A Reply to a European Friend from a Brexiteer

A friend of mine wrote to me on the evening of the first day after Britain’s triumphal vote on whether or not to exit from the corrupt institution that is the EU. He was honest and said that he was “not sure if it were a good decision Britain has just made.” And that “he did not like what is happening now.” This has largely to do with the recent aggression by a small minority of Britons towards immigrants, especially Poles. He said that without these immigrants Britain will suffer, and indeed, he is right that people here do not want these jobs. I suggest that this is a problem we can solve ourselves through education. By returning to the previous grammar system we would remove from schools those for whom higher education is wasted on and providing them with a trade for life, and moreover, this would undoubtedly be better than going for the quick fix of immigration. Let us not forget also that the UK is Poland’s third largest trading partner and Polish workers in Britain send €1,000,000,000 home every year.

He went on to criticise what he saw as “appalling behaviour” from Nigel Farage. He felt that “UKIP and the whole Brexit failed to concentrate on more serious issues, such as advantages and disadvantages of leaving the EU — silly regulations etc.” To take the latter part of this first, one of the reasons I voted to leave was for sovereignty, and you cannot have sovereignty without the power to make your own laws and to control your borders. Second, I for one would happily welcome skilled migrants who would want to work here, however, there has to be checks and limits to this. Hence a point-based system like they have in Canada and Australia could be implemented. Going further, I would not let people settle unless they could demonstrably prove that they were conversant in the culture, history and traditions of this country. Both of these points are far more important than silly regulations or economic issues that so befuddle the zeitgeist today.

The problem is that Britons have never really opened themselves up to immigrants and therefore integration has been ephemeral. Many see mass-immigration as something imposed on them. For example, some want mass immigration to fuel this debt-based society we are living in, because Westerners do not want to have children anymore — and some want to change the country out of all recognition because they hate it.

He continued, stating that the Leave campaign “just used … populistic propaganda [which was] targeted at immigration.” But at least he admitted that there was propaganda from the Remain camp as well. In a democracy, through bribes, cajoling, fear and propaganda, the electorate are herded like sheep towards the desired result. It is usual that the influence of media, government and multinational corporations (not to mention billionaires such as George Soros) get their way, but not this time. He lamented that both campaigns “failed to explain the consequences.” And that with Nigel Farage’s comment on “NHS money” he should “resign.” Well, he will be out of one job soon, hopefully.

However my friend felt about the campaigns — his dislike for them, his dislike of the outcome, or indeed, the reasons why some people voted one way or another — that is his prerogative. On the other hand, you cannot take away people’s votes from them, and under the current system, everyone had a chance to vote. The alternative is to dictate who can and cannot vote, which seems to be what some Leftists are saying should happen, and that is out of the question. I have my misgivings about the system, but I am hardly going to rise up against it out of some childish, cry-baby, tantrum because I did not get my way. N.B. on that last point, I do not mean my friend, rather the people I have seen who are “protesting” against the democratic process by suggesting it was not democratic.

His closing remark is quite salient: “most people who voted for UKIP are just Right-wing racist uneducated c****.” Perhaps when people vote for the liberal-Left status quo they are sane and normal, even if they vote based on emotion rather than rational thought, but God-forbid this happening on the Right! In essence then, you can see that my friend happens to be a typical social democrat of the modern age; to quote Laurie Penny, “This was never a referendum on the EU. It was a referendum on the modern world.”

I replied to him in an effort to alleviate some of the misgivings he had about the result and put his mind at ease somewhat. It is not “an easy situation” as he rightly pointed out: we have a long way to go, that is for definite, but we are on the right road now. I certainly would like to keep bonds with Europe, which is why I saw this vote as an opportunity to leave a corrupt political union (the EU), and at the same time help Europe to realise that they don’t need a secular empire to rule them. If a nation cannot defend itself then what can it do? The countries in Central and Eastern Europe have the right idea, and, in Britain it was rural England that was the mainstay of the Leave vote. What we could be seeing is an awakening in the conscience of the Anglo-Saxon peoples in Britain that will spark-off similar reactions across Europe.

So, all that is left for me to do is to wish them Godspeed in their endeavours, and I sincerely pray we all come out the other side.

Auld Wat

Delving into the depths of Medieval Europe; the last great Traditional Aryan civilisation.

