Anonymous on Libertarianism

NOTE: The following words are not my own, but a particularly impressive anonymous exchange between two people on a certain internet imageboard which was worthy of cataloguing.

Can anyone add to rebuttals of libertarianism from the far-right, other than “lolburgtarian” or other one-liners?

I used to defend Libertarians, until I realized how deeply hypocritical they all are.

You claim to believe in total freedom of speech, but you’ll shush and shame White Nationalists and race realists while giving a platform and paying rapt attention to communists, niggers, hipsters, and feminists.

If you stood for real freedom of expression, I might get along with you better, but you don’t. Most dyed in the wool Libertarians are just neoprogressives who want classical conservative economics but don’t want to give up their pozzed lifestyle or cannot bring themselves to condemn hedonism.

Once you learn more about society and how the world actually works, you will come to understand that these things go hand in hand. You cannot have “conservative economics, progressive society.” One informs the other. One leads to the other. A conservative society will end up having conservative politics and financial strategies one way or the other. The reverse is also true.

Libertarianism could work if the world was solid white. It isn’t. Europeans and Anglos are outnumbered by the brown hordes on a global scale by a massive margin, and we are becoming slowly outnumbered even within the context of our own countries.

Free Trade is a joke and a mistake. Traditionalism and Protectionism are the ways to go. All immigration needs to be halted immediately, and any fifth columns or pockets of alien cultures need to be deported back to their origin countries. Private national banking needs to be abolished, and the banks need to be Nationalized so as to prevent any sort of privatized cabal of money lenders from ever rising again.

Usury should be outlawed. Libertarians don’t have the capacity to do this. They would call it “too authoritarian.” They acknowledge what needs to change, but shrink away from actually doing what needs to be done.

You think a KKK rally is white, go look at a Libertarian meet-up sometime. Take a good, long look at that crowd. Not one Black. Not one Hispanic. No Arabs, Jews, or other Semites. Not even any of the so-called “based Asians.”

Just white people. Anglos and Europeans are the ONLY ones who want to “play fair.” Everyone else is out for themselves, and they’re taking advantage of the west’s pathological altruism to eat us alive.

You’ll become a Paleoconservative or Fascist eventually. It’s just a matter of time.

We will change the world the Patrick Buchanan way, and if they deny us that, we will change it the Adolf Hitler way.

Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.

So you’re sad that libertarians didn’t specifically endorse your entire world view even though they fought for the right for you to express it?

Free trade works if you have an equivalent tariff policy to offset government subsidies so that places like china can’t use government funds to run foreign competition out of business.

As for progressive degeneracy, two points:

  1. Progressivism is a problem only because it is forced on people by the government. On its own it is a failing strategy and without the ability to teach the people adopting said strategy will die off or change.
  2. Progressive and conservative societies cycle one after the other as a reaction to the other. It is a cycle and it will repeat. The damage from it can again be mitigated by a lack of centralized authority so that degeneracy cannot be mandated.

Libertarians have never fought for racists or true conservatives. I never asked for an endorsement, nor for that matter do I desire one. I fight to be heard. Libertarians offer platforms only to other Libertarians and progressives they sympathize with. Any platform you offer to those who are conservative, traditionalist, or fascist is grudging at best, and tacitly condemned and stifled at worst. You offer endorsement to progressives, whether they demand them or not. Libertarians as a group have already chosen their side. They merely pretend not to have, by promoting false equivalencies and pretending to stand for the rights of everyone.

Everyone’s right to express themselves is equal, you say. But just like the progressives you sympathize with, some are more equal than others. You have favored sons. That is hardly a sin, but when your entire stance is the refusal to favor any son, it is a hypocrisy. One you refuse to acknowledge or admit to.

You say this is not a particular problem. But it is. It is a very deep and concerning problem. Because we fight enemies who will use our freedoms and rights as weapons against us. Agitators will come to meetings and shout us down, and cry free speech when they are ejected. Our enemies will form mobs to cause havoc and destruction when we assemble to discuss issues or share information, and cry freedom to assemble when they are dispersed. Our opponents will slander us in the press with blatant distortions and outright lies, and when challenged or called down will hide behind freedom of the press.

Mosley encountered this very problem when he attempted to stop Churchill from starting another world war against Germany. Trump is encountering this problem now. Hitler ran into it before both of them. The reason the Brownshirts, the Blackshirts, and now the Lion’s Guard were FORMED, is because Communist agitators are masters of using the rights and freedoms of a nation to get their way. They will cut you with a knife, proclaim it their right to do so, and cry foul when you push them away or strike back with your fist.

This is why Libertarian hypocrisy cannot be borne. Because Communists, Socialists, Bolsheviks, and Jews will forever and always use our freedoms and rights against us as poisoned daggers, and the only way to stop it is employ similar, if tempered, tactics.

