Anonymous on the Effects of Pornography

The following was first posted on 8chan’s /pol/ board on the 7th of May 2016 surrounding the issue of modern sexuality and pornography by an anonymous poster. I have archived the essay here due to its nature and quality. Thank you to the anonymous poster for sharing your words.

The only changes to the essay I have made are grammatical and in no way effect the message.

Hello dear /pol/, I hope you find yourselves having a good day. You might remember an anon a while ago that posted about his porn addiction and wrote a short text on why porn was probably the cause that males are so cucked in recent years. At the time a lot of that came from reading past the NoFap’s movement loads of anecdotal evidence and bro-science and examining some of its valid points. But alas, I was not satisfied.

There was something there. Something that wanted to be found.

I’ve gone off and done actual research — anonymous interviews recruiting around boards, lots of books on the field of Sexology (back when Psychology was real and before the field became fetishistic bullshit and tranny justifications, so some odd forty years ago) and other heaps of bullshit, trying to sort the delusional from the actual knowledge from outright kike lies.

This is going to be quite long. I’ll examine the crux of the issue first, then go off and examine several rising fetishes and the dangers of several kinds of thinking, concluding with suggestions of how you — yes, you — should behave to create the new male, the one that should rise from this swamp of leftist crap. By no means is this a defeatist or M.G.T.O.W.-supporting text — I think this issue should be fixed, but it starts with you.

If you have any of the issues described in this essay, please seek to improve yourself. Realize it isn’t natural to you, and seek to stop them.

Here we go.

The Modern Times, the Downfall of Masculine Thinking and Autogynephilia

First of all, let us examine the recent events on the world that have changed how the modern human views sexuality. Not only have family values gone down — rather, I’d say, fucking plummeted — but the rise of fast-access Internet Porn, filled with all kinds of imagery, have also corrupted the youth’s natural sexual development. With sex viewed as just a way of release and said pornography widely available, the modern teenager — and many of you, I’m sure — was quick to hop in the internet porn bandwagon, also in an era where sex became more acceptable to talk about in public and media.

Now, many of you could confirm and well, common sense also shows that the first fantasies of the human male, and the types of video he watches, are usually simple, heterosexual videos of a man and a woman, or a man and several women, with intercourse being dominated by the male. Many even quickly go to fetishes such as forced intercourse, with domination by their part being the crux of the original, male fetish. This is in accordance with natural male sexual thought — not that we want to just go off and rape people, but rather, that we seek our own pleasure, the usage of our genital organs on women we find attractive to find release.

Now, my interviews had a disturbing common point at about this stage — as humans are humans and excess is the key to change, many of them lost interest and switched to other forms of pornography. The thing that disturbed me is that almost all of them — a staggering 80% of a control group of quite a few dozen — switched to lesbian porn. Porn of a woman, with another woman.

Now, many of you will argue that’s natural. A heterosexual male does not want to see penises, and before, many males simply got off to pictures of nude women on magazines. But to explain why this is actually harmful, I have to get into autogynephilia. (Don’t worry, this eventually comes around and explains all forms of porn are kinda awful for the brain. Not defending “dicks > tits” here)

Autogynephilia was a concept introduced in sexology that was quickly shot down as “transphobic” since it implied men who have a desire to be women developed this delusion as part of this issue, rather than being born trannies as lefties imply. That the establishment — or the kike, if your prefer — denied this so readily is no fucking coincidence. Because here lies the crux of the issue.

Autogynephilia describes a mental issue where the man is physically aroused by the thought of projecting himself as the woman during sex — and this has SKYROCKETED in recent years. And the very core of this problem is a brain mismatch over pleasure: instead of associating his penis — and the act of inserting said penis into a woman — with pleasure, the man instead associates parts of the female body with pleasure. While this may seem normal, this means that the man associates sexy and getting off not with his male ejaculation, but with the release and moans of the female.

This is where we come back to lesbian porn. There is no male — at all — for the man to project himself into. Unlike magazine pictures — where the fantasy came from imagining you, yourself, fucking that hot woman — there’s nowhere for the man to project himself. Watching two women have sex is just that — you’re getting off to that, because your natural male brain finds the female parts arousing, but in the background, you’re learning, molding your brain, to associating their moans and releases with pleasure, instead of your own.

Now we take a short detour into the culture of sex in media at the time.

