The Husband

The bachelors deride the husband’s life,
And say he’s bullied daily by his wife,
Then in the club they meet their friends to moan
That matriarchal women rule the home.
“A single man is only ever half
A man,” the husband warns the men. They laugh
As their reply, the happy husband spurn,
And to their cold and lonely lives return.

The husband lays content beside his spouse,
Although his castle has become their house,
For every man has known since Adam’s fall,
A life alone is not a life at all.


13 thoughts on “The Husband

  1. The last couplet is very nice, and the rest.

    The inversion of “spurn the happy husband” is somewhat awkward. This is the trouble with adopting syntactical forms which originated when the language was inflected, yet not doing so makes it incredibly difficult to rhyme in English. I would suggest a study of the later Yeats.

  2. excellent bout of poetry my Friend! it is unfortunate that all too many disenfranchised young males (cough cough MGTOW cough cough) view marriage and relationships as some sort of prison that needs to be avoided at all costs. to me this is what turned me off from a huge portion of the manosphere. it pains me because a lot of grievances are legitimate, especially in western gynocentric societies, i mean, just look at millennial women….but that being said, they have this hyper stereotypical autistic view of the situation, and instead of embracing what could lead them to a better future, they take the defeatist route and resign themselves to a loveless singularly worry-free existence. . its a personal bias i have, couples/people who don’t want kids, feminists/MGTOW who ward off relationships for political and convenience reasons, etc. to me its seems anti-human in a lot of ways, like the spirit of life is no longer in them. its like this article i read once in a voice for men (manginas since they are all closet leftists) about how “trad cons”, that’s the little buzzword they use for people like us, equally “oppress” men as the feminists do. this article went into how the American nuclear family is relatively recent, and in reality traditional families were whole units of relatives, grandparents living together, taking care of kids, respecting elders, etc. how ultimately this long winded article concluded how the family is somehow “oppressive” to men due to the overwhelming responsibilities placed on men by the family. at that moment i could not believe it because that is WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO as a man, it is not “muh I’m being oppressed by responsibilities”, if you have a family, you have to take care of them because it is fulfilling a fundamental part of one’s life as a man. it is those responsibilities as a husband that makes you whole. to me MGTOW has been lifted off from the noble beginnings and ideas they once had and now has become a form of male identity politics, like a movement of peter pan basement dwellers that want to escape life and what makes us human. i am probably being way to harsh, but look up the litany of younger MGTOW people on YouTube and you get what i mean.

  3. I just realized what a solid poem this is. I don’t mean to say it is great (if this is possible), but that usually I find poems on our side of history tend to be very loose and disorganized, whereas this one is really tight and unified.

    The moral is also very nice, though didacticism tends not to be favoured by the muses.

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