The Rot of Diaspora: The Jewish Example

NOTE: This article is not about the effects of the Jewish diaspora upon other nations presently or historically, rather it is an exploration of the state of large-scale rootlessness through the example of the (former) Hebrew nation.

The Jewish people has been completely cut off from nature and imprisoned within city walls for two thousand years. We have been accustomed to every form of life, except a life of labor — of labor done at our behalf and for its own sake. It will require the greatest effort of will for such a people to become normal again. We lack the principal ingredient for national life. We lack the habit of labor… for it is labor which binds a people to its soil and to its national culture, which in its turn is an outgrowth of the people’s toil and the people’s labor. ~ A.D. Gordon

In ancient China, the earliest mentions of the four categories date back to the Zhou dynasty — a landowner, serf, artisanal and mercantile caste were recorded to exist. Although merely descriptive and largely for official purposes, these designations and the social weight (or stigma) they bore gives us knowledge of where the priorities of the ancient Chinese lay; priorities which, although not necessarily explicitly stated within the traditions of other societies, hold much validity across the board. The Shi, as knightly, scholarly gentry were the most respectable occupation, and had the greatest stake in society, materially speaking. Alternately, the Shang, or mercantile class, were looked down upon and viewed with mistrust due to their low investment in rooted society, parasitic nature, and lack of genuine creation. An artisan who created new goods or peasant tending to his fields were viewed as the moral superiors of the merchant or moneylender who created nothing, despite the latter often living far more lavishly.

When a nation is distorted from a fixed entity into a diasporic mist, she becomes gnarled and deformed in shape. Over generations, a people’s martial or exertionary inclinations can atrophy much like an idle tendon. This “weakening” can be noted in several dispersed peoples, but there is no example more conspicuous than the multi-thousand year drift of the wandering, rootless Jew — diaspora incarnate.

In their original Shami environment, the Hebrews not only had a strong mercantile instinct like their Phoenician cousins, but also favoured scholars and priestly aristocrats over warrior elites. After diaspora, these tendencies became increasingly exacerbated by mellah lifestyles, twisting and contorting the ancient, once-rooted Hebraic into the “top-heavy” modern Jewish. Not only have Jews become a nation of Shang and Gong in regards to their host cultures, but they have become culturally parasitic as well. What, today, is considered to be “authentically Jewish”? Yiddisch is a language assembled primarily from European components. “Traditional” Ashkenazi Hassidic dress is merely repurposed European garb from another era.

We are a parasitic people. We have no roots in the soil; there is no ground beneath our feet. And we are parasites not only in an economic sense but in spirit, in thought, in poetry, in literature, and in our virtues, our ideals, our higher human aspirations. Every alien movement sweeps us along; every wind in the world carries us. We in ourselves are almost nonexistent, so of course we are nothing in the eyes of other people’s either. ~ A.D. Gordon

Contrary to the bleak cultural re-purposing occurring in northern Europe, the Jews of Al-Andalus and the Ottoman Empire were experiencing significant cultural revitalisation, with uniquely Hebrew styles of poetry, dress and music coming into emergence within the Afro-Asiatic, “Magian” contexts of these civilisations. Towards the end of the Ottoman empire, artists sought to define an even clearer “Hebrew revival” style within Ottoman Palestine exemplified by the Bezalel school, which was abruptly truncated by the ugly eastward current of avant-garde and abstract art blowing in from the West, and never quite recovered. To this day, despite many Jews having been taken out of the galut, the galut often has yet to be taken out of them. Instead of looking back to their own Hebrew past for guidance and inspiration, they crawl to still define themselves by Western, diasporic terms — whether in the context of culture, aesthetics or outlook.

Within Israeli society, there have been many attempts to “negate the diaspora,” however, none of the requisite radicalisms have made significant headway. The early Zionist concept of the “New Jew” was a step in the correct direction in its emphasis of labour and masculinity, however the focus should have been upon the Levantine and the Ancient rather than the European and the Modern. This Westernisation contained within the attempted rekindling of the Hebrew spirit not only renders the act inauthentic, but transforms the indigenous Hebrews of the Southern Levant, sons of Yehuda and Yisrael, into neo-colonial settlers agonisingly pinned between East and West, counting down the years until they are righteously cast into into diaspora again.

For an immoral person, the present state of Jewry (from both inside and out) seems perfectly acceptable. But for the moral observer, there is something clearly amiss. Even on a purely aesthetic level, the rot of diaspora is more than evident — physical frailty, undignified mannerisms, lack of self-awareness and rudderless convolution of identity are all commonplace amongst diaspora Jews in the West. So what is a Jew to do? The answer is simple: reach back to what is Hebrew within yourself and seek to strengthen that — there is no need to go full Weininger. A good first step is Aliyah.