Before, it was unacceptable to even mention the sexual on TV or media, but with feminism and the sexual revolution, it was suddenly fucking OK to talk about dick sizes on modern television. With this bullshit, started the concerns that “women were sexually frustrated” (there’s little evidence for this bullcrap, except if you were an abusive husband) and also the fucking fetishization of the length of the male penis. I won’t argue this has no effect on sexual performance, but the average female vagina only goes in for five or six inches, about the average male penis. Their main center of pleasure requires no length to reach, and the famed G-spot is about three inches in, a bit curve upwards — so this was mostly rumours, a new way for women to belittle males in their newfound would-be “sexual superiority”, where they now controlled the terms of engagement. Men became obsessed whether they were good enough — and in my opinion that stress, that constant newfound concern if they could please the woman up to these absurd standards, coupled with the fetish slope described above, adapted many minds to seek fetishes in which their participation or performance was not as important to non-existent — from seemingly innocent shit like simply being dominated by a woman to gay sex and even cuckold porn.

Of 20 guys interviewed who said their main fetish was crossdressing/trapping themselves, one of them taking female hormones, ALL twenty confirmed the slope in porn seen above, from straight porn to rape to lesbian to transexual porn and so forth.

Because they derive their pleasure from more female sources which they’ve been associating it with — be it replacing the woman during sex, taking the submissive role or even seeing another guy with women, something that could start from even normal, heterosexual pornography — this form of getting off, coupled with the natural dopamine rush of an act considered tabboo in their minds, causes many men to swerve to this side of the curve.

“But it’s just fetishes, I don’t act out on them on real life.”

But they’re still acting on you, and even then, there’s no guarantee it stays that way forever. All four fucking trannies I managed to interview, plus one who had started hormone treatment, said that they didn’t identify as female before going very deep into a crossdressing/”sissy” (as they call forced feminization fetishes) fetish before making the decision. This is actually such an issue in the tranny community they often have FAQs on the issue and several sites discuss where to draw the line between fetishism and the “real thing”. (Even though I’d argue one’s just a harsher form of the other, really.)

In short: The pornography slippery slope causes you to take a dark path, autogynphilia developing to some degree whether your new fetish is getting raped by monster girls or being a trap, you should know that shit is NOT natural. It is the fault of porn and our current, warped sexual culture.

A Brief Anecdote on Several Fetishes

In this section I’ll simply go through several of the fetishes described above and describe their psychological origin. This should explain their prevalence in recent years — and perhaps in your life, too.

One might ask the point of this. The point of it is to TERRIFY you. If I have to scare you into realizing you have a fucking problem, I’ll go through patterns you’ll find familiar until you are very much scared.

BDSM/Subjugation/Dominance by woman: As said, most of this comes from man’s recent self-esteem problems on whether or not he can please females. Faced with issues he thinks he can’t fix, your brain adapts by making you get off on roles that necessitate less effort or performance, and wires itself to get off on humiliation.

Cuckold/Interracial Cuckold/Beastiality Porn: Same shit as above. You might be interested in why so many white guys are into interracial garbage, and it’s mostly because — as much as you try to deny it, Lefty bastard — everyone’s still fucking racist, to some degree, even if unlike /pol/tards like us. The white brain still sees blacks as inferior and more savage, because of their origins as slaves. In a way, the rush one gets from interracial porn is the same as the one from beastiality — it’s the rush of seeing something inhumane happen. It’s why there’s a lot less white guy on black girl porn, since the appeal in there is the reverse — but surprisingly, a lot of black guys have a fetish for getting dommed by white guys, in a reversed racial form of this. Oh, and the BBC crap comes from this fountain too — same reason beastiality porn uses horses a lot, so porn focuses on pretending they’re bigger by cherry-picking actors. The reason size is less important in white on white normal porn is because the main character there is supposed to be a self-insert for the viewer, different from the interracial where the appeal is the same as cuck shit.

Furry Crap: The appeal of the different and alien. Basically, in a fursuit, it doesn’t matter for shit if you’re fat, lonely and with a micropenis, because they’re all freaks. By submitting himself to such conditions, the man avoids the issue described above of being worried about not being good enough, narrowly side-stepping the whole shitstorm above. It’s still crap and freaky.

Hentai/Japshit: I’m not going to pretend Japshit doesn’t have the same risk — the porn slippery slope is real, and the Japs are known for loving their fucking traps. You could argue it’s a little less worse since there’s a lot more still pictures and self-inserts, but you’re still subjugated to the societal pressure and the slope will still happen.

