The Bitter Struggle for the Soul of the Right

It appears that after decades of static lines, raids and counter-raids with the Left constantly gaining ground, the war is once again becoming one of movement. Our opponents are increasingly becoming ineffective, weak, corrupt and corpulently drunk after winning constantly. A stronger resurgent Rightism is making itself felt worldwide: India and Japan have both swung Rightward; Brazil recently impeached its Socialist president; throughout Europe, Nationalist parties are growing at the expense of the center-Right and Left alike. I think, though, before we get too triumphalist, we all need to take a long hard look at ourselves, who we are, what we want and where we are going.

NOTE: I don’t always write articles or make videos because I have a particular opinion on a topic; often I just make them because I find a question interesting and I want to work out my own thoughts in cooperation with my viewers/readers. My previous article on the new influx of people to the Alt-Right was one of those — I don’t have a particular course of action, I just think it’s something we should be aware of and think about.

While people have been quite vocal about the fact that the Alt-Right has no orthodoxy, no set ideology and no commonly agreed upon leadership, I don’t think that means we can’t say anything about it. Indeed there are numerous strains of Leftism, from authoritarian Communism, to hippies, to pot-smoking Left-Libertarians, and yet we can readily identify most stands of Leftism as being part of “the Left.” It would stand to reason that there must be a reason that we can identify people as part of the Alt-Right. While there is considerable opinion on who is within and without, and where the borders are, there are plenty of people like Ramzpaul, Jared Taylor, and groups like The Right Stuff, who virtually no-one would say are not part of our sphere. But how can we know this? What is it that binds us together, however loosely? My attempt at a definition for the Alt-Right is as follows:

A movement based on the belief that human interchangeability (not equality interchangeability) is both wrong and dangerous, which consists of various factions who are attempting to explain the reasons for this and what the consequences of it are.

This is what I find to be the locus of the Alt-Right — all the various groups, be they Men’s Rights Activists, traditional Christians, upper-case “T” Traditionalists, Nationalists, race-realists, Right-Libertarians, corporatists, etc. — the belief that people are different, even if they only believe this in terms of peoples, cultures and civilizations, they are already on the periphery of our school of thought. Indeed, many people have come to this movement from mainstream Conservatism after being “red-pilled” on Islam. It becomes much easier to accept other forms of inequality if you can accept one form, and the basic truth that Islam is not equal to other major religions in terms of its violence and savagery, it becomes quite obvious. From there, people begin to look at the culture of Muslim countries, and the smarter ones recognize their alien nature; that people there think in a fundamentally different way. By accepting that culture and civilizations are neither equal nor interchangeable, further acceptance in other areas often follows. That is but one path among many. Many people come to this sphere by realizing what they have been told about there being no difference between men and women is a lie; that feminism is dishonest and that there are strong differences. Once again, once you have accepted one form of inequality, accepting others comes faster. This is my theory at least; I don’t pretend to be all wise and knowing, I am a political scientist who specialized in comparative politics, and those are my empirical observations from being in this movement for years.

That being established, let us get back to the core of what I am trying to talk about: “The Struggle of the Soul of the Right.” What do I mean by this?

In essence, the broad milieu of thinking that can classified as the “Alt-Right” is slowly seeping into the mainstream, and there is a steadily-growing influx of new people into these communities. Unlike in the past, the numbers and speed mean there isn’t always time for them to get acclimatized, to check out the different thinkers and come to their own conclusions. As I stated in my previous article, while some of these new adherents are much like us and settle in easily, I find more often than not that they fall into two categories: the “Alt-Light,” and single-minded White Nationalists (and there is more overlap between these two groups than one might think). I should clarify that these two categories have always existed, but recently they have gained a lot of size and clout and, I dare say, make up a large majority of the influx.

Why does this matter to the rest of us? Because unless we want to go L.A.R.P. in the woods, we are part of a community; most of us have blogs, YouTube channels, etc., and if the composition of our viewer or reader-base changes, in a lot of cases this will change the type of content people make and the way they frame things. I suppose we can pretend that if someone’s viewer base goes from being 15% to 40% National Socialist that this won’t affect their content, but I think this is wishful thinking at best. For that matter, what if your viewership goes from being 5% supporting gay marriage to say 25%? Is that not supposed to affect your content? Keep in mind that, unlike myself who does this for a hobby and has a good job, a lot of people, like Millennial Woes, do this for a living, and they can’t risk alienating their viewer base or they will lose money which they need to survive. I don’t think it’s crazy to suggest that they will likely compromise their views, perhaps severely, to maintain their following.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the two groups and the overlap between them.

