Plebs are Going to Pleb

(Alt. title: “How I Learned to Stop Being Triggered and Realized that People Have No Agency”)

Say it with me: “The Overwhelming Majority of Humanity has No Agency.”

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you insulate yourself from the chronic disappointment, anger and despair that comes with living in the modern West­­.

Interestingly this was the very first political observation I had ever made, and it came when I was as young as 6 years old. From a very early age I was deeply frustrated by the fact that about 90% of people I talked to were incapable of grasping the most basic ideas of logic, and cause and effect — let alone things like the idea of moral responsibility. Thus one of the only political ideas that I have been 100% consistent on, since I was like 6 years old, is that democracy is cancer and that the vast majority of people should have no say in the political process.

Even at this young age I realized that at least 90% of the population are more or less incapable of any sort of critical thinking or self-reflection, and will simply act however they are conditioned or as they are told. This I think, in addition to my learning disability, was the reason I was only an A- student and didn’t do much better in class.

I don’t mean to brag but back when I was tested I scored within the 99.99 percentile on the overall intellectual ability test, and had a post-secondary level vocabulary back in grade 3. Despite that and being a very diligent student, well behaved, and a constant reader, I frequently would fight with my teachers and was often considered a troublesome student.

This was largely due to the fact that I would show too much creativity in trying to answer questions and do projects. I hated having to write essays on whatever simplistic topic I was assigned and not being allowed to explore the issue or express my personality at all.

Whenever I would try to go into a in-depth analysis of a play or novel in English class my classmates would mock me and act with derision and the teachers would get angry at me for not answering the same boring questions over and over again, like “in chapter 8 what did George do” — this is literally what English teaching is like in Canada, well into high school; boring sheet after boring sheet of filling in rote questions. Even in university professors would punish me for having my own opin­ion; and more than one told me “when you have a PhD, then, and only then, can you be creative.”

So what does any of this have to do with politics you might ask? What is Argie rambling on about? Well, my point is that I had a revelation a week ago after the Conservative Party of Canada overwhelmingly voted to abandon a commitment to traditional marriage, and virtually everyone who had defended it for years justified it and shilled for the decision. Listening to what people said leading up to it and in the aftermath made me finally put it all together.

“None of these people have any agency.”

It was a liberating thought! Of course they will make morally irresponsible decisions with no ability to do the most basic form of analysis; the vast majority of humanity has virtually no agency. Just because they might be middle class or well-educated is no guarantee that they are autonomous individuals.

The average person will literally take at face value and believe just about whatever someone on TV or some celebrity will tell them, they lack even the most basic ability to detect deceit or think about things like motive.

The Conservative Delegates voted the way they did for the simple reason that there was no authority figure to tell them otherwise (the only perceived authority figures they had told them to do so). The school system, the political system, the way our society operates, is because the vast majority of people have zero agency — it’s just harder to see in white societies because people are better spoken and their lack of agency doesn’t lead to Mad Max-tier violence.

Thus we not only have the government we deserve but a government that reflects who we are. Ultimately most people’s deepest wish is to be a slave, and they are happier the less they have to think. This is the fundamental flaw of ideologies like Libertarianism which are based on the idea that everyone has agency (which they clearly don’t).

As a side note this would be a much better explanation for Jewish power — that Jews have a much higher percentage of people who have agency, which allows them to dominate weaker-willed peoples by more or less playing to that people’s need to be told what to do.

Ultimately this has taken a load off of my mind. Public opinion polls don’t matter, who people vote for doesn’t matter; all that matters is what the people with power tell the plebs to believe, thus, it doesn’t matter how much of the public is with us or against us, all we need to worry about is getting people into positions of influence or power, or at least giving that impression we have either, and the plebs will fall in-line like they always do.

I will do another article exploring this topic further at a later point.


Hey I am Argent Templar some randy in my early to mid 20's from Ontario, Canada. I am a recent convert to Catholicism (2014) of the conserva-trad variety. My politics can be described as Far Right. I cover a wide range of topics including video games, movies, politics, history, philosophy and religion.

8 thoughts on “Plebs are Going to Pleb

  1. One thing I would ask is, what role does justice play in a society where most people have no agency?

    I think your analysis of democracy and schooling is spot on. I had someone reply to a post I’d made about the evils of globalisation with this monstrosity: “Whats so good about manufacturing and economic independence? I literally just wrote an essay in class on globalisation and free trade… You seriously lack a high school level understanding of economics.”

    This smug kid was proud of the fact that he had been told at school that fucking over your own people economically is fine, and my opposition to it was just a ‘lack of understanding of economics’. Truly a lost cause.

  2. I was never made more aware of this fact than when I witnessed a baby boomer, wide-eyed and gasping, read aloud some forgettable propaganda from the local newspaper. When I told him to consider that everything that appears in the media is there for a reason, and to always consider what a journalist might be trying to convince the reader of by reporting on a certain subject, I was to my shock labelled a conspiracy theorist. To the average Joe in the boomer generation, the idea that a newspaper is to be read critically is unthinkable.

  3. I had this revelation when I was an edgy and clueless teen. Rethinking it I’ve arrived to a different conclusion. Most people have agency and they’re able to reason but they’re stuck inside of a liberal framework which is a handicap. Liberalism is a moral and logical framework and you can use it to reason anything. Only the truly stupid as in sub 90 IQ repeat what they’ve heard with no reasoning behind it.

    You can introduce a foreign concept to a liberal that they’ve never heard before and they’ll reference back to moral premise like equality, democracy and liberty to tell you whether it’s good or bad. There’s thought there it’s just within an extremely limited and narrow framework.

  4. I can’t say I had any aha moments as a child, only an observation that a madness come over people when they reach adulthood. The glaring inconsistencies, the preoccupation with appearances, with being right, not factual. These were baffling traits to me and still are. Admittedly I consider that I’m right too often, I’m an adult after all, but I take pride in my ability to concede an argument and admit when I’m wrong. Yes, I have a smidgen of humility and am proud to admit it.

    Seriously though, it still pains me when people refuse to give ground. When they do the opposite instead and double down. I feel alone when that happens, just as I did when my parents or teachers refused to be reasonable and made untrue accusations and character slurs about me. No curiosity.

    I get what you’re saying about agency and you’re onto something. There are alpha leaders, beta followers and then what I flatter myself as: the omega ideas people. The outsiders. The men who have the kings ear. I’d say the Jews have a preponderance of omegas and without the moral brakes due to their exceptionalist status. Historically they had the kings ear and, with usary, his balls too.

  5. I’ve tried to be a person with agency my whole life, but have ended up influenced unduly by more powerful personalities around me. Even when I thought I was thinking for myself, I look back and realise I actually wasn’t.

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