Happy New Year

Writing is something which a great many people — myself included, at times — find difficult to do, to keep up, to maintain consistency with. I remember English class from my school days and being drilled on the various purposes for which one would engage in writing — to inform, entertain, instruct, explain, etc.. Such lessons are easily forgettable, especially amid the currents of day-to-day life, but the simplicity of asking “why” can contain within it a profound depth, depending on the circumstances.

West Coast Reactionaries began as the personal blog of Andrew Martyanov in early 2015 (back then it was called “Rusa Imperium,” reflecting Andy’s Russian heritage). At the time, he felt rather at odds with the general Alt-Right milieu, finding it too simplistic, too brash, too black and white. Andy’s early posts outline some of his basic points of contention with white nationalists and the like, such as in “White Nationalism by a Better Name,” where he observes that, “‘white’ is not a nation.” Granted, Andy’s proposition of “Anglo-Saxon revivalism” as a counterbalance for the non-nuanced, levelling character of American white nationalism might itself seem strange — an idea which Andy himself came to put aside — but one can see the general motivation which started this website: the desire for a more nuanced, intellectually curious strain within the broader Alt-Right tent. When I joined the website in June that year, this sentiment was only pushed further. Within a fortnight I was posting essays about Julius Evola — one of the main Traditionalists of the twentieth century along with the likes of René Guénon and Mircia Eliade — and, such as in the fifth instalment of “Primer,” rambling about “spiritual degeneration” and quoting the Buddhist Pali canon. It was safe to say that W.C.R. definitely was not going to be just another pseudo-Right-wing blog full of childish complaints about minorities and dull dissertations on genetic studies.

Over a year and a half on, then, what has changed? Where to begin? For starters, around late 2015 I took the reigns of W.C.R. as Andy wanted to focus more on his personal life. Since then, the website has accumulated an additional twenty-three contributors, most of whom I know personally. 2016 saw a sevenfold increase in traffic compared to 2015, and we have had articles on the most nitty-gritty of politics juxtaposed to enchanting tracts on esoteric symbolism. I started a Patreon in mid-2016 which has financially secured W.C.R. as well as my own internet and electricity bills. It also opens up the chance to utilise WordPress’ services to a further degree in terms of website customisability, advertisements, web storage and more.

So, what now? 2017. Good grief — 2016 went far quicker than I expected it to. For starters, I have rewritten our About Page to make it less obscure and more factual. I have also re-arranged our Authors Page, with all active contributors on their own publishing schedules to secure consistency and rhythm. Unfortunately, quite a number of our contributors have decided to cease involvement with W.C.R. this year, but I do wish them all the best, wherever their paths take them. I, for one, am proud of this website and where it has come since Andy’s crafting of it almost two years ago, and I am equally proud — and thankful — of those who have assisted in the building-up of our humble blog since then. Thank you to you all — contributors, commenters, readers, sharers, advisors, suggestors, critics, helpers and everyone else.

Here is to the New Year and to growth and strength. God bless you all.


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