Broadly-speaking, the Alt-Light tends to be comprised of social liberals who feel disadvantaged, being white males, or just really hate social justice warriors. There are legions of  “anti-S.J.W.s” in these circles who are basically Left-wing themselves on every other issue. I know I get a lot of them; people who go, “I like your views on feminism but you won’t be able to fight them unless you drop the race issue.” Basically, this is what’s called “concern trolling,” where you attempt to influence someone by acting as a concerned ally.

The other group is comprised of single-minded White Nationalists, who tend to idealize Hitler and view the world as a scale with “anti-white” at one end, and “white” at the other — and nothing else exists for them. These people, I find, are often socially liberal on most other issues. Many will even say things like, “homosexuality is okay if white people do it,” or will outright support Feminism. My friend, Abstract Entity J, coined the term “shield-maidens” to refer to Feminist White Nationalists.

The ultimate example of this is Renegade Broadcasting, who, while a complete joke to the vast majority of people in these spheres, are nevertheless a good example. As an openly Feminist publication, they claim that “patriarchy” is not traditionally European, but is in fact an import from the Middle-East. While I will address the absurdity of such claims probably in my next article, it’s something important to keep in mind. It’s on social issues like this that I find there is often an implicit alliance between the Alt-Light and single-minded White Nationalists. Even if many Alt-Light adherents are initially skeptical of race, in my experience many of them latch onto reductionist racialism as it allows them to keep the majority of their socially liberal views. That’s the nice thing about single-minded White Nationalism: it doesn’t really ask anything of you personally; you don’t have to examine yourself, you don’t have to look at your own behavior, you just have to hate non-whites and you’re set.

I mentioned the term, “reductionist racialism,” something the Alt-Light and White Nationalists both accept, which is where you attempt to reduce all of human behavior to biological pre-programing. Why is there this overlap? Let’s break it down.

Fascism and its more recent variants are modernist ideologies. I don’t mean that as an insult, just a descriptive as they were formulated during an era where classic positivism and modernism were the dominant intellectual schools. To my understanding, modernism is the belief that the scientific method and empiricism can perfectly explain everything in creation. This is, to a certain extent, the legacy of Newton and Laplace, the idea that if you can just get enough data and calculations, everything can be reduced down to mathematics and observation, and all things can be entirely subjected to “science.” This is really where modern social science comes from, as it attempts to mix philosophy with scientific observation. Unfortunately, though, much of the science from the late 19th and early 20th century owes more to political concerns than unbiased science. The people at the time didn’t have modern ideas about genetics and, as such, came up with all sorts of pseudo-scientific theories about race which were intended to explain everything. One of the most notable is the Germanic version of the meme, “We Wuz Kangs,” where Nazi historians and biologists formulated theories that all civilizations’ achievements across the world were actually produced by “Aryans,” including the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

So what does this have to do with the Alt-Light? Many of the Alt-Light are New Atheists who share the Left’s disdain for religion in all its forms, and while they insult the New Atheist scientists for being Leftists, their worldviews are incredibly similar. There is nothing about Scientism or New Atheism which is inherently incompatible with scientific racism — in fact, if anything, the two naturally go together, as does scientific racism and Fascism as they share the presumptions of modernism. The influx of New Atheist types comes as life is made increasingly difficult for white males, and they find they have no have space left, no matter how hard they signal their liberalism — remember the god of progressivism, Richard Dawkins, and how he was almost brought down by “Elevatorgate.” I should make it clear that I do believe in scientific racism, albeit I think many, if not most of the Fascist, and particularly the Neo-Fascist/Neo-Nazi racialists, were/are wrong.

Tying this all together, back to the original point; fundamentally I think that the Alt-Light and the single-minded White Nationalists are natural allies, and I can already see a great deal of convergence between the two factions. Overtime I fear that this community will increasingly become more and more socially liberal, and more and more fixated on race.

Now, some might ask, “why is fixation on race a bad thing?” Well, my response is, if race is your only concern — that is, you view politics as a scale between racial filth and racial purity — there is nothing to really mediate going further and further in the racial purity direction, to the point where you begin to cannibalize your own community. Abstract calls these people M.E.T.H. (More Extreme Then Hitler). The most notable example is probably Varg Vikerness advocating the sterilization of brown-eyed Europeans as they are impure; others impose increasingly strict definitions of who is “white,” often excluding Finns, many Balkan peoples, and some, all Mediterraneans. Perhaps the most absurd claim is the existence of the so called “traitor gene,” which is a biological attempt to explain whites who are complicit in the destruction of their race

So what then am I attempting to say about the whole situation? Well, in part this is my observation and meant to be nothing more than that — people can do with it what they will. On the other hand, however, I think there are some practical things that can be done to address these issues.