31 thoughts on “A Reply to a European Friend from a Brexiteer

  1. Why would EU membership prevent Britain from reforming its educational system? I would think the EU would actually applaud such reforms, even support them financially.

    What about immigration from non-EU countries? What prevented Britain from implementing any system to regulate that influx all these years?

    In the meantime, we are seeing an awakening in the conscience of the Celtic people in Britain, who demand independence from English domination, and want Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain members of the EU.

    1. It’s interesting how you applaud “Celtic conscience” and its wanting “independence from English domination”; and at the same time you’re pro-European Union. Rather ironic, in a way.

    2. Michael, the old education system was removed because it was thought to be unequal and unfair, this was not the case.
      Those same self serving politicians you see in Brussels are those who altered our education system during the latter half of the 20th century. They are the bourgeois elite who continue to send their children to the best schools as they can afford the fees while those who previously got through on merit are trapped in the chains of poverty. Further, those who do not need to be highly educated, are trapped in schools causing behavioural problems are damaging other children’s education.

      If we do leave the EU then we shall have full control of our borders and hopefully the will to implement initiatives to curb mass immigration.

      There has also been an awakening in the English, who are the dominant force in the UK and always have been. The Celtic peoples rely on us for funds and if they were to leave they would quickly become destitute before being dominated by the EU bureaucrats.

      1. I am not sufficiently familiar with the British educational system to judge on its content. I do know that the UK only joined the EU in 1973, so the EU influence on UK’s education would have been in the latter quarter of the 20’th century at best.

        I wonder, however, what is the basis to your claim that schools are causing behavioural problems.

        The “English awakening” seems to be a rather rude one – the English find out the promises they were given, and the ones on which they based their vote are false ones, that their “dominance” in the UK is resented and challenged by the Scots and Irish, that their country is not only divided among ethnic lines (Scots vs English, white vs black) but also sharply, bitterly severed by a generation gap, and a geographic rift between London and the rest of England. I see little to applaud there, in all honesty.

        1. You fail to realise that 90% of Scottish trade is actually with the UK and not with the EU. So for what reason would Scotland want to be outside the UK remain in the EU beyond a sort of spiteful idealistic attitude towards England? The truth is, Scotland is looking for identity, but instead of looking inwards, they prefer to mindlessly look outward towards Europe.

          1. Hmmm perhaps Scotland thinks it can trade with England even as an independent country? Or that Scottish people genuinely want to be an independent country? Perhaps they want to keep access to the common European market and the freedom of movement? Plenty of reasons, actually. But I guess the main reason is people like you casually labelling Scots “mindless” for not being in line with England.

            1. If it wants to trade with England as an independent country, why the hell does it want to be part of the EU? At this point, the Scots have a choice between the UK or the EU (if we assume that the UK is to leave the EU as the vote has mandated). They’d be foolish to choose the EU, as they get far more from the UK. Also, England has borne the brunt of free-movement, whereas Scots have been relatively untouched by it. Scotland’s destiny has always been tied to the destiny of the rest of Great Britain, which ultimately means England. Tough luck for Scotland, but that’s just the way things are.

              Scotland has a romantic longing for the Continent which stretches back centuries, however they have always been tied closely to England. Perhaps have a read of this article by Colin Liddel (although I do not agree with everything said in it), it does cover Scottish predicament quite interestingly. https://alternative-right.blogspot.com/2016/06/cathedral-princess-on-wrong-side-of.html

              1. So is it about independence or about “where can I get more”? Because I though it was (just as Brexit) about the ideals of independence, not about “where can I get a fatter sausage”.
                Scotland’s destiny? Tough luck? Are you suggesting the Scottish people do not have the option to choose their destiny? I wonder what would you say to someone who says “UK’s destiny it to be tied to Europe. That’s the way things are”.

                I could say more on the topic, but I leave you to your own destiny, and I wish you well.

                1. Scotland is very welcome to their own independence and self-determination. I just wonder what exactly their reasons are. If their reasons are just to become a comfortable province of the United States of Europe then I don’t ‘independence’ is really their goal in itself. The same analogy cannon be applied to England however.

                  England has been largely independent for nearly 1000 years. Scotland on the other hand hasn’t. However, it has gained heavily by being in the British Empire. As an Australian, some of our most successful early citizens and leaders were Scotsmen (like Lachlan Macquarie).