Even your own elder Libertarians admit this. They themselves claim that a true Libertarian society can only come about if all Communists, hippies, Marxist sympathizers, and welfare leeches are expelled and cast away. But to the matter of how this is to be done, they speak not one word. They see the problem, but much like the handwringing progressives of Europe who see the refugees as a problem but say it is impossible to deport them back, they offer not even the faintest hint of a solution.

No. There is a solution. There is a solution to getting rid of Cultural Marxism, just as there is a solution to sending the refugees back. But like the progressives you sympathize with, you pretend that what is standing plain before you is not there. If you do see it, you deny it and refuse it, saying there must be some other way, that the situation can be solved without violence or compromising your Libertarian mores and morality.

You are wrong. This will never be solved peacefully. The enemy will not permit it. They are dyed in the wool fanatics that believe they are saving the world from itself, and will die for what they believe in, running the streets red with blood. If you are not prepared to do the same even to stop them, let alone to begin reversing the tide of what they have done, then it is tantamount to conceding defeat right now. There is no lengths a rabid dog will not take to bite a man. It must be put down.

What the European talking heads refuse to admit is that the refugees could easily be rebuffed. They came here under their own power. They can leave under their own power. If Europeans started executing every Muslim they see, the problem will sort itself out in under a year. They will self-deport back to where they came from, if they are made to fear what lies before them more than what the initially ran away from.

The same solution exists for Cultural Marxism, and all the various flavors of Socialist, Communist, Quisling, and opportunist that push it. To fight them legitimately within the confines of the rules is to propose the raising up of an entire nation within a nation, to have a second America preaching the truth to counter their lies, a second media machine, a second governmental process, a second source of mass information. This is categorically impossible to accomplish, and even if it were, the powers that be would not permit it. The leviathan of the state would not stand idly by while you erect a behemoth in front of it to fight it.

Libertarians admit that the threat must be removed, but choose to ignore that it will never go willingly, and will fight to the death to fulfill its purpose and nature. Force is the one and only solution. But to do so is foul, disgusting, altogether too barbaric, downright fascist, and worst of all, that most wicked of Libertarian sins, authoritarian. So the Libertarian will never do so. He will plead the fifth on the matter even as they are lowering him into his own grave.

Additionally, even if you HAD “fought for my right to free speech,” that means next to nothing. Am I to overlook a man stabbing me in the back with a knife because he once passed me the salt, or held open a door for me?

The forces arrayed against us will use the rights we value to kill us and everything we hold dear. You have seen it already in the Chicago riots. Under the guise of “freedoms” like the right to assembly and the right to free speech, the actual rights of free speech and freedom to assemble will be unmade through naked terrorism disguised as the will of the people.

The only positions you may ever take are to either stand completely aside and permit those who are willing to do what must be done, to join us and fight back, or to stand by your principles as hypocritically as you do now, but show the towards us instead. These are the only viable positions for you to take. The Libertarian masses choose none of these. Thus, you are part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

And these are just the issues with Libertarianism that appear when confronted with the issue of Cultural Marxism. They go far deeper than this.

Libertarianism is the promotion of the individual over all other concerns, and as such, Libertarianism is the suicide of culture and nation both. Libertarianism will not enforce the changes that are necessary to fix this country, or indeed any country, because any such concentration of power would be condemned for its own sake, merely for existing. You promote Free Trade, which breaks the back of any economy that utilizes it and always will, for Free Trade is only viable if all trade partners engage in it, and they never will. Thus, it is a policy of being taken advantage of, and will always ultimately lead to jobs and labor being outsourced to foreign bidders, and wealth flowing out of the nation and into the pockets of international corporate interests.

You claim that progressiveness is only a problem when it is pushed on people by their government. What you fail to realize is that the government will always be biased towards a political ideology, and not only that, it should be. McCarthy’s bias for American Traditionalism and against Communism is what protected America from it, and but for the Grace of God that he could have gotten all of them instead of merely most, we would not have many of the problems that we do today.

The government will always force upon the people the ideals of those who hold office. Thus, the government will always be vulnerable to subversion by intrusive and malicious alien elements. It is not a self-correcting system. It must be corrected. Socialism did not form in a vacuum. Just like how women have been granted equal rights many times before in the history of human civilization, it is a symptom of a greater scourge of the entropy of civilization and the decay of society. Sexual liberation, female rights, and socialist policies will always be the harbingers of the end for a society. To try and embrace the poison like you do, to insist that the volatile and poisonous progressive culture can be preserved and is even somehow inherently good, betrays your naked ignorance and naivete on the subject.