As many of the longer term members of this community can attest to, it is often rage and alienation which brings one into this community. Perhaps you were falsely accused of sexual assault, perhaps you lost or were denied a job because of affirmative action, maybe Muslims or blacks attacked you or your family. Much of this influx is very young males (between the ages of sixteen and twenty-two) who are hyped up on teenage hormones. For those of us who a bit older, I think we can agree that teenage years are not the most calm and rational time in a young man’s life. This, combined with alienation and often traumatic events, seems to produce new entrants who flock to the edgiest positions possible, eager to rebel against their parents and the society that won’t accept them. They take advantage of their new-found intellectual freedom and post Hitler pictures everywhere, yell “1488” and try to break as many taboos as they can.

I am sure many of us have been like that at least at one point in our lives. Still, though, in most cases, rage eventually burns-out as it must. More rational thought replaces blind anger, and one begins to form a more complicated mature way of looking at the world. I believe those of us who have a more complete worldview, those of us who also acknowledge gender, culture, history and religion as aspects necessary for any true Right-winged movement, must hold true to our convictions and not bow down to the face of waves of pressure and often exceedingly malicious trolling and insults. It is hard to endure the hatred and scorn of your peers. It is difficult to have your integrity, loyalty and manhood questioned so viciously. Yet, endure we must, because a day will come where, just as our hormones died-down and the overwhelming rage faded, so to will many of these overly zealous conscripts start looking for something beyond simple racialism. It is our task in the meantime to build the resources, to create an intellectual cannon and be ready to embrace and guide those who look to us. Much of the rage is a hurricane that will soon blow itself out, and it is the task of those that can endure it to pick up the wreckage and use it to build something truly strong that can stand the test of time.


Hey I am Argent Templar some randy in my early to mid 20's from Ontario, Canada. I am a recent convert to Catholicism (2014) of the conserva-trad variety. My politics can be described as Far Right. I cover a wide range of topics including video games, movies, politics, history, philosophy and religion.

12 thoughts on “The Bitter Struggle for the Soul of the Right

  1. Some points of contention:

    I have to vehemently disagree with people’s viewerbases changing the content that people produce — in fact “vehemently” isn’t extreme enough. Take my channel as an example; I am not going to acquire a huge viewership of National Socialists because I do not make content for them, and if one or two emerge in the comments section, they’re quickly shut up by myself or people who’re on my wavelength; they either change their views (as was the case with a now-friend called “Anglo-Nat,” for example) or they go away and whine about me in their private Discord chatrooms. The same is true for Millennial Woes who has consistently challenged Leftists and hysterical Nationalist-types over the past couple of years — for fuck’s sake, his “Problems with the Alt-Right” series (spurred in-part by myself) is exactly that. If it was the viewership which shaped the content, then we’d all be copies of Sargon of Akkad, The Amazing Atheist or some other nauseating retard. Honestly, Argent, having commenters who’re severely out of place seems to be something which only you and a small minority are dealing with or concerned about.

    Your claims about what these so-called “single-minded White Nationalists” and Renegade Broadcasting believe and say require some evidence, otherwise it looks as if you’re strawmanning “those goshdarn 14:88ers” again (even if I personally know the truth of the matter). You are genuinely strawmanning when you accuse this group of people to “yell ’14:88′” and the like, however; you’ve done this consistently in your recent articles without any sources, footnotes or references to back it up.

    About Aryan mythology — it is almost entirely true. The mistake of the National Socialists was applying their biological racism to otherwise spiritual, linguistic and metaphysical patterns. Julius Evola goes into this at various points as do other perennialists; the Indo-Aryans influenced high civilisation from Egypt to Sweden, from England to India. There is proof of this at every level, though of course our use of the term “Aryan” refers to the Sanskrit term for “noble” and the practitioners of Arya Maga, and all the metahistorical and religious implications therein, not some blonde-haired super-race who came from the planet Venus.

    Finally, I must lament the title of this article. “The Right” means Theocracy, Monarchism or some form of Reaction; everything else is Leftism — and unless Alt. Righters understand why this is so, then they are a product of Modernity and of the Left, even if they happen to hate Niggers.

    1. As I believe I have stated in the past, I don’t share your opinion of sources and citations. If there is one thing I learned from 5-6 years of education you can find a study or a citation to prove pretty much anything and I think they are of very limited value. For instance you can find people with Doctorates who argue that aerodynamics is a conspiracy to make things phallic shaped. I often find secondary research as a passive aggressive way to pretend that your own opinions don’t actually come from your experience or intuitions but from a respectable third party. Generally speaking people have an opinion and they find people who have said the same thing and cite them.