Trapping/Crossdressing/Forced Feminization: The ultimate cuckery. This is the point the male absolutely gives up on any responsibility as a man and decides to simply become a woman and avoid all the problems above, while simply engaging in his autogynephilia openly. This is bad, fuckers, and it needs to stop.

Wanting to Fuck Traps/Trannies/Dominating another Male: An interesting offshoot of the self-esteem problem. When man becomes so worried about not being able to please women, he simply takes the route of projecting a man into that role, instead. This is usually seen in males that have mostly avoided pornography, or at least offshoots of it that don’t focus on self-insertion, and thus have little aytogynephilia themselves.

Hypnosis Pornography: Quick PSA: Porn hypnosis ain’t fucking real. Hypnosis is by definition auto-suggestion — basically, you believe in it because you want to. Stage hypnosis? Several times proven to work by a combination of the audience wanting it to work and peer pressure. Shrink hypnosis? That only works if you actually want help yourself. The appeal of this in pornography is for the viewer to somehow lose the responsibility for engaging in it, a form to take the blame off himself.

Pedophilia: I believe the act of being attracted to children is centered around the problem of self-esteem as described above — it’s why there’s been such a massive spike of it in recent years. Basically, when engaging in sex with young children, expectations of size and performance matter nothing — they are all side-skipped. In a way, pedophiles are men without any self-esteem who have simply fallen back to abusing children instead — kinda like a high-school kid that picks on pre-schoolers.

Rape: As described above, Rape is, while closer to man’s natural instinct, also somewhat based on a desire to sidestep the many hurdles of sex and sexual self-esteem the media imposes on men today.

Lesbian Pornography: Basically a way for man to remotely engage in autogynephilia. You get your brain constantly rewarded for what it recognizes as female pleasure sources.

Scat/Gore/Other Disgusting Shit: Focusing pleasure in an act other than actual penetration is a manner of sidestepping sexual self esteem issues, unless of course there’s also submission involved, which is common.

Some other Shit: I can’t possibly cover all fetishes in the planet, but you have to realize that most of them are in some way imbued in these two, main issues: The miswire of the brain’s pleasure centers and the current self-esteem issues imbued in men by the media.

So what can I do?

If you’re here and you want to help yourself, you’re already taking the right steps.

First, realize all this shit above is the very cause of beta males in modern society. By letting women invent these standards of pleasure to rule over men, you are letting them control your self-esteem and your sex life with it, and that is having impact on other areas of your life — also realize the harm porn has done to your brain over the years, tracking what many fetishes your younger self would have found disgusting ten years ago.

The first step is to stop being a beta. Realize the male brain is wired in one and one only way to think about sex, and that your own phallus is an instrument that grants you pleasure. You are naturally only rewarded — and should only think about — engaging in sex with a female, and anything else is probably harmful to you and society around you.

Be aggressive — don’t fall for the media lies that try to rule your self-esteem. Unless you have an actual medical condition, your dick or whatever is fine, and unless you’re a complete virgin, you can perform well in sex — even if you are, there are much better sources on how female pleasure work than fucking porn videos, because lemme tell you buddy, that shit’s all fake.

Realize your fetishes are a sickness to your brain — and dump porn entirely. “Oh, but my cute waifu pictures!” You fucking disgust me, but you can still look at your stupid 2D pictures once in a while, you just have to rewire your brain for them not to be your source of sexual pleasure. And no hentai of girls getting fucked or something either — on the same note, quit porn entirely, and while I did say 3D magazines were fine back in the day, your brain’s much too fucked up at the moment. Maybe some other time, but give all nudity a rest for a while.

I’m not saying those NoFap fags are entirely right — people have been wanking for eons — but yes, quitting all masturbation for a while would probably help. It makes your brain hungry for arousal and can be quick in getting your brain to like what you used to like — I quit for two months and suddenly, a woman with a risqué top was already attractive to me again. I felt like at the start of puberty again — it was quite magical.

Remember not to come back to porn, and remember how your brain is supposed to think about sex — you are the male. You are the alpha. You’re not here to be submissive or some shit — you stick your dick in things. The natural’s that simple, and it has worked for eons. It’s time to shed the beta away. You can’t fix the planet while you don’t fix yourselves.

I hope this has been enlightening, /pol/. Please discuss and have a good day.


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