If you are not a Jew, Roma Gypsy, Afro-American or any other diaspora people, let me give you my sincere congratulations on inheriting the legacy you have today. Treasure it. My only advice is this: avoid diaspora at all costs; it is ethnic mummification.

Ed Baghdady runs the Babylonian Hebrew YouTube channel, and is a frequent partner-in-crime of Adam T.C. Wallace.

Ed Baghdady

30 thoughts on “The Rot of Diaspora: The Jewish Example

  1. Interesting thoughts. There is also a huge Irish diaspora, of which I am part of. Born in Liverpool, UK, with a totally Irish name, but raised in Australia, I am totally disconnected from my ancestral roots. Escaping poverty and starvation, many Irish derived Scousers became known for their entrepreneurial spirit, and over time turned their backs on religious life. I’m seeing parallels to the Jewish experience.

    1. Thank you very much for reading Ms. Regan.

      I would love to see an article on this topic, I find the diasporas and colonial populations of respective old world nations to be fascinating.

  2. Very good stuff.
    We can see parallels with the Chinese caste structure in many other Traditional societies, in East Asia and beyond, and the inversion of this system in modernity, with the Merchant class right at the top. The Bhagavata Purana, indeed, predicts this inversion during Kali Yuga, where a man’s societal status is determined entirely upon his wealth. It seems logical that diaspora peoples with a high merchant class status would be able, indeed, likely, to take advantage of this situation.

  3. Great article, although I wish you would address the Priestly/Scholarly nature of the Traditional Hebrew society in more detail, it’s a rather interesting topic given that the Hebrews are fairly unique in having their priests as the highest holders of secular civil power, as well as spiritual power. It’d be interesting to know just what about the Hebrew spirit causes their societies to manifest in such a way.

    1. Dear Imperial,

      Thank you for reading. I will try to get around to addressing this in my coming articles, podcasts and videos, it is a complex and fascinating question.

  4. Excellent article. We can see the same thing in Catholicism, which lives in the diaspora in an Enlightenment world. Instead of being true to its ancestral tradition, it strives to be accepted by the dominant culture, producing inferior hybrids. Vatican II was the assault to power of this hybrid religion.

    1. Thank you very much Nobody.

      I agree- nobody likes pandering to modern postwesternism, pride in tradition naturally attracts the right people. If Judaism, Christianity, etc wish to see a future, they must know themselves.

  5. Since you reminded me…

    It seems quite clear that “Jewishness” is not a problem of tainted blood or however you want to phrase racial determinism. In Spain, the Crown combined with the Inquisition dealt with the Jews in a sufficient manner. Forcing them to convert ultimately allowed them to integrate into Spanish society, and they ceased their parasitic activity for the most part. There were some issues with the marranos, but those generally did not last more than a couple generations. Some of the greatest Spanish saints were from converso families, like St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. John of Avila. Going off of my previous comment, I believe that Judaism, in its modern Rabbinic form, is insufficient for the Hebrew people. It is “reactionary” in the derogatory sense of the word as it was set up to spite Christianity; it is chaotic and revolts against proper order. As I see it, the only way for the Jews to settle down and end the diaspora is to find a new religion or significantly reform Judaism. Of course, as a Catholic, I’d like to see the Hebrews converted to Catholicism, and there is even a nascent “Hebrew Catholic” identity. But the current state of the Church and the history between Europe and the Jews makes this unlikely at the moment. Perhaps the Karaites can act as a model, though they’re practically non-existent. For Israel to continue, it either needs significant Western support, in which case Rabbinic Judaism is a boon though toxic on the spiritual level, or it needs to start expanding. It would need a masculine militaristic spirit, which modern Judaism cannot provide. Your people must fix the “internal diaspora” before the “external diaspora” can be solved.

  6. This was truly fascinating and informative. Apart from the Roma and dindus, are there any other groups you could point to who have experienced this kind of deformation from a rooted people to a ‘wandering nation’. It all seems rather tragic and dehumanizing in a way, and makes me truly fear for the future of many Occidental nations.

    1. Thank you Mr. Citadel.

      Other groups that come to mind are the Han elites in Southeast Asia and migratory steppe peoples, however neither of the above truly fit the diasporic categories in my view, as the Han elites do still have a homeland, and the steppe peoples have made group-migration and mass-settling a part of their identity. Perhaps there are other groups within Asia and Africa I am unaware of.

  7. A most enjoyable article, and an enviable writing style. If all Jews had your level of self-awareness, both history and the future would be a lot more pleasant for the Jewish people.