      Besides I have no way of conduct a proper scientific poll to measure the overall opinion of people in these spheres, all you really have is impressions and experience. Either people share my experiences and intuition on these matters or they don’t, if they don’t I don’t think having a discussion or presenting evidence really matters as it will all be anecdotal and based on subjective experience, until someone finds a way to do a proper academic study of these circles which I doubt can be done in the foreseeable future.

      1. I understand; you have a fair point. I still believe, however, that it would flesh-out your writing and give it a stable foundation based upon a reality which others could also perceive, beyond your singular claims. Our readers aren’t morons; you won’t have people autistically nay-saying you with “that’s not the right proof you’re wrong hurr durr” type nonsense, I promise.

    1. “You can however easily be a Pagan with brown eyes, or a Pagan who is not innocent, but if so You cannot practice “the customs” or sing “magic songs” in this life (and this only make up a small part of Paganism anyhow). Then You simply have to wait until the next life before You can live up to the required moral and genetic standards. Maybe You will not live up to these standards until the life after the next life, but if You are a Pagan that is not a problem, because Pagans have a belief in the eternal life of the individual in the kin. When we die we will only take a break from life to be purified, before we return to life when new children are born into the kin. Even if some Europeans are a bit “polluted genetically”, so to speak, and have brown eyes for instance, that is something that can be solved by a few generations of race hygiene. Those not yet welcome in Valhalla will come to Þrúðheimr, Sessrýmnir or other divine dwelling, and of course to Hel (everybody visit Hel in death).”

  2. I came into the alt-right about year ago after my normal diet of conservative content turned into a river of Trump hate.

    I won’t apologize for this bias because replicates my life. However, it appears to me that alt-right, will have to morph into a traditionalist/Christian movement if it is to survive for the long haul. As you point out, it can’t stay about skin color forever once we work through the college age stage.

    Ramzpaul – you’re funny and right most of the time, but “Life of Brian” isn’t spiritual food to sustain us. Jared Taylor – How do you have a “white identity movement” without being clear on the identity part? Militant atheists everywhere -Isn’t “prove to me without a shadow of doubt what I can’t see and touch exists” the ultimate in personal petulance and anti-science attitudes? How do we have a shared culture if we believe in nothing but breakfast and death?

  3. Argent, I really liked this post. I think you have encapsulated well the two major influxes to the AltRight, and how they are in a way watering it down, however to bring this in line with something Adam mentioned in yesterday’s podcast, I think the Alt-light is going to become too much to handle soon enough. Milo’s antics and Breitbart is pouring disaffected Conservatives into the AltRight, and they are edge signalling to tell the GOP how pissed off they are. Therefore, i can see some figure (probably Spencer) nailing down the AltRight as a brand rather than a zeitgeist, and formally telling Milo to take a running jump. As a result, the AltRight will seize up, and become brittle. It will revert to its pre-Trump level, with one key difference, it will be an entirely American project focused on the goals of American whites.

  4. My issue with this article and your previous one is that while I agree with your assessment that the hardcore National Socialist purity spiralers and the people who only care about race and nothing else are a problem, there’s also the opposite problem. Now I can’t talk about the one example who we mutually know of someone like this, because said person feels innately threatened by my even bringing him up, but we both know who I am talking about.

    The fact is, if you have an alt right movement that doesn’t explicitly acknowledge race–not just culture, not just civilization, not just religion, but race–you’re gonna get people like (he who must not be named) who are gonna co-opt the movement and turn it into multi-racial civic nationalism.

    1. And just look at how easily this person completely silenced all overt discussions of race in a genetic sense, within that particular group. And how he used many of the exact same tactics that leftists use to silence discussions of race. The same arguments, the same insults and slurs, the same accusations. I’m personally more scared of guys like that completely co-opting and neutering the movement than I am of Nazis, right now. I will cross the bridge of worrying about the purity spiralers when I get there, but right now we gotta watch our left as well as watching our right, and we gotta watch our left not only in terms of people who are weak on gender and sexuality, but also on race.

    2. So my point here is that a belief in racialism, in a genetic sense, must be a pretext of the alt right. One of numerous pretexts. When that pretext is not firmly established, it opens us up to being neutered and silenced like in the case of (he who must not be named).

  5. I suppose we can pretend that if someone’s viewer base goes from being 15% to 40% National Socialist that this won’t affect their content, but I think this is wishful thinking at best.

    It should affect their content. They need to make it more offensive to National Socialists.

    For that matter, what if your viewership goes from being 5% supporting gay marriage to say 25%?

    Same idea.

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