Open up the gates
Slowly close your eyes
The storm is blowing in
And we’ve invited it inside

The guard are seduced
To silence the wise
Behind hollow doors
We’re forced to hide

The fortress is empty
But the enemy is near
Abandoned and orphaned
The solution is unclear

The castle’s walls collapsing
Throne room painted black
Repression of my instincts
Unable to fight back

Separated by rebellion
And rotting from the head
Into these conditions
The baby is born dead

Isolated and targeted
Picked off one by one
A collective force against us
A collection of individuals


Hello, I'm Lance Edain. I'm from the South, of both transplant and native stock, and I'm interested in politics, history, and philosophy.

4 thoughts on “Orphaned

  1. I immensely enjoy the evocation of imagery and emotion in this piece. I must say, however, (and I hope you take this constructively) that it gets a bit too sing-songy for me in the middle, it seems to throw the “flow” off.

    1. That’s perfectly fine. It was originally written as song lyrics, and then awkwardly converted into more of a poem. I’ll have to be more thorough next time.

      1. Ah, that makes sense then. Your a musician then? If so I’d be interested in hearing your music if you’ve anything recorded.

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