        2. Michael, you asked for evidence to the assertion by Auld Wat in regards to bad behaviour in schools. I’m going to assume that Auld Wat implied such schools were those with are most multicultural.

          In the one government paper that I briefly read, it was reported that of all exclusions, both fixed period and permanent, meted out to pupils, black pupils were 4 times more likely to receive a permanent exclusion and twice as likely to receive a temporary one than the wider school population. Persistent disruptive behaviour accounted for the biggest slice, followed by physical assault. Though fixed and permanent exclusions combined totaled 337,000, it ought to be kept in mind that exclusions are the end point and not the process. The amount of disruption and it’s ripple effects prior to a ban I would imagine are not insubstantial.

          It should also be kept in mind that a school would not want to reveal itself as failing and therefore likely only issue exclusions as a last resort. I think these figures, and the many similar reports in the US (look them up) are pretty damming of multiracial schools and I think these figures point only to the tip of a growing iceberg. Certainly I would not want to live in an area that was in reach of bussing in quotas if I had a child in school.

          1. I’d also suggest a lack of corporal punishment has a significant effect on behaviour in schools. The truly irreformable get the punishment and the others who would usually cause disturbances cease this as they do not want the same punishment.

            1. Apologies Auld Water, it seems I jumped the gun with my assuming. Nevertheless I don’t think the two issues, multiracial schools and the move from authoritarianism, are unrelated. It’s the swing from Right to Left, masculine to feminine, authoritarian to nurturing that has facilitated bad behaviour from the early maturing, testosteronized and naturally impulsive black pupils I believe.

                  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at your comment. I would call it utterly stupid, well it is, but it’s not coming from a stupid person it’s coming from a thoroughly indoctrinated millennial who has been taught from the earliest age what he can and cannot think and express. Anything that is oppositional to the State sponsored progressive narrative, will cause the earth to open up and swallow him. What a deeply cowardly existence.

                    What are you going to do, report me? How will that work? Are you going to contact the police and tell them ‘I want to report a dissiden.. sorry I mean racist.’
                    Police: ‘OK, what did he write son’
                    You: ‘ well it’s not so much what he wrote, but he sent some racist literature.’
                    Police : ‘and what exactly was the nature of this literature, what did it say?’
                    You: ‘it was a paper from a gov.uk website, saying that black pupils are more disruptive and prone to violent behavior’
                    Police: ‘then I suggest you take it up with the government son’

                    But I’m wittering to myself here and I’m not even going to attempt to rescue you from your folly. I’m so thoroughly fed up with the bleating of social justice warriors who think, insomuch as they are able to, only those thing they are programmed to think. How sad we’ve got to this, that so many of our young think that democracy is only useful if it serves The Narrative and their desires. That a person pointing out an unpalatable truth is some kind of denizen of the deep.

                    1. “early maturing, testosteronized and naturally impulsive black pupils” – your words. That’s stereotyping people based on their skin color. And no, I’m not going to report you to anyone, I just wanted to be perfectly clear on the issue – that it is a racist thing to say. Not that you actually sent any literature – the link you provided doesn’t work. And here I stop this conversation, because apparently you are only able to come up with personal insults rather than have a meaningful discussion.

              1. Yes, let’s take our country 300 years back, to the flogging! And those who can’t pay their mortgage should be sold as slaves, too! That will surely discourage immigration.

          2. Its all very cute, but have the pupils been compared with other factors taken into account? For example, taking the parents income and education level into account, the living conditions of the pupils and so on.

            I don’t really understand what you propose as a solution? Create schools that are segregated by race? I thought we were past that stage by now.

            1. Cute, how is it cute? And why do I need to propose a solution? You wanted some proof about disruptive behaviour, you got it.

            2. Since you appear to have blocked me from replying to other comment, I’ll reply to you here.

              Is it true what you are writing, that I’m only able to come up with insults? It isn’t is it, so why say it? What do you gain from such gross distortions and untruths? These are questions you might want to ask yourself or at least I would if I was you.

              You asked for proof that state schools are often disruptive, well I sent a link salient to the discussion that you apparently not only didn’t read it, but showed no interest in reading it or you would’ve asked that I fix the link. Yet you still replied to that post accusing me of being cute–inferring that my motives were less than honest. It was you who has showed a lack of good faith, not me. And then, continuing in the same passive aggressive vein, you tried to intimidate me by hinting that you could report me, otherwise why bring it into this discussion at all? Not that it remotely concerns me that you might do such a thing, but that you so quickly resort to such a tactic showed your colours and so I replied with the contempt you earned. Your behaviour is disgraceful.

