The header image must be landscape-orientated and high definition (at least one-thousand pixels wide).

Text in articles should be justified, text in poems and prose should be centered.

Names of people mentioned should be in bold in the first instance.

Mister Example … Mister Example.

Works that are mentioned (books, films, journals, albums, poems, etc.) should be in italics.


Minor works that are mentioned (podcasts, articles, etc.) should be surrounded by quotation marks.


Quotes which are small enough not to be blockquoted and included within a sentence should be surrounded by quotation marks. Quotations within the quote should be marked with ellipses.

This “is ‘an’ example.”

Quotes which are blockquoted should not be within quotation marks and be in the fourth largest header font size. Quotations within the quote should be marked with quotation marks. Attribution should be marked with a tilde.

This “is.” ~ An, Example

Non-English words (Sanskrit, Latin, etc.) should be in italics.


Abbreviations should be kept to a minimum. Acronyms should be written fully in the first instance, but thereafter each letter should appear in capitals followed by full-stops.

This Is An Example. … T.I.A.E..

Featured images, as well as any other images which need to be included in an article, should be hyperlinked within hard brackets where the image should be embed by contributors.

This is


Said images should be embedded properly by an editor.

Did you know that only authors, editors and administrators can embed images in posts or upload images to the WordPress cloud for use on West Coast Reactionaries?

Emphasis can be used by emboldening or italicising, though not excessively.

This is an example.

Hyperlinks should be embedded properly.


Articles should be categorised using up to two categories. Tags should include any people mentioned, any works mentioned, as well as any specific topics mentioned. For example, a post about Donald Trump with reference to Patrick Buchanan’s The Death of the West would be categorised under “Politics” and perhaps “History,” and tagged “america,” “donald trump,” “patrick buchanan,” and “the death of the west (book).”