It is progressive CULTURE that is causing these problems. It is liberalism that has brought us to this point, it is egalitarianism has allowed this to come to pass, and it is individualism that permitted this to foment. To preserve modern culture but insist on conservative law and fiscal policy is to replace a rotten fruit with a fresh one, but scoop out the festering heart of the rotten and transplant it into the healthy. It is painting over rust instead of scrubbing it out.

The culture dictates everything, because it controls the wills and wants of the people. This is why Cultural Marxism has been so effective. A nation is held aloft from the very bottommost rung, and that bottom rung is the family, which is the smallest microcosm of civilization. A family is a group of related people who share space and ideas. A group of families is a locality, a group of localities is a city or region, a group of cities or regions is a state, and a state either stands on it’s own, or itself comprises a group of states that form a nation. Thus, all of civilization is supported by the family.

This is why the single most successful Communist psy-op ever played was the Feminist one, i.e. the one that attacked the family unit itself. This is no accident. This was by design. This was a poison dart crafted specifically to bring the Western world to its knees and ultimately destroy it, and it is a poison that has outlived the assassins that cast it and will be the death of us yet if we cannot stop it.

To refuse to take a stand against the degeneration of society and culture, to try and “stay above it,” is to be complicit with it’s blatant and overt destruction. The man who stands by and watches as the gates are lifted and the barbarians are let loose upon the city is complicit in the act of the gate raiser.

You would stuff your ears with cotton and gibber of cycles of left and right, completely ignoring that even the right wing of today would be viewed as buffoons, imbeciles, and utter madmen by the conservatives of as little as a hundred years ago.

A Libertarian is someone who sees the spinning wheel of the left versus right dichotomy and says “this is a natural cycle of the rotation of ideas,” blind to the cart that the wheel is attached to, which is rolling down a hill and off of a cliff. You say to a man who would halt the spinning wheel, “you have no right to do that, the spinning of the wheel is natural,” and to a man who would dare to reverse it, you would hurl your most dire insults, of “authoritarian” and “fascist.”

You cite the Founding Fathers of America as your inspiration.

The Founding Fathers were unashamedly fascist. They were fascist before such a term even existed. They were, it could be argued, the original pioneers of the concept in modern times, as they espoused the erasing of prior identity to be subsumed into the newly created joint effort and identity of all. The ideals they represented were the ideals Classical Rome, which they had studied and admired. They opposed only the coronation of an Emperor out of the whole of Roman works, and only then on principle alone.

Much like Thomas Aquinas, not one of them considered Africans “human” when they spoke of “universal human rights.” They never imagined that Europeans and Anglo-Saxons would ever become a minority in their own country. They never believed Christendom would be dismantled with the very rules they put in place to protect it. They fled Britain precisely to escape the tyranny of a centralized private bank, and they felt that such a thing as a love of ones own people and a desire to protect and further the cause of your nation and your blood was so absurdly obvious and so deeply fundamental that it did not even deserve a comment. When they spoke of the brotherhood of man, it was of embracing a man from a city over as a friend, not inviting into your home a swarthy savage from an alien continent.

And if they did ever suspect that such things might take place, they counted on the intelligence and perception of the Americans alive in such times to strike back against it.

You refuse to do so. You fail the Founding Fathers in ways that even an out-and-out, dyed in the wool Nazi does not. At least they would stand for America the nation first, and themselves second. At least they are willing to fight back. At least they are intelligent enough to understand that one should not be bound by any law meant for civilized society when uncivil men subvert such rules into daggers and razors, to be brandished with malicious intent.

To hide behind feigned neutrality to avoid having to make a stand as any real patriot, as any real man, should, makes you more detestable than the most blatant traitor. You are worse than a traitor. You are a shamer of the righteous, finger wagging the resistance, tut tutting those with the heart to fight back, and talking down as though to a fool the assemblage of patriots who refuse to see a nation subverted and degenerated before their eyes.

Naked treachery is preferable to the smug and lukewarm condescension of the just. Even the devil himself stood for something in the face of the Allmighty. You cannot even manage that.


3 thoughts on “Anonymous on Libertarianism

  1. A quick thought on the matter from a friendly libertarian.

    The hardest part of discussing libertarianism is separating the political philosophy from what people presume it teaches because some libertarians interpret it that way to fit their cultural and social views.

    For example, the entire “fiscally conservative socially liberal” tagline is just a subterfuge pushed by leftists.

    A common fallacy “libertarians” engage in is selective application of the philosophy by ignoring what Chateau Heartiste refers to as “externalities. This is akin to a referee at a soccer game enforcing the no-hands rule against only one team while discounting violations by the opponents and calling it fair.

    This is partly why I don’t associate with the “liberty movement” anymore.

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