The Fallout from Hillary’s Speech & the Changing Face of the Alt-Right

As I am sure many people have noticed, the fallout of Hillary Clinton‘s speech last week has triggered a massive influx of fresh blood into the Alt-Right, in particular, and the dissident Right in general. I have seen dozens of new channels and podcasts spring up, and many of us who were already established have seen massive jumps in our subscriber-bases and viewcounts. My video on how I view the Alt-Right picked up 4,000 views in one week, and my subscriber base jumped by 20%. While I am always glad to have new views, as it increases the ad revenue from 50 cents a day to a whole 2 dollars a day, I think the old guard, as it were, is in danger of being swamped and marginalized, and I believe we need to take a minute to settle down and think about the consequences of said influx.

Before we talk about the ramifications, I think I should explain my impressions of said influx. While this is in no way a statistically representative sample, as The Donald, Milo and T.R.S. have been pushing a lot of people into our spheres, and I find the breakdown of the comments I received is broadly similar to the influx I have seen in all portions of these parts. Broadly speaking, I have seen about a 50-50 split between two groups. The first is those who are genuinely open minded, they appreciate my calm and articulate manner, the lack of violent extreme rhetoric and how I cite a wide range of historical examples. Most of this group is disillusioned Conservatives and Libertarians who are tired of constantly losing, and are interested in what else is on their side of the spectrum. Interestingly, I have even attracted some people from the Left who disagree with me, but were open-minded enough to admit that I made good points. As I find it interesting here are some examples.

An open-minded Leftist:

Probably disagree with you on everything, but that was very articulate and easy to listen to. I’d love to be able to explore these ideas a bit more with alt-right people as I have more questions than answers now.

While I would probably disagree with him, it’s a nice change of pace to have someone not just trolling me and calling me a “racist bigot.”

Or just an open-minded person in general:

I came here wanting to hate the alt right and scream that the alt right is just the tip of the spear of Nazism in disguise. But, after listening to this video, I have to admit you make a hell of a lot of sense, and as a white male, I also have to admit that I agree very much and empathize very much with much of what you say. I especially like that you speak from such a personalized viewpoint. Thank you for the food for thought, and for being so coherent. I realize now I might actually be, deep down, an older member of the alt right who didn’t realize it for years as I hid from the liberals and feminists that I really didn’t feel, deep down, that there was a place for me in their ranks because I was a white male, regardless of how far backwards I bent to make myself appear to be one of them. I’m going to have to go away now and think very hard about all this. Thank you again.

A lot of the other comments were in this vein, and while they were very kind and articulate, they aren’t really interesting enough to post here. In my personal view these are the sort of people we need to attract — reasonable well adjusted people who have self-awareness and basically just want to live a virtuous life within a virtuous society. Said people, as they tend to be more mild in their personalities, though, are in a real danger of being alienated and run-off by the other group of commenters.

The other half though are extremely aggressive, angry National Socialists, many of whom call me a fraud and just stop short of outright threatening me. Their contention is that “whiteness” is the only thing that matters and anyone who holds to any values other than National Socialism cannot be part of the Alt-Right, and has to be purged. They also are completely delusional in that they believe anyone who is not a National Socialist is just someone who showed up out of nowhere, and want to rewrite history to exclude all the people like NRxers who have been around far longer then they have.

It should be noted that over time the percent of the movement that is National Socialist and single-minded white nationalists has been rapidly increasing. This is a natural consequence of the expansion of the movement, as such positions have a lot more popular appeal then some more esoteric philosophies; but the danger is that, in my experience, most of these people have virtually no tolerance for people who disagree with them even on trivial matters, and despise the idea that there should be any intellectual diversity. Personally, I see the entire situation as a ticking time bomb where all non-National Socialist positions will become increasingly marginalized, or shouted down by a vocal rapidly increasing minority. These are discussions we need to starting having now, and we have to start thinking about who we want in the movement, how much diversity there should be and ultimately who we want to be. This is the natural conclusion of totalitarian ideologies, and it should be noted the Nazi Party purged most of the reactionaries and conservatives from its ranks once it was safe to do so.

Now, onto the comments from the National Socialists. A number of the comments here don’t exist anymore as I blocked a number of these people as they spam the comment section, or post a bunch of stuff about Holocaust denial which is the sort of thing that gets you shut down or arrested. This is about 50% of the comments I have received on the video. Its hard to do it justice so here are some examples:

If you don’t like national socialism I have no idea how u can say your “alt right. ” Seems this video is just more of your perspective of what the alt right is. Not what the alt right actually is, or what they claim to be. The movement is still evolving, I’m just letting you know what the end game is. Which is national socialism. Thats just the truth of the matter. There is no room for moderates in this movement.

I think that’s pretty clear if you aren’t a hardcore national socialist you need to be purged, there is no room for anyone else be they Libertarian Nationalists, traditional conservatives, NRx or even people like Jared Taylor everyone to be a National Socialist or they are purged. Another example of this was:

sure, first.. as a Jonny come lately looking for a cause.. you don’t decide what alt right is for the crowd. second.. why would anyone want to define it!!! all you can gain by defining and accepting a label is an enemy you have told on yourself to. you weaken your position and act as your own greatest enemy. the sad part is you will drag innocent people in with you. third.. there is no apology for white people having a homeland. everyone else gets one.. so should we. so if there is any “meta” behind this undefined cause it’s just that. white pride and the protection of white families and values will no longer be side lined with sjw lies of ____. fill in the blank. but again, it’s not smart to let your enemy know that you know the jig is up. in fact maybe I like you spreading dumb shit around..?