    1. Thank you very much.

      And that is my primary frustration with my people. A blind, hyper-emotional lack of self-awareness.

  8. Would it not be better for all parties involved to remove the Jewish people from their land through force where necessary?

    I understand your plight, but the nations which host your people must remove these “parasites” for their own survival.

    In order for a nation to remedy it’s own rooted ills and failings it must remove such a problematic and destructive people. Salting the wound only makes curing it more difficult.

    An excellent piece regardless. I would very much like to hear your opinions and analysis of Ashkenazi Jews.

    1. I struggle to see how Ed implied the opposite, but indeed Europeans won’t do such a thing precisely because they are interiorly formless. Fix the issue of identity and self-knowledge, and Europeans might dare to assert themselves again; same with the Jews — were they to come to understand themselves again, they’d likely leave to Isræl on their own accord.

      1. Do you truly believe that? I understand that Europeans are broken spiritually and subject to prostration, but Jews do have the courage and strength to control and “assert” themselves and their ideologies over Europeans. I think many are spiritually aware but refuse the idea of moving to Israel when they are idolized/powerful here, and have some pseudo-roots here. The only thing that will bring them back is the falling of these European countries, for example the French Jews who continue to move to Israel simply out of necessity because France is getting so dangerous. Many American Jews do hold Israel as sacred but continue to to spew this degeneracy in Western countries, and take annual trips to Israel.

        I’m much more pessimistic on this issue.

        Thank you for your response, Adam.

    2. Thank you for your comment.

      Recently, I had a hangout with the channel ‘Ælle Sussex’, wherein I address these issues.

      ‘Would it not be better for all parties involved to remove the Jewish people from their land through force where necessary’

      This is likely the only means by which the diaspora will be truncated, and for the better of both peoples in the long run. Unfortunately, most Jews will continue living in the West as long as possible, due to comfort, material wealth, and love of the modern Western lifestyle. Many also have an ideological investment, etc.

      I wish there were another ‘solution’ with a peaceful culmination, however the massive material investment of Jews in the West and Western lifestyle will prevent that. Many, say, American Jews, feel no connection to their ancestral lands and would not relinquish their Western existences for any reason aside from intense social discomfort or worries of physical harm to their assets or themselves

  9. I just read this passage in Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin, and it immediately reminded me of your article.

    For those whose only measure is money, who are congenitally unable to understand that money has no intrinsic worth but is only a facilitator, a means to an end, until their plan succeeds, frustration must stalk their every waking hour. For gentiles unblemished by the Jewish world view in which the middleman is king, the purchase that money enables is an end in itself. The house, the painting, the child’s education is the goal. Profit is not. Watching those simple gentiles restoring art, instead of buying it, or working at some other learned craft, instead of paying someone else to do it – wasting their time, when they could be haggling to get the best bargain – is incomprehensible, contemptible to Jews. The truth is that they resent this curious sufficiency. Inevitably, the surmise that gentiles understand true worth arouses their envy and hatred. However poor, hapless or uneducated, gentiles have roots because they belong to a culture. Even billions cannot buy such foundations. In fact, these billions might as well be the rags and stench of a gypsy encampment or other migratory parasite, for all that they will humanize their owners. One can buy titles, build mansions, collect art and famous wineries, but such expressions of permanence are illusory: one cannot gain roots or a culture by acquisition, no matter how much money one spends.

    Gerard Menuhin, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, p.256

  10. Hi Ed,

    Given that the courageous Menuhin has put his book online as a PDF, I imagine he would be gratified that you want to quote him. He appears very keen to get the information out there, and his book is a goldmine of information, both for additional sources and quotations. The PDF is available here –

    The quotation above describes perfectly the situation of uber-merchant Philip Green – having stolen the pension contributions of thousands of goyim employees who had worked all their lives in good faith, he has used these ill-gotten gains to buy himself a floating palace, a gaudy mobile ghetto, in which he can endless sail around the Mediterranean, being the eternal wandering Jew on his own terms. God forbid he should ever set foot on the land of his national paperwork (and knighthood, LOL) and face the opprobrium of the people.

    On the subject of ennobling the famous huckstering, gambling and carpetbagging “British” Jews with titles, please see Queen Victoria’s views on the matter. Of course, eventually she acceded to pressure, as tends to happen wherever Rothschild controls your money supply and Disraeli is your Prime Minister 🙂

  11. In keeping with the themes of your article, you might like to check out the audio recordings of Moshe Menuhin, describing life as a Jew in Palestine between 1904-1913. His grandson has uploaded the recordings onto youtube. In Part 2 he makes the same observations that you do in your article, but all four of the recordings are worth a listen, particularly the story about the Arab dentist in Part 3. Link to the youtube channel:

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