. It is rather a matter of either being capable or incapable of holding form within, in one’s own naked absolute being, with nothing to fear and nothing to hope for. ~ Ride the Tiger, pg. 43

An externalisation is simply a willing for external response. Any outward motion beyond the self has an end somewhere. This series has been as such — the first copy of Part 8 was that in perhaps a too personal fashion (but even there the only response was from Hotherus) — and it’s served its purpose.

Regardless, all that needed to be said, hinted at, implied, vaguely referenced, etc. has been.

Part 8 > Part 10


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