              1. It is not my blog, so I have no option to block comments in any way.

                Next time you post a link – check whether it actually works.

                You’ve actually called me “thoroughly indoctrinated millennial”, a coward, a “bleating social justice warrior”. That’s quite a lot of insults for one comment, I would say.

                I haven’t “accused” you of being cute. I found your clinging to medieval standpoints (race=behaviour) that have no basis in reality cute.

                I haven’t suggested I would “report” you of anything to anyone. All I did was point out that your expressions are not tolerated in our society – to the point of being criminalized as discriminatory. My theory is that your explosive, childish response shows that deep down you are concerned with being “reported” as a racist, knowing it is not OK to be one, and that it might bear consequences. That means that you are actually aware that your views are wrong, both objectively and morally, and are insecure about them. In that light, it is, yet again, cute how despite being aware of being wrong and unjust, you still hold on to your opinions, which provide you a false reassurance of your supremacy, even though you know it is false. I feel really sorry for you that you have no better way to feel good about yourself.

                I hope you will find the time and courage to review your opinions, and think of whether you’d like someone to hold similar views about you, judging your value as a person based on your physical appearance. I also hope you will find other things about yourself you can be proud of, other than the color of your skin. I wish you well.

                1. You do understand what blog this is don’t you? Perhaps take the time to look up the word reactionary and it will give you something of a hint that people here usually will not give a hoot about being called a racist, I certainly don’t. All it means to me is that someone is trying to shut me up. See you just keep failing to understand it’s your behavior that irks and more than anything else you lack of self honesty for some reason pisses me off more than anything–the denial, the refusal to even dip your toe in the water. You can have all the theories about me you like, that’s all they will be. I was once a liberal with many of your assumptions, but I’ve pretty much always held my hands when I was wrong and I was wrong a lot. But not you. After witnessing insufferable, reprehensible behaviour all week, I wasn’t in any mood to put up with it from you. Even arch lefty John Pilger agrees with me on that.

                  1. Not trying to shut you up, just trying to be crystal clear on matters. Racism is loony because… drums… races do not exist. We clearly do not have much common ground for discussion, so again, I wish you well.

  2. I haven’t applauded it in my comment, I merely indicated it.

    But you are right, I see good sides to the EU. The main reason (it seems to me) that Scots and Irish want to detach themselves from Britain is that they want to belong to the EU. So there’s no contradiction there. Not that the EU “dominated” the UK, at any rate, not anywhere even remotely close to the way the English subdued en exploited Scotland and Ireland.

    1. No, indeed, you don’t need to propose a solution. You just need to make racist comments and vague suggestions not supported by evidence. Who needs solutions anyway? Typical Brexit style – say first, think later.

      1. Evidence to support my apparently racist statements. Not for me, I already knew these facts not for you Michael because you’re not interested in facts, but because I’ve invested time in this discussion and I want to establish that I do think, I think deeply, and I try not to lie. And when I’m wrong I’ll more often than not admit it. These are values worth pursuing, not being blindly led by the halter of an ideology that is wedded to deception.

        Higher levels of testosterone in blacks (male and female)

        Racial differences for the onset of puberty is true only for black girls according to studies. There is no evidence I could find for boys reaching puberty earlier but the higher testosterone levels would kick in at puberty, so it would explain partly their behaviour problems.

        1. @Auld Wat
          Forgive me mate, it’s been a long and difficult week to witness some of strokes being pulled post Brexit. I have been seething at the behaviour of the Remainers and I’ve done something that I’m normally pretty good at avoiding and it’s sort hijacked your piece.

          Time to throw myself in the briar patch.

          1. I don’t quite know how Michael found this blog but he did. I don’t think it was worth your effort, though being polite to people is something to be applauded, and I think you have been. Also, thank you for bringing back childhood memories of being told the story of the tar baby.

            1. I just thought I’d tie this thread up. As I often do when I encounter intransigence and shitty behaviour online, I take a look at the poster’s interests. It seems I’ve been dealing with a (((sophist))). Although that’s being generous.

        2. So you “have found no evidence” but “it would explain their behavioural problems”. That’s deep, man. Real deep. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll pay no attention to your fairy tales.

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