I find this interesting as I am hardly a Johnny-come-lately to the cause; I have been in these spheres ever since Nick Land first published The Dark Enlightenment, I remember when Ramzpaul first started making videos, and when T.R.S. only had a dozen articles on the website. But once again, for some reason, I am an interloper; I am not legitimate because I am not a hardcore National Socialist who only cares about white people. Yet another commenter confirmed my worst fears:

The alt-right is essentially a pro-white movement. Our only goal is to make a white ethno-state in the future. A bunch of people have been trying to steal our movement and fly our flags lately, but they’ll quit as soon as we get our counter-strategy up and running. Alt-right is pro-white.

Another comment in this vein:

The alt-right is essentially a pro-white movement. Our only goal is to make a white ethno-state in the future. A bunch of people have been trying to steal our movement and fly our flags lately, but they’ll quit as soon as we get our counter-strategy up and running. Alt-right is pro-white.

There is also the typical obsession with the Jews, if there is anything other than whiteness National Socialists are obsessed with its them:

You have to be anti-Semitic to be “alt-right.” You have to understand the REAL history of WW2. You must know Hitler and why the Jews demonize him. You can’t be FOS or Jewish. Go back to AIPAC.

This is their worldview — and I can generalize as I have dealt with dozens of these people over the years, and it’s an almost uniform belief that anyone who doesn’t want to exterminate the Jews is a shill and is an enemy who needs to be destroyed. This reminds me of back I unsubscribed from all the “Pioneer Little Europe” pages on Facebook, which at the time at least were, along with the “This is” pages, one of the biggest networks of Alt-Right content on Facebook. At any rate, “Pioneer Little Europe” made a big post about how the Jews are so bad they have to be removed from Israel and sent to Antarctica. They claimed that this wasn’t a “genocide,” and was the only way to contain their evil. I made the fairly obvious point that Israel has nuclear weapons and could probably kill hundreds of millions of white people if they tried to do this, to say nothing of their large, well-trained and well-equipped army. The response I got was that I was a shill and that they were willing to make the sacrifices necessary to remove them at all costs.

My point is that as we continue to grow larger, these are the issues we need to start thinking about. Are we going to become just another single-minded white nationalist group that is okay with degeneracy and social liberalism as long as white people are doing it? Or are we going to strive for something more? It’s an interesting question and one I will examine in detail in my next article, “The Bitter Struggle for the Soul of the Right.”


Hey I am Argent Templar some randy in my early to mid 20's from Ontario, Canada. I am a recent convert to Catholicism (2014) of the conserva-trad variety. My politics can be described as Far Right. I cover a wide range of topics including video games, movies, politics, history, philosophy and religion.

10 thoughts on “The Fallout from Hillary’s Speech & the Changing Face of the Alt-Right

  1. These people (loud, stupid ones) have always been here, from my vantage. In any case I don’t see what you exactly desire; you speak of the “movement” — which one? The Alt. Right has no manifesto, no uniformity, no leader; it’s an online community of loosely-associated individuals and small factions. How do you purge people within it? How would you go about gaining power in a community like this? How would you enforce your ideological orthodoxy? Which orthodoxy? Questions, questions, questions…

    James’ recent article about things strikes me as something you haven’t read, Argent. Whatever the case, care about yourself and those you have immediate influence over — the rest be damned. We can be naught but realistic.

      1. I do not think I am that type of person who wants ‘white country’ to be rid of all nonwhite. Hey, I am an Asian myself! But I would definitely support white people working for their own ethnic interests. Although i must say, the phrase ‘white people working for their own ethnic interests’ could mean very different things for different people.

        Here is my question for you, Adam. Do you think that an immigrant who fully assimilated into English culture and support Englishmen pursuing their interests could be considered an English nationalist?

  2. To be fair to the brain dead racists and Jew-Conspiracy idiots, they have been a central feature of the Alt Right since its inception, and all of the major figures in the Alt Right have done everything to pander to them. They did not just come out of nowhere.

    But because of Trump,the Alt Right now has the choice between remaining a kind of “Derelict space” haunted by marginals, psychotics, and frothing 1488 retards, or of becoming something that can actually exercise power and effect real politics. So, if you want to change anything in the real world, now is the time to throw the 1488 retards under the bus.

    I won’t hold my breath…

  3. “It should be noted that over time the percent of the movement that is National Socialist and single-minded white nationalists has been rapidly increasing.”

    Just not seeing it on my blog. By and large white nationalists on my blog seem a reasonable, tolerant, open minded lot. Of course they intend to murder the Jews, and Havel’s greengrocer, which is a wee bit intolerant of them, but on the whole, they seem like nice people who are tolerant of me.

    I see them as the mob that the Spanish Inquisition was created to calm. Come the restoration they will grab lots of people and want to give them helicopter rides to the Pacific Ocean, but if we do things right, the Grand Inquisitor will say, “No, wait, we have to investigate this alleged witch and this alleged heretic, and see if the Heretic is really heretical, and the witch has really been casting spells.”

    And then we give the actual heretics helicopter rides to the pacific ocean. Jews will be greatly over-represented among those going for a swim, but we will not give anyone a swim just for being Jewish. We might however keep him out of movies and publishing and the country club just for being Jewish.

    The Spanish Inquisition is unjustly maligned. By and large, it did not torture people till they confessed. It tortured people till they stopped